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What The Seahawks Said Following Their 17-15 Loss To The Washington Football Team

Interviews, transcripts and press conferences from Seattle at Washington.


Postgame quotes from the following:


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Head Coach Pete Carroll

Opening Statement:

"It was a really frustrating trip, forced to come all the way out and hang in the game. We didn't play very well, complimentary at all. But, to have a chance to be right there at the end. I'm really proud of the way these guys keep battling and fighting hard, and doing what we need to do to hit the heck out of people and make things happen when we get a chance. But the results just aren't coming. We can't get these games won. I'm not accepting it, and I'm not taking a sideways step. I'm not stepping anywhere but forward. We're going to keep driving to get the very next chance we get and go get a win and get going. And I don't expect these guys, at any time, to do anything but that. Just want to keep stepping forward, keep moving, and battling our way through it. It's been really frustrating obviously, but we're just not going to accept it. We just want to keep going." 

On the offensive struggles:

"Well, it's pretty clear that it's alright, but third downs don't let us go. It's such an obvious issue for us that we aren't converting. We didn't run the ball well at all tonight. There's just so few plays that every single play counts so much, and we're just not getting it going." 

On QB Russell Wilson missing throws:

"The film doesn't lie, and we're missing some stuff. I don't see indications of that in practice as we're going. I gotta look at the film. We can talk about all of the different throws that didn't get where they're supposed to go. I don't know what to make of it other than the fact we got to keep battling and keep trying to figure it out. I felt like we had some guys open tonight with some chances and unfortunately we didn't hook it up." 

On where the Seahawks' failed two-point conversion was supposed to go:

"Where's it supposed to go? It could go to a number of places. It just depends on how the space opens up. Guys came off the field thinking [WR] Tyler [Lockett] got grabbed on that play. I don't know what happened on that one. I can't tell you exactly because I need to see the film." 

On what went wrong on the Seahawks' first onside kick attempt:

"We needed another guy outside the hash mark, and we didn't line it up right. On the offside, you have to have a number of guys outside the hash mark and the numbers, and we had – I don't know. We work on it all the time. We didn't line up right. So, it was just an alignment error." 

On what Washington did defensively to stop the Seahawks' rushing attack:

"They're not overtrying with their scheme. They're just playing good base defense and making it stand up and daring you to run the ball at them. We couldn't do it. We thought we would be much better than that tonight." 

On if QB Russell Wilson is performing near his potential:

"Well, the results aren't showing that. The results are the way we're playing and it isn't showing up. He's got to do better. We all have to do better. I feel like we pass protected OK tonight. I thought we protected pretty well. We just didn't hook it up." 

On WR D.K. Metcalf's lack of targets in the first half:

"It's not because we weren't trying and looking to him and trying to get that ball to him. He's involved in all of the calls, but sometimes the coverage gets in the way of it, and you have to go other places and make the right decision there. At this point, I can't tell you that we overlooked him in this situations. They did a nice job at times, but he's certainly part of everything that we're calling." 

On if RB Alex Collins' health affected the duo of he and RB DeeJay Dallas:

"No, we just tried to see something that would spark with the other guy." 

On his assessment of the Seahawks' second half defense: 

"This team is loaded with heart, and hang in there, and belief. They're believing that we are going to win. They were believing it all the way until the second onside kick that we were going to win the game. Without that belief they couldn't fight like that. But the fight and the hang-on and to give us a chance – we had to go 96 (yards) to get it done. And you can see why they do fight because we did. They have that belief based on our history. I thought it was a really good night of playing defense. Third downs weren't bad. They ran the ball 43 times because they could, and we weren't making any first downs on the other side, so they could be patient in that regard. Those guys are just tough as nails to keep hanging in there. The hits were all over the field. [FS] Quandre's [Diggs] hit was enormous. The big play that [SS] Jamal [Adams] gets the pick. But they're all over the field. [OLB Jordan] "Brooksy" [Brooks] and [MLB] Bobby [Wagner] and those guys were getting after it." 

On the team's mentality right now: 

"We're just trying to hang until the next opportunity and go to the next day and the next step that we take. What it feels like is that there is no room to accept what's going on. We just got to keep striding and going. I told them that's what I'm going to do, and I'm going to expect that they'll continue to do that too. I know they will. But it stinks, it really does." 

On the two Seahawks' defensive penalties at the end of the first half: 

"I didn't see. You guys saw a better look than I saw. I didn't get a chance. I know [EDGE] Rasheem [Green] was trying not to land on the guy, which is exactly the way we practice it. I don't know. They just kind of happened there in a row. Amazing." 

