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What The Eagles Said Following Their 20-17 Loss To The Seahawks

Interviews, transcripts, and press conferences from the Seahawks' Week 15 20-17 win over the Eagles at Lumen Field.


Featuring postgame quotes from the following:


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Head Coach Nick Sirianni

Q. When did you make the decision to go from Sean Desai to Matt Patricia? Who made that decision? When was it made?

NICK SIRIANNI: Yeah, I made the decision. I did what I thought I needed to do in the best interest of the football team. We made some adjustments there. Didn't feel like we were playing and coaching well enough on defense, so I made an adjustment. It was my decision and that's what I did.

Q. When did you make that?

NICK SIRIANNI: Some time in the middle of the week. Right when game planning was going on. I don't remember exactly what day it was. It was a tough decision to be able to do this. Like I said, I did what I felt like was best for our football team. We're always making adjustments and that's what I did.

Q. Who has the final say on defense?

NICK SIRIANNI: Coach Patricia.

Q. After this last game, do you feel like you'll make another coaching change?


Q. You guys are had two really long drives early in the first half. How could you best explain the inconsistency?

NICK SIRIANNI: Obviously I thought we did a nice job running the football and keeping drives going. We didn't get the finish in the red zone on the one. We weren't great in two-minute offense today. We weren't good at all in two-minute offense. I think we were 0-3 which accounted for a lot those drives. They came up tied at 10-10 and we responded. Really wanted to be able to get up two scores on them and we weren't able to. I thought the defense was hanging in there and doing some really nice things. We just needed to pull away in that game and we didn't. Some uncharacteristic things situationally, fundamentally. Any time you have uncharacteristic things situationally and fundamentally, that's got to go to me first. We all got to be critical on ourselves, starting with myself. Like I said, any time it's the fundamentals or the situations, you got to look right at me for that.

Q. Regarding Hurts.

NICK SIRIANNI: He really fought hard. Obviously was not feeling well at all, as you know, flying up separate. Thought that was obviously a really good decision, Jalen saying -- brought that up of not flying with his teammates so he didn't get anybody else sick. He fought through. Being sick like that is no fun. Having to play in the rain and the cold. So he put through and appreciate his efforts tonight to fight through in some tough times.

Q. What's Sean Desai's role with the team?

NICK SIRIANNI: It's a collaborative effort on defense. Obviously the final decisions are made by Matt right now. As disappointed as Sean was, I think he handled himself like a true pro. We know Sean is still helpful to this football team. He has a bright mind and he can help. As I listened in on defense today, they were communicating back and forth similar to the way Matt and Sean communicated with the roles reversed. Just made an adjustment. I understand there will be scrutiny on it, but I feel like anything I can do in my position to help the team succeed, I'm going to try to do. So that's, again, where we are with that.

Q. What was the determining factors in making the decision?

NICK SIRIANNI: Yeah, again, just wanted to make an adjustment because I didn't feel like we were doing well enough there.

In that situation, I know that's not something that is common of a 10-3 team. But did that a little bit with myself in 2021 with Shane, a little bit different of circumstances. But just thought the adjustment needed to be made to give the defense a spark and help our players play better.

Q. Last week Darius Slay suggested guys are playing tense. Do you sense this team despite your record now after three games, guys are tensing up in?

NICK SIRIANNI: Good question, Jeff. Not winning is not fun. It's not. So partly when you're having a lot of fun is when you're winning, to be quite honest with you. We can't always let that affect our mood all the way through. Do I feel like the guys have fun Monday through Saturday and then when it's time to work, work? Yeah, I do. But it's going to be hard for anyone to admit they're having fun right now on a three-game slide. There are definitely times we have had this year that have been fun. Obviously tonight is not -- the last three weeks are not one of them. So, again, we're in a slide, as we know. We have to get through the storm that we're in, fix our mistakes. Again, that's starts with me and. Get better from this.

Q. Did you meet with the player council before you made that decision?

NICK SIRIANNI: I talked to a couple of the guys, but didn't do it before I made the decision. I made the decision and then I let the players know. Main reason why, couple reasons why I didn't tell you guys first is I'm never going to tell you guys something before I tell the team. I'm always going to share this information with the team first. And also, I felt in this situation it was competitive disadvantage if I did tell you guys.

Q. What do you do now? If you change defensive play callers and you've lost three games, how do you fix it?

NICK SIRIANNI: You get up and you fix your stuff. We're going to go through the process like we do at all times. You know, win or lose, you go through the same process every single time. You're not always in control of some of the things that happen in a game, and sometimes not even the wins and losses, but you are in control of the process and what you go through. We have to have the right answers as coaches to put the guys in position to succeed, and then we have to go out and execute. But it starts with us as coaches to put them in positions to succeed.

