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What The Washington Football Team Said Following Their 17-15 Win Over The Seahawks

Interviews, transcripts and press conferences from Seattle at Washington.


Postgame quotes from the following:


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Head Coach Ron Rivera

On what the win means:

"It meant a lot just because of the way these guys fight and just how resilient these guys are in spite of everything that's gone on during the game with the injuries. We were able to come out on top so good for these guys. Very good for these guys." On if there was a possibility to have P Tress Way kick an extra point: "No, no emergency plan. We were going for it. We were going to have to go for two. We were going to have to do everything we could to try and score.

On Way kicking a field goal:

"Nope, just kickoff guy. That was it.

On RB J.D. McKissic's status:

"I have no idea. I'm not going to speculate. They just going to run some more tests just to make sure he's okay." On the Seahawks last touchdown: "Again, to be resilient, to bounce back. A lot of things going against us at that point. But they settled in, got a little pressure on him and we had Kendall [Fuller] make a great play."

On sticking with the run:

"Well, I thought we were getting a good initial surge, good push. And we were able to keep them honest, so they really couldn't stack the box all the time. Then when they did stack the box, they were very stout."

On continuing to improve as the season goes on:

"Well, again, I think a lot of it has to do with just how we've come together, how our guys are learning and understanding what we do and how we do it. It took a little time. There was a number of new faces out there. We're getting some faces back on the field, which is kinda nice to see."

On the defense improving in the second half of the season:

"Just the way they've played together and things have come together nicely. I think a big thing has been for the most part, the communication you see in the secondary. We did blow on one of the deep overs they had early in the game, unfortunately. We settled in and I think the guys really played a huge game."

On if this is the kind of play he wanted to see from the team:

"Yes, that's kind of what we were hoping for early on. Apparently, we're getting it now, so hopefully we can maintain it. There will be a little bit of a struggle, obviously. We'll have to rest up, get ready to go to Vegas and play the Raiders."

On C Keith Ismael:

"I thought he did a nice job. He really did. He's a technician. He plays with his hands well. He moves his feet well. He can position very nicely. He's a guy that plays with leverage, so he did a nice job. You saw him ID some of the protections. That's a big thing to ask of a young guy. For him to come through and do what he did, that was awesome."

On addressing potential playoff scenarios with the team:

"No. What we talked about was really about positioning. We've got one more game and then we've got the five-game round-robin. We're going to have to take on the Raiders and get ready for them. And then we'll worry about the next five games."

On digging out of the hole from the beginning of the season:

"Well, we're not out of it completely, you know. Unfortunately, it was about learning and growing and it was all part of the process that we've had to go through to develop as a team. It really wasn't going to happen overnight. I know last year and a lot of people I've talked about early and I got people got upset with me, but that's ball. I mean, it's just the way it is. That's the truth of the matter. Just being honest. I think we're coming together and being the kind of team that we envisioned. If we can continue to work and play the way we've played, we'd give ourselves a chance. That's all we need is a chance."

On what he credits the turnaround to:

"Well, I wouldn't say that, Darren. I think it's just when you work hard and the guys do the things that we ask in and it starts to come, then you see it because of that. Because of what we'd done. I don't think there's a real magic formula as much as it's just about working hard. If you watch the way they practice, I know you guys can't, but it's impressive. It really is. When we've had the production crews that come in and they watch practice, they watched the Friday practice like wow. That's what I learned from [Kansas City Chiefs Head Coach] Andy Reid. Friday is an important day and we got to practice the right way and the guys do that and we've done it all year. Now, I think we're starting to see it come together."

On QB Taylor Heinicke:

"Taylor was sharp. There were a couple of things I know he'd like to have back. The one he threw to Logan [Thomas] that got intercepted, he was late on it and he knows he was. Part of the problem was [LB] Bobby Wagner rolled underneath perfectly and forced him to pump it once and then try to throw it. By then, it was late. If he had thrown that earlier, Bobby might've knocked it down. He tried to force it. That's probably one of the big mistakes he made all day. Other than that, I thought he was solid. He managed the game the way we needed it managed. He made a couple of plays when we needed the plays made."