On the blocked PAT attempt and return by Rasheem Green: 

"We put such pride in that group taking their shots every chance we get. It's really important to us to show great effort. He's been phenomenal all year long and always going and always making the effort. He's been close so many times and it's just fitting that he finally got one. But to pick it up and run and do it all, what a great moment. It was a great play for the game. It gave us that chance to tie the thing up. It's a rare play that happens but it was a great effort, and the guys were so fired up for him." 

On if pass rushers must play more cautiously due to penalties for contact made with quarterbacks: 

"There's no doubt. It has been for a long time. The last couple of years the landing on the guy, we work on it. Our guys know, we show them all the time. That's why he did it. I need to look at it again to see how clean he was getting off and if he did it soon enough. But I know he made the effort to demonstrate that we get the rules. We get it. And so, here's what he's trying to do in the situation. Sometimes things happen that you can't avoid in the hits. But if you're mindful enough to demonstrate that you get it. I wish they would give us the benefit on that, but it didn't happen. I don't know if it's a bad call. I don't even know if it is. I just know what he tried to do." 

On if OLB Benson Mayowa was tentative in his pursuit of sacking Washington QB Taylor Heinicke: 

"I don't know that. It's a new day. This isn't like football used to be. We need to have a mindfulness of the considerations and why these rules are posted the way they are. We are not a highly penalized team. That's not happening. To get three in four plays, we are averaging five penalties a game. So, it's just pretty odd that we screwed it up like that. We're working really hard to understand how to play the game the way it's supposed to be played. I'll give you a great example. Look at the hit that Quandre makes. That's a phenomenally timed hit. And he's been thrown out of games for hitting guys the way football used to be played. He's worked really hard to leave the head out of hits and lead with your shoulder. It's a phenomenal play. That's the way football is supposed to be played. It is exactly the way it's taught, and guys have to learn. Instinctively it's not the best way to hit a guy. So, you learn to hit it, great play, and you get a turnover. That's a great illustration of new awareness that guys have about rules and safety and all that, which are all warranted and good." 

On if he's asked Wilson why he looks different in games versus practice: 

"I haven't asked him that." 

On his assessment of OLB Jordyn Brooks' performance: 

"I need to see the film. I thought he made a lot of plays. I thought he missed a couple of tackles, too. So, I'm not sure how that all went. I just got to watch the film." 

On if he is worried that he will lose the locker room: 

"That's not going to happen, I don't think. I just don't feel like that. I know these guys too well. I know their heart. They know my heart. We've been battling for a long time together, and we've got the leadership. There's just no room for that to happen. We're going to play for the pride of it. We're going to play for the people that we are and we're going to represent. I don't know how else to look at it but that way." 

On the thought process on going with OL Kyle Fuller today at left guard: 

"He's been playing all year. He started a bunch of games for us. The communications, the continuity of it all. It just totally makes sense to do it that way." 

On Wilson's perseverance down the stretch: 

"It's classic. The last thing when I was pumping him up before they went out, he said, 'We've done this before.' That was the last thing he said before he went on the field to go take care of that drive. And all of those guys came through, we made those catches, we protected him well on that sequence and then we came through with the big play. That's what we expect. That's why we have that belief." 

On his assessment of P Michael Dickson: 

"He had a big night. I think there was one ball where it didn't fly the way he wanted. But those are phenomenal, finesse kicks. The ones he's kicking across field, the boomerang kicks are gorgeous at the right time to pin them deep. And he bombed one, knocked it down to the 11 (yard line) or something. He's a terrific football player and a big weapon for us, and the defense really counts on that happening in the backed-up situations that they get in. He's a big factor." 

On the mood of the offense: 

"The guys don't have a whole lot to say right now. Tyler sends us out and Russ says something at the end and holds himself accountable. We're kind of together in this thing. We're in this thing together. That's the way we've always done it and counted on that relationship to be able to help us when times are tough and to navigate when times can set us off. I feel like we're going to keep going. We don't have any other way to do it." 

On if he will play Wilson if he continues to perform poorly: 

"He needs to make his plays when he gets his chances, and I can't imagine that he won't. I can't imagine that he won't get it done." 

On how long he can ride Wilson if they are not winning: 

"I don't know. That's a good question. I don't know." 

On explaining what he meant by the team not accepting the results: 

"I told them what I felt like. How could I know? I wouldn't know what they're feeling like right now. I just told them what I felt like, and I'm not going to accept the way this is going and affect me in any way other than keep on battling and competing and taking the very next step I take, point it at the very next opportunity, and make everything I can out of that. And I'm going to count on them going with me. And I know they will." 