So if that means changing up some schemes, changing up, like I said with the coordinators on defense, we're going to do whatever we need to do to right this ship. We know we got a team coming in here this week, we still have our goals ahead of us. We know we clinched playoffs this week. We're not really looking at that. We know what we want to do. We want to win this division, but that's the last time you'll hear me say that. We got to go win a game this upcoming week.

Q. It's three consecutive weeks that the offense failed to score into the 20s, what role does the offense play into that?

NICK SIRIANNI: Shoot, that's not our standard. It definitely plays into that. Yeah, again, not our standard to not be able to put points on the board. Again, couple times tonight we had opportunity to go up two scores with the defense playing well and we didn't. The two-minute offense, we got to fix, we got to get better at. Felt like some things were rolling on earlier in the year and you pride yourself in that. That's why you save your timeouts and do all these things, so you get ball and opportunity to do those things at the end of halfs, and we just weren't good enough there. Again, starts with me of putting them in positions to succeed. We'll look at our scheme and see what we need to do differently.

Q. With the last defensive drive, the third and ten throw, what was the defensive conversation around those plays?

NICK SIRIANNI: Just the call and what everybody's assignment was there. Obviously good play by Metcalf, Smith, and good throw by Lock. But we have to help the guys play the call better and obviously have to execute better.

Q. Interception Jalen threw on a pass to Quez, what happened there?

NICK SIRIANNI: We've run that play quite a bit. We've hit that one. The defense gave us a look that was an opportunity up over the top and you'll take one-on-ones with safeties. Hats off to the guy to make a really good play. We can't allow an interception like that also. I'm not saying, you know, Quez got to do everything he can to break that thing up, but we'll take opportunities one-on-one with safeties. Sometimes too when you're running full speed to defend Quez, when you're running full speed this way and you're trying to come back to the football, it's hard to always plant your outside foot in the ground and run through contact and try to gain a pass interference there. Hats off to them. They made a good play. We'll take some of those opportunities one-on-one with a safety and, again, Love made a good play there.

QB Jalen Hurts

Q. How are you feeling, first off? How would you describe the past few days of your life?

JALEN HURTS: I think all of that is really irrelevant at this point. We (didn't) play good enough. I didn't play good enough.

Q. What happened on those two interceptions in particular?

JALEN HURTS: Was trying to be aggressive in that moment. You know, we had multiple opportunities in the game to open it up and we didn't do that. I didn't do that. I didn't do my job good enough, you know. Just got to be better.

Q. Nick spoke about the two-minute offense in particular. What stood out to you in those situations?

JALEN HURTS: Been talking about execution all year. Been on the same page, everyone been on the same page. We didn't execute. I don't think we were committed enough. Just got to turn it around. You know, it's a challenge that we have to embrace. Just continue to see it through.

Q. What do you mean by that, being committed enough?

JALEN HURTS: Commitment. I don't know -- I don't have a dictionary on me now. Excuse me. I don't know how else to say that.

Q. How are you seeing that present itself?

JALEN HURTS: It's a matter of being on the same page. It takes everyone being all-in in all aspects. It starts with me. We had multiple opportunities out there in the end. There was just not another way you would rather have it. The trust that we have in one another, how much we communicate as players, you know, taking advantage of those moments when you have them to open the game, whether it's in the final minutes or, you know, early on, whatever. With the false start in the short yardage situation. Just have to be better. I have to be better minimizing the mistakes, penalties, mental errors. Just playing team football and it starts with me leading it. We've lost games because I could be better. That will change everything. I accept that.

Q. It's been three consecutive games now where the offense hasn't scored (indiscernible) points. As you know, the defense has taken a lot of criticism. There has been change there. What's the offense's role where the team is right now?

JALEN HURTS: I think you can point the finger at whatever. I like the opportunity to go out there and execute regardless of what the circumstances (are). I didn't do a good job of that. I didn't lead good enough. I didn't do a good job enough in these circumstances.

Q. How important is it for you to come and take accountability saying that you could play better and everything like that when things are going so wrong for you guys these last three weeks?