On RB J.D. McKissic:

"He really is. I think he's one of the most versatile guys in the league. I mean, he's a threat first, second or third down. He's a guy that really you want to have there as much as possible. He's a resilient player."

On having all the offensive weapons back:

"Well, yes. I think now getting both Logan [Thomas] and Curtis [Samuel] back will open up some more things even more so. I thought he did a nice job rolling people and keeping guys fresh. That was important just to see how those guys really responded when they got their opportunities. I think it makes for a lot more competition in terms of just when you get your chance and you're out on the field, you got to produce."

On RB Antonio Gibson:

"Well, yeah. The last time he was feeling where he was struggling, he wasn't as productive. But lately, he's really been feeling good and he played a heck of a football game today. He really did, very physical game. He played downhill. And again, they got very stout at one point, especially third and short. They were very stout and we gotta be better on third shorts, that's for sure. There were some really good things and it was unfortunate on the outside run. I just thought the way the defender came into Brandon [Scherff], I don't know if it was just as much just the reaction to the way he hit Brandon. But I said, unfortunately, AG made a heck of a run."

On the resiliency of the team:

"Well, I'm very proud of these guys because of how resilient we are, how tough it was and just doing the things they needed to do to give ourselves a chance to win. And as I said all they need is a chance. And I really think this is a group of guys that'll just continue to be resilient. We're down to our fourth center. That was pretty big of Keith [Ismael] coming in and playing the way he did. Just very proud of these guys."

On containing Seahawks QB Russell Wilson:

"Yes, that was one of the things that we talked about was being disciplined on the rush. We really felt that if we can just keep the edges and keep him inside, we would have success. And unfortunately, the two times we didn't. Once he ran a quarterback draw for like 11, 12 yards. Then the last one, he threw that last touchdown pass because he was able to step up and complete it. I thought we – for the most part – handled the rush assignments. Really pleased with what [Defensive Coordinator] Jack [Del Rio] had going as far as that with [Defensive Line Coach] Sam Mills [III] and, and the defensive line. They were very disciplined and we know how dangerous Russell is."

On S Landon Collins:

"Yes, very much so. He's doing the things that we feel that he has the perfect skillset for and that's the Buffalo nickel. The big nickel position. It's really just a dropdown safety. So if you guys say that once in a while, he'll be happy. It's what he really is. He's the dropdown safety that's already in the box. You see it. You see on those short, underneath passes, how physical he is as a tackler, how he's around the ball. He's a good blitzer coming off the edge for us. Very heavy player knocked that ball loose and we were able to recover it. That's the kind of production that position needs. It's a position that's going to play. If there are 60 plays, it's going to play at least 50, 55 of those plays. The guy has done a great job for us."

On if he pays attention to the games around the NFL:

"Oh, yeah. Paid a lot attention to it. It's important now. That's the big thing that we try to get across to the guys is that let's take care of our business. Whatever happens, we can't control. But if we take care of our business, we give ourselves a chance. That's the biggest thing that I remind them of. The guys have been great about it."

On having TE Logan Thomas and WR Curtis Samuel back:

"It's kind of neat to watch them both. We saw Curtis's explosiveness and the potential. A couple of times, he was very close and they were able to make the play and get him down. It's coming. The more he gets back into the swing of things, the better he's going to get for us. He can really help add on some things. Having Logan back was kind of cool. I disagree with that last call. That right hand was under the ball and that's really all it needs because if you got your hand under the ball to touch the ground, hey that doesn't matter. So I'm disappointed in it, but that's what they said."

On if the kicking operation was able to get any practice today:

"No, they went and tried and it just wasn't working. [Special Teams Coordinator] Nate [Kaczor] came to me and told me we didn't have a field goal or extra point kicker. I did ask Nate if Tress [Way] can drop kick and no. So that wasn't there. I'm serious. I did ask. And that wasn't there. We'll have to see. We'll have to see how bad Joey [Slye] is, and we have to see who's out there."