On what gives him confidence that the third down issues will be resolved: 

"We know how to do it. Because we do them, we practice them. We are repping them, and guys are open. When we're getting protection and guys are open, Russ has got to make his plays, but we also have got to make the catches and all of that. So, we always have to work together and carry it to the games. It's frustrating that it's not happening." 

On sticking with RB DeeJay Dallas on kick returns: 

"We're just trying to give him a shot to do something. We thought about that when we drafted him. It's been so disjointed that we didn't have a chance to really see him earlier. So, we're just trying him out. I would like to see what he looks like on the film." 

On if he is contemplating making any staff changes if the offense continues to struggle: 

"We're battling for the next day."

Quarterback Russell Wilson

On what's going through his mind after loss:

"It's just disappointing. We have a good football team, lot of great players and lot of amazing effort every day you know, we give our all every day. I think from a player standpoint, we just day-in, day-out we work our butts off. Offensive side, defensive side, special teams. We're in a storm. You know, I believe we have to keep going and the only away to get to the other side and just believe that the waters are going to calm down a little bit. We'll be able to get through it. I think that this season has been a tough journey so far in general we've had some crazy tough games and battled, battled, battled. And so, the last few minutes of the game shows that we have the right character of guys. That's what's special about this team. Just to believe that something great's going to happen when we're down eight, goes to fourth down. [S] Jamal [Adams] makes an amazing play, just to give us a chance, just to go back out there again, have the ball on the three-yard line. To be able to go all the way down the field and to believe and nobody doubt and just to have the courage to be able to do it and to be able to step up when we needed to and just kept battling that drive. Finding ways to make plays and [WR] Freddie [Swain] did an amazing job kind of pumping away, I kind of stepped up in the pocket and hit him down the middle for a touchdown. Down by two and just going for the two-point conversion and kind of doubled [WR] DK [Metcalf], kind of doubled [WR] Tyler [Lockett], Freddie popped open for a second, tried to zoom in there for a second and the guy made a good play. I just think this journey, this season, it's been challenging it's been tough but at the same time, there's more football left. I know for me, personally, I'm going to give everything I have like I always do, everyday every play, until the very end, until the last play of the game, just like tonight, just because I don't know any other way. I think these guys in this locker room don't know any other way, as well, there's a lot of amazing courage in that locker room, a lot of amazing belief. I believe in myself, I know I believe in those guys in the locker room and I know we believe in each other and so, there's going to be some challenges and stuff, you know, people this and that, talking this and that, but what we know is that we're together and we want to do everything we can to play the next game great, and that's what we got to do. We got to step up to the challenge and as crazy as it may seem and as tough as it is, it's our obligation to that, it's a gift to be able to play this game every day. I haven't been in this situation before like this but what I do know is, I know there's only one way to respond. That's with your head up, your mind right, with great language, that's with perspective that everything in life isn't always easy and even in your careers and whatever it may be in sports, but I do know that we will be better. I do know that we will continue to work to be better every day and that's what I'm grateful for, and grateful that I know what we're about and guys in this locker room are about. What we'll do and how we'll go about it. This is a good football team, they've been playing great, the Washington Football Team, they've been playing really good football these past few games, and we had a good first half, didn't have that many plays, we had a good first half and second half we didn't do what we needed to do. I could've been better there, and we had a chance and, like I said, we took it all the way down to no time on the clock. We even got the onside kick, you know, it's unfortunate it didn't work in that situation but that's how much we believe."

On his emotions after a loss:

"Because I love this game. I love this game, I love this team, I love winning and I love the process of doing all the hard work. Like I always tell you guys, I love the process more than the end result. We put everything in, every hour, every second, every day and when it doesn't end the way you want it to, it's tough. But like I always tell you guys before, there's harder things in life, there's tougher things people are going through. What I do know is it's a gift and I do know that we will respond the right way. We'll come back to work tomorrow and be better and give everything we have because that's all we know. Even though it's disappointing, it's what I'm looking forward to because, like I said, the sun comes up in the morning, we got to start all over again."

On third downs:

"We had a good first half for the most part. The half went by pretty quickly. We had some really amazing plays and Tyler [Lockett] had a deep one, that was amazing. We had a third and one that we went for. We got a big play by Tyler, as well. We tried to run a couple times on third and we didn't get it. They made a couple good plays. The second half, I could've been a little cleaner. I missed Gerald [Everett] on one I should've had, threw it too far inside. That was tough. But at the end of the game, we were able to convert when we needed to and stuff like that. But, yeah, that's an important thing because our defense did a great job throughout the game really. Especially at the end of the game in particular, just to keep battling. Those third downs give us a little bit of air, give us a little bit of opportunity. I thought we had the big third down conversion for the touchdown to Gerald in the end of the first quarter, I believe it was, that was a great catch by him and I just zoomed it in there, he made an unbelievable catch, guy was all over him. There was some good stuff, some bad stuff, in between stuff and some stuff that was really amazing too. The biggest thing is just being able to make the stuff that's not that great right now and make it a little better and just stay focused on that task. And it starts with me."