JALEN HURTS: That's the reality of it. Everybody has a role in it. I know it starts with me. You know, got to pick ourselves out of this. Ain't really too fond of 'You practice the same habits you're getting the same results.' We have to make an internal change in how we attack things, how we come to work every day. Starts with the little things, how committed we are to what

we're doing, and that all starts with me the quarterback. So it's a challenge that I'm embracing, I have embraced. You know, as tough as these times are, I still see light at the end of the tunnel. It's just a matter of believing. This one hurts. Hurts bad just knowing the opportunities we had out there. So now what? How do we attack the future? How do we attack what's in front of us? We still have an opportunity to do something special. We got to clean a lot of things up though to do what we want to do.

Q. When you say internal changes, is that something like you and the entire offense?

JALEN HURTS: Every person. Every person truly changes something within themselves to better influence the team. It's every person. So there is going to come a time when we learn from all these things. I guess we're still in the learning process. Reality is you never stop learning. I hate losing, but when you play like you deserve to lose, it's hard to beat that.

Q. Back to the first question, I respect you said how you feel, it does not matter, but how did that affect you tonight and logistically will you fly back with the team or separately?

JALEN HURTS: I don't know. We'll see. Like I said, it comes down to execution in any circumstance. Execution has been the name of the game. (There's) been games we've done it really well, and as of lately we haven't. That starts with me the quarterback. So very critical of that. I've got to be better. And I will be.

DE Brandon Graham

(On how he would describe this week) "It sucked because we lost, but I'm not going to take away from what Seattle did. Seattle came in and took advantage when opportunities came. We just couldn't make the one final play to get us off the field, again. It's a lot to learn from, but I'm not worried about this team at all. I know that we're going to be self-critical of ourselves. And we're going to get it right because we got to. We got three weeks until the postseason. Everything is still right in front of us. We can definitely make this taste a bit better when we get back in the win column."

(On what needs to be fixed) "Take the fundamentals. We need to keep it basic. Keep it the same as far as working the technique and the fundamentals everyday like we've been doing. Just making sure we keep getting better at it."

DT Fletcher Cox

(On the outcome) "As a defense, we didn't do a good enough job of keeping them back there. They made some plays, and it was just one of them games. Now it's three games in a row. It's still the same stuff. We didn't close the game. We didn't do a good enough job on defense. Obviously we didn't do a good enough job as a team, and I think the biggest thing is we have to focus on us. We have to stay together. It's been a rough three weeks for this team. All good teams, they face a little adversity no matter how good you are. Right now, I feel like we're still a really good team, and we're facing a lot of adversity. So I think the biggest thing for us is, 'So what, now what,' right? It was one of them games where I felt like we should have finished as a defense. I want to be on the field in those situations and close the game out for our team. But apparently they made a couple of plays. They get paid, too. I think we're running out of chances right now. I think we've got a couple of games left. Obviously we're already in the playoffs, but we're looking at the bigger picture. I think now we've got to focus on being a better team on the road. I think we played good the last two weeks; we didn't close the game out. As a leader of this team, a leader of this defense, I just got to keep pushing everybody, keep everybody positive, not single anybody out, keep everybody in a good mood. We'll get a chance to play a divisional opponent. They know us, we know them. So we're going to line the football up and go play."

(On when the team learned Matt Patricia would take over defensive play-calling) "Oh, man, this is the NFL, so things happen. Obviously something got shaken up. At the same time, you've got to understand it was not a player decision. As I always say, I'm Employee 91. It was a good week of practice. Desai has been really, really good for us. Through training camp when he first got here, he's a good play-caller. But obviously, I guess, as a staff, whatever it is, we made . . . there was a change, a little shaken up. We still got Desai's back. That's the biggest thing, always having his back, supporting him. And obviously, now Matt, he's calling the plays now. It's just different. We've got to adjust and move on."

(On if the issue was discussed with him and other players) "Man, we do a really good job of keeping this stuff in house, in this organization. Apparently that got out. It shouldn't have got out. It did, but whatever. We're looking forward to practicing this week and moving onto our next opponent."

S Sydney Brown

(On the change in defense play calling) "It was really up to the men above me. It's up to [Nick] Sirianni to make that call. When we're playing defense like the way we were, you had to make a change and that's what they did earlier in the week."

(On what they saw in the second half and how they're taking the loss) "I mean, it's tough. It's tough especially when you're leading in a two-minute situation. There's not much you can do. It's over now. It's just about what we can do to beat New York. What happened, happened. Obviously, there's stuff we can learn from and we need to reflect on it. Like I said, what happened, happened, and again, there's so many lessons learned in a short period of time. We just need to dial into the details, especially when it comes down to it."