On the team's resilience:

"I think because, first of all, one thing is I think we've done a good job in personnel in terms of having the depth we needed. It started last year. I thought last year, those guys did a good job. We brought in good depth on the offensive (and) defensive line. That's really what it's about. Being able to have guys that are ready to play and guys that have the ability to play more than one position and get them back in. That's huge and that's been big for us."

Quarterback Taylor Heinicke

On winning three in a row:

"It feels great. Going into the bye week having four losses in a row and coming back and winning three in a row, it feels great. The confidence in there is awesome and it really starts with those guys up front – offensive line. They don't get a lot of credit. These last three weeks, they have been phenomenal not just running the ball but protecting me as well. I wanted to give them a shoutout for sure."

On having to deal with injuries at the center position:

"[Offensive Line] Coach Matsko does a great job of getting those guys ready. He coaches those guys hard and does a good job of rotating them in. Tonight was not the first night that I have taken a snap from [C] Keith [Ismael]. He came in and played a great game. Those guys in the huddle really pumped him up and got him ready. Again, he came in and did a great job."

On RB J.D. McKissic:

"I'm sure J.D. wanted to win that one just as much as anyone else. He means a lot to this team, not just on the field but in the locker room as well. He is one of those guys that you love to have around, and you see it in his play. He can run the ball out of the backfield, catch the ball, run routes and protect. For him to go down like that, it was scary. We saw him in the locker room kind of walking around, so that's good."

On being able to control the time of possession:

"Hopefully, if we can hold the ball for forty plus minutes, that is phenomenal. We know that with some of these defenses, we will not be able to do that and we'll have to find another way. I think we have done a great job these last three weeks of finding a way and that was our way."

On the offensive line play:

"It is the confidence that we have had the last two weeks. Tampa Bay has a good rush defense. I think they are second in the league. We had that ten minute drive at the end of the game, kind of ran it down their throat. That kind of gave them the confidence. Again against Carolina, same thing. We keep rolling it over week-to-week. The confidence in that room is at an all-time high. If it is not broke, don't fix it. We gotta keep running the ball, and those guys are doing a great job."

On the run game now compared to the beginning of the season:

"I don't know. I haven't really gone back and looked at it. They are doing a great job right now, so we have to keep rolling."

On getting TE Logan Thomas back on the field:

"It was huge. Logan is a great player. He is very easy to throw to, he is smart and someone you can rely on. I think he played a lot more plays than anticipated. He did a great job out there and it was nice to have him back."

On not having a kicker on the last drive:

"Yeah, that would have definitely eased the stress there at the end being up two scores. Again, those guys in the huddle they enjoy that, they want that, they want the game to be in their hands. They took it and we ran with it. I thought they did a great job."

On being able to put everything together despite the injuries to key players:

"You know as a player, I don't feel like I'm surprised because you have faith in all of those guys. You see the work that they put in day in and day out and you trust them. We are all doing what we are coached to do, and we are executing at a high level right now. If we keep doing this, we are giving our team a chances to win."

On if he noticed the time of possession:

"I didn't know that it was that much until the end when I saw it on the screen. Again, that is the offensive line right there. [RB Antonio Gibson] had a great game, he had 29 carries for 111 yards. [RB] J.D. [McKissic] had a great game and again that is the offensive line right there."

On beating QB's Tom Brady, Cam Newton, and Matt Ryan:

"It's pretty cool, but again we have a lot more work to do and there is a lot more that we want to accomplish."

On QB Russell Wilson's last drive:

"That was a little scary because you have seen Russ do that throughout his career. Of course, he goes down and scores a touchdown and [CB] Kendall [Fuller] made a great play on that two-point conversion. But rewinding back you've seen Russ do that for the last 10 years. You can never count him out."