On not being able to win close games like they have in the past:

"I think that over the years, we've been able to win the closest, closest games. I think was it last year or two years ago, we had some crazy, crazy games. I think it was two years ago because I remember there was crowds and stuff. We had some crazy games. We won 7-8 close games in the last drive or whatever. Tonight felt like the same away and that's what this game's about. Playing good football teams. We've had some tough games in the past few games and great football teams and playing really great teams. We're battling too to be that as well. Those little moments either go your way or don't. And so, over all the years, we've been able to capitalize on those moments. Obviously tonight we did in amazing fashion; it just didn't work the last, well two-point conversion. But I think once again, when we think about who we are in the locker room and just the character of guys, it's a joy to know that you have guys that are so dedicated to what we're going to do and how we're going to go about our business and that's the only way."

On getting WR DK Metcalf more involved:

"Yeah, I think obviously we need to get DK the football. We actually called several plays for him. He had actually a sweet deep cross that he was going to be wide open for, maybe even a touchdown. But I had to move. That's the one I threw to AC [RB Alex Collins] down the left sideline. That was unfortunate because that was after the big play to Tyler [Lockett] and then here comes DK on a big play hopefully. Yeah I think so. That was the same one. That was gonna be a cool play. Then we called some other stuff for him and they doubled him. We called two plays and they doubled him on those. That was the third quarter. Had some other things. He's one of the best football players in the world. You gotta get him the football, gotta find ways to do it, gotta move him around some more maybe. We're gonna study it and see what we can do. He made the clutch second or third down. I forget what it was on the left sideline. Big play that was huge because it gave us a chance to keep going. If anybody loves him, I love him. We know that he's a big factor for us and we need to utilize him as much as possible."

On struggling to covert on third down this season:

"I just think we need to play a little cleaner. I think the best thing we can do – the past is already the past, so the best thing you can do is to learn as much as we can but also know that we have what it takes to be great in my opinion. It's challenging right now, but at the same time I know what we are capable of and what we're capable of has to show up. I don't know any other way. I'm not one of those guys to be down and out and not believe and to give up and give in. I'm gonna keep working my butt off every day. This team is too. That's what we're gonna make sure of."

On missing open players and not making his usual throws:

"I think today I missed a couple. There's one that I threw really high because I was getting knocked back and I threw it high. Earlier on I think, adjust my eyes a little bit you know it wasn't like I didn't feel confident with it. Once again, I have to go watch the film and see if there's anything there. You're battling, you're battling every day just to find a way to make plays and do what we need to do. I've been practicing my butt off every day we've been practicing great. I know that sometimes you shoot it, and it doesn't go in so imma keep shooting."

On how his finger feels:

"I feel good, I feel really good. I wish we were winning now you know we've had three tough games in a row. My finger is not the issue. I think we have to figure out how to be better."

On the teams pass protection issues:

"It's not the O-line's fault. I can be better so that's what we'll do. Like if said if anybody believes I believe. For ten years we've believed. It's been tough it's been challenging I know we haven't faced this moment, but the moment will pass, and we'll come through on the other end of it. That's what I believe, I love this game, give every second every day to it, all your energy, all your mind all your spirit to it. I thank God I get to do this every day that I get to do this, it's a blessing for sure. Like I've said to you guys before consider it pure joy and go through trials and tribulations because in testing my faith it builds perseverance I'm going to persevere, this team is going to persevere that's what we're going to do and that's all we can really do it's about getting back out there and going back to work and doing what we love to do."

Linebacker Jordyn Brooks

On the feeling inside the locker room:

"Disappointed. Just disappointed."

On what QB Russell Wilson said to the team after the game:

"Keep believing. Keep fighting. That's all you can do. This game is over with, the other games we've lost are over with, so you've got to have a short memory in this league, in this profession because we've got to get back to work tomorrow. We've got a Sunday game and so it's going to hurt right now, but we've gotta get back to work and figure out a way to win a football game."

On being on the field for 41 minutes tonight:

"It's football. To me, it's just football. For however long that we're out there, it's no excuse. We still gotta do our part. I'm going to start by looking at what I could've done better to help us win, and so that's where my mind is at."

On if he feels like the defense is less effective by being out on the field so many minutes game in and game out:

"No. I think we've got a lot of guys on defense that can play, so it doesn't matter how long we're out there, we've got to execute."