(On the adjustment period with the change in who's calling defense plays) "It was very similar to what we were doing. Just a little more aggressive than what we were doing from the past. That's all."

WR A.J. Brown

(On how frustrating the last few games have been) "In my opinion, these last few games have all been winnable, especially this game. I think all of them, but this last one for sure was winnable. Of course, it's frustrating."

(On Jalen Hurts playing through his illness) "I knew he was sick, but that's not an excuse. We're on the field, we're playing. Nobody cares about what's going on with us through the week. You've got to play. I'm not making no excuses, there's none that should be made."

(On how the team can move forward) "I think you hold people accountable, including myself. Just kind of getting back to work. I'm disappointed, but I'm not discouraged. I know what type of football player I am and I just have to focus on my job and getting ready to play and try to get my guys in the room ready to play. Everything else is out of our control. We run routes, we get the ball, we catch the ball, we try to make plays. Other than that, we can't control the other stuff. As much as we don't like it, there's nothing that we can do about it."

LB Shaquille Leonard

(On how he prepares for a game with a new defensive coordinator while being a midseason acquisition) "You just prepare like you do any other game. Just take the coaching points, go out there, and try to execute the plays as much as you can."

(On what was different about the game plan this week) "Nothing really. I don't think there was too much different from the two play callers."

(On when he found out Matt Patricia would be calling the defense) "I can't remember what day it was, it was just brought to my attention that it would be changed, and we have to stick with it and keep going."

CB James Bradberry

(On what happened on the last touchdown) "I was just playing the sticks. We (were) in man (coverage)."

(On what he could have done differently in his mind) "Nothing really. He just ran past me because I was sitting at the sticks."

(On how frustrating it is to play well as a defense and then give up a play at the end) "Very frustrating."

(On what it's going to take to get out of the three-game losing slump) "I have to play better."

(On how the defense adjusted to all the changes throughout the week) "We did pretty good. I just didn't play well today."

(On how difficult of a week it was changing the play caller on defense) "Honestly it wasn't too difficult. You probably wouldn't be asking me that question if we won and I made a play, but I didn't play well, so it wasn't really difficult for the team."

C Jason Kelce

(On what factors proved critical to the outcome) "Obviously the false start on me in the red zone hurt really bad. We were up at that point. I take that one really personally because it was stupid on my part. There's always a lot of points in the game that ultimately culminate into deciding the outcome. We had our opportunities and didn't quite do enough."

(On if he has been warned previously about advancing the ball at the line of scrimmage) "They've been warning me about that for years. I think when you're trying to get a forward lean, and I've had a tendency to do that in the past, so they definitely warned me before. I think I've just got to be smarter, especially in that situation. I think if that's a full yard to gain, probably not as much, but because it was so short, the fact that I moved it at all was being called. I've just got to be smarter than that."

(On his role as a veteran to guide other players through this rough patch) "Obviously your job as a veteran is to continue to just push and work and get guys focused on preparing and getting better and blocking out a lot of the outside stuff. We had our opportunities today. This one's tough. It's a very tough game to lose. A lot of implications involved in it. So a frustrating day to say the least. But all you can do is move forward and play the next one."

(On Jalen Hurts playing while ill) "I expect nothing less of the guy. He's proven to battle through stuff like this before. He's a warrior. He's a competitor. Obviously the game didn't go our way, but he made some outstanding plays for us for sure."

S Kevin Byard

(On the differences with Matt Patrica calling the defensive play calls) "It's hard to say, obviously I just feel like we just played a little better on defense, it's a lot better on third downs. I wouldn't say we we're great, we still obviously gave up some, but like I said I don't think we tackled particularly well. I think obviously we had a really good first half and it was really crucial for us to come out in the second half to have a really good drive and we gave up a touchdown. You never know when those things are going to come up and bite you, but we were able to get off the field there. We missed a couple of tackles, and it was their drive down the field, like I said some good things in the game, but we just didn't play well in the most crucial situation which was at the end of the game."

(On what he thinks the defense still has to fix) "I think we're getting better in a lot of situations, but I just don't think we tackled well. We usually tackle pretty good, but we didn't tackle well at all, we could obviously continue to improve on third down. Our red zone was pretty good, I think they were zero-for-two in the red zone, forced some field goals there, kept us in the game. But

yea it's always things we can improve on and that's exactly what we are going to do this week, we're not going to sit here and dwell on it. Obviously, we got a long plane ride, so guys are going to do a lot of reflection, but coming back up we have another big game. We've got to find a way to get off this losing streak, we're going to stick together and just go back to work."

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