On what's going through his head during the onside kick before the flag:

"I didn't know there was a flag until late, so I was sort of panicking there and we all kind of were but thank God for that flag and we recovered the next one. Two special teams' penalties helped us out this year at the end of the game."

On RB's J.D. McKissic and Antonio Gibson receiving more targets:

They had some injuries in the back in their secondary, so we felt like with their defense the way they play they are out there, and they don't want to give up anything deep. And with a secondary guy being hurt I felt that it would kind of help us as well. Throughout the game you seen them all bail and the checkdowns were there all night. They were testing me to see if I would keep doing it. [RB Antonio Gibson], [TE] Logan [Thomas], those guy on drags and little hook routes, that's an easy five to ten yards every time. That wasn't necessarily the game plan, but it was something we thought might be happening."

On his conversation with QB Russell Wilson postgame:

Yeah, I talked to him before and after the game. I heard it was his birthday, so I went up to him told him happy birthday. He's 33 so he's getting a little old but he's still playing great. And after the game I told him good game and he told me to keep working hard. Again, when you look up to a guy like that throughout your career and try to emulate him; For him to say some nice words is pretty cool."

On being challenged to stay disciplined in the pocket:

"We want to take shots down the field. Those eight to fifteen play drives are hard to sustain all the time and you want to take some shots. But if they keep doing that you have to take what the defense gives you and that is a part of my growth this year and I will keep working on it."

Tight End Logan Thomas

On what it was like to return from injury and contribute to their third win in a row:

"Feels good to get another win. Personally, I felt a little rusty like I haven't played in 8 weeks or so, but it was good to get back out there and obviously to win means the most."

On QB Taylor Heinicke's play since the bye:

"He's playing free. He's playing like he's capable of playing, he's playing like what we've seen him do in practice, all year, last year, OTA's, training camp. The guy is special, man. He doesn't let stuff faze him; he just keeps going."

On how he fits into the team's newfound chemistry coming back from injury:

"I just wanted to come in and do what everyone else has done while I was gone, you could kind of see it as I was gone. Getting better, getting better, getting better. Last week, good result, week before, good result, I didn't want to come in and mess that up, just wanted to come in and do my job, keep my head down and keep it moving."

Safety Landon Collins

On his forced fumble:

"I thought [QB] Russell [Wilson] was going to take off for the first down but he threw it to the back. I just grabbed [RB Alex] Collins from the back, hit it out, I've been doing that since High School. Had a big play from there, I just always kept it in my back pocket."

On three wins on a row after struggling before the bye:

"It's awesome, it's not awesome to lose 4-5 but it's awesome to be winning now. We just staying humble honestly, keeping our head down. Staying focused taking each game at a time and making things work from there."

On his position switch in the defensive scheme:

"I'm still not thrilled about it but regardless of wherever they put me at on the field I'm going to try to make the best out of the opportunity. Make plays as much as possible and if they call on my name I'm going to do so. I'm a team player so as long we're winning and I'm helping the team win, I'm good with that."

Running Back Antonio Gibson

On if the offense aims for 41 minutes time of possession:

"I wouldn't say we aim for it, but it's been going on the past couple games, starting to look good for us, holding the ball, taking control of the game. It looks good for us."

On winning three in a row and jumping back into the playoff conversation:

"Just putting it together. Playing all four quarters, with the team, fighting, fighting all the way through and coming out with the win at the end."

On what his college self would think about him running the ball more than twenty times in the future:


On how the team was able to overcome mistakes:

"I feel like that's a part of the team. Down in a slump, back against the wall, we always continue to fight. It shows from last year coming onto this year. Like I said, game didn't start how we wanted to but continue to fight and making a push for it right now. That's what this team's about, we are going to continue to fight and that's what we been doing."

Defensive Tackle Jonathan Allen

On winning three in a row:

"We feel good. Whenever you can string together three games in a row, it's a positive. I think we are playing consistently and going in the right direction. There are a lot of things that we did good, but there are also things that we can clean up. Tonight was a good team win."