On his tackle on the screen play:

"I think it might have been second down. A lot of teams like to run screens on second-and-long. We were kind of screaming it before the play, saw it developing and did everything I could to get back there and make the tackle."

On if he feels like he is getting better at defending screens:

"Yeah, for sure. All of the runs were just me not being aware. We emphasized it in practice all week during meetings and it is starting to show up in the game."

Linebacker Bobby Wagner

On the mood in the locker room:

"It's frustrating. We're frustrated. Obviously, this is not how we wanted things to go. We've just got to figure out how to get some wins."

On the offense going three-and-out on five straight drives:

"We weren't really focused on that. We were focused on the defense going out and making sure we're doing our job. So, we weren't really paying attention to what the offense was doing. Whenever we were out there, we tried to put our best foot forward."

On why he is confident that this team will keep fighting:

"You see how we just battled all the way down to the wire. I mean, there were a lot of moments in this game where we could have just given up and we kept fighting and we came close but we came up short. I'm confident that everybody's going to keep battling."

On if the defense's play the last couple weeks is contributing to his opinion that the team won't give up:

"We're playing to win. We're not just playing to be out there and do whatever. We're trying to win the games and we're just coming up short, so we've just got to figure out how to win games."

On how he has seen OLB Jordyn Brooks improve against screen passes:

"A lot of times he is the guy that is over there on the screens. I definitely feel like he did a good job. I feel like for the most part we did better at recognizing the screens. We had some good tackles on the screens. There was one that got away from us, so we've just got to keep working."

Tight End Gerald Everett

On his take on the game and the offense:

"We had a lot of things that didn't go our way tonight. Countless errors from putting the ball on the ground, something we harp on daily, flags, along with Washington being a good football team. So I mean, in the NFL everybody's talented. That's what happens, especially when you come to their place and calls don't go your way and we weren't executing as much as we should, in my opinion, and in all of our opinions. So you know, we lose tonight."

On what calls he felt didn't go their way:

"Well, thinking back on it, I definitely felt like the roughing the passer was kind of unneeded. I mean, as soon as the ball came out of his hands, he got hit and [EDGE] Rasheem [Green], he knows that. But I mean, you're play fast and physical, especially on this defense. It is something that they harp on daily. So you can't really pick hairs about if you hit him or you don't hit him. We're all trying to make plays out there, so that's just how it went."

On how he stays motivated with a 3-8 record:

"By just knowing what we have. The team that we have. The coaches that we have. The culture that's been established since like you said, 2009, and just trying to get back to playing championship football. Knowing that the game can go either swing of ways and all it takes is one play. We came out fast and executing at a high level in the first half, but just didn't translate to the second half."

On who spoke up in the locker room after the game and on what the message was:

"[Head Coach] Pete [Carroll]. When a game like this happens there is not really much to say. You leave it all out on the field and it comes down to the wire like this, I honestly thought it was going to go to overtime and come down to a kick or field goal or something, but fourth down is all or nothing, so that's all you can really ask for, especially in this business."

Strong Safety Jamal Adams

On how he keeps himself motivated:

"We got another opportunity. Next week, another opportunity is at hand. I said it last week, we're pros. This is what we do. No matter if it's win, lose or draw, we gotta put our helmet back on and we gotta get back out there and fight. That's all we can do."

On the mood in the locker room right now:

"There's a lot of emotions right now, you know what I mean? Obviously just frustrated. Just trying to find that win. That's what it's about."

On the effect of being on the field for 40-plus minutes a game:

"Well, it's just more opportunities for us to get the ball back to the offense. You know, when we're out there we're just trying to create turnovers and do our job and get off the field. I don't look at it like that."

On what he saw on his interception:

"Just tips. You've got to get those. We preach that. [FS Quandre] Diggs and [MLB] Bobby [Wagner] obviously forced it over the top and Diggs broke on it and made a hell of a play and I came over and made the pick. But, obviously you want the win to go with it."

On how frustrating it is to give up less than 20 points and lose:

"We can focus on us as far as the defense. I don't talk about the offense. Those guys are going to figure it out and they're going to make strides in a positive way. I'm not doubting them one bit. All we can do as a defense is go out there and control what we can control. Obviously giving up that last touchdown where they punched it in, we could have done a better job as a defense. Whether that was disguising or being in the right place at the right time, but they had a hell of a call for what we were in and they made that play. We need to do our job of keeping them out of the endzone."

The Seattle Seahawks take on the Washington Football Team during Week 12 of the 2021 season at FedExField. This album will be updated throughout the game. Game Action photos are presented by Washington's Lottery.

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