On why this win was so special:

"In the NFL when you get the chance to win three games in a row and really do it the right way, that is something to be happy about. We are mentally tough enough to get through the stretch where we were not playing too well. The biggest thing for us is consistency and we must keep this going."

On if he focuses on being in the playoff hunt:

"Not really. The thing that you can count on for sure is if you don't win games, then it does not matter. All we can focus on is winning the next game and we have done that for three weeks in a row and we are looking forward to the opportunity next week."

On if things are starting to come together:

" You don't get too high and you don't get too low. Things are going bad, you're not going to jump ship. You must focus on what you're doing and continue to grind. We were able to do that and stay the course and now you are seeing it translate."

On how the improved run game on offense affects the defense:

"When our offense can run the ball like that, the time of possession is huge. Their defense is on the field a lot and we are not. We are going out there refreshed and they are going on a little more worn out. As an offense when you can control the line of scrimmage like that and really run the ball, it is always good with the defense."

Punter Tress Way

On entering the game after Kicker Joey Slye injured his hamstring:

"[K] Joey [Slye] is one of the most explosive placekickers I've ever been around. Dude's super strong, super strong leg and he tried to get out the gate and big old [DE Rasheem Green] 94 made me look like a child trying to tackle him on that blocked PAT and was battling some hammy stuff at halftime. He was really working trying to get back get going with the docks and [Special Teams Coordinator Nate Kaczor] comes up to me after and said hey can you kick off and I said, I can kick off he said well what are you expecting I said I'll try and get it close to the goal line and ain't going to be really high. Well hopefully we can get down and smack them in the mouth and make some tackles, and so, came out and kicked off and it was a rush being out there for sure."

On being told that he was going to be kicking off:

"The first two coming out of half time I kicked them off and I just thought, crap, they're not going very far, this isn't good it's been 7-8 years since I've kicked off. I started getting it going a little bit and that first one to open the second half I think I take 7 or 8 steps into the ball, so it was "oh my god..." I was thinking just please don't hit it out of bounds and just try to get it down there and hit nice and easy, hit it fat and let it get down there and it ended up working out alright. And then the first one they had a penalty so we backed them up even further so, yeah, it was fun to be emotionally invested in a kickoff again, I don't want to do it again, but I will if I need to for sure."

On if he wanted to kick a field goal:

"I did want to. Here's the deal our defense was rolling. They had an awesome night. So, I'm thinking, I'm sitting there with [QB] Kyle Allen, Kyle Allen would be my holder. The funniest part about that, Kyle Allen asked me, hey you're lefty right? I go yes that's a good start, I'm lefty, let's make sure we're on the right side. He was working with [LS Camaron Cheeseman] and he goes I'm ready if you are. I go I'm ready, we were talking it was kind of the roulette wheel let's red or black. I'm going to hit it maybe from 20 yards away, it might be good. I think that would be the one thing missing from my resume I've got going here, I got to complete some passes, some tackles, things like that, that would've been some sweet icing on the cake. I just asked coach how close were you? I was pretty close, they told me how we were looking, I said I don't blame you; we won the game that's all that matters. I got some texts from my old buddies in high school saying we wanted to see some old school Tress."

Wide Receiver Terry McLaurin

On his emotions after winning three in a row:

"Yeah, we got some momentum right now. It feels good to be able to put practices together during the week and come out and execute on Sundays, so, to have three in a row, it's a good feeling and we just got to continue to keep the same approach. Learn from the things we could do better from this game and get ready to go out west on a short week."

On if there was something about tonight's win that resonated with the team:

"I just think, [Coach Rivera] has been preaching to us to continue to fight and to control what we can control. And I feel like at half time it's a game we can finish and come out on the winning side. So, he has all the faith in the world in us it's just a matter of continuing to stack the days together and coming out and executing."

On what RB J.D. McKissic means to the offense:

"Yeah, J.D.'s kind of a Swiss army knife for us, I think he runs the ball really well. Obviously, he's our third down receiving back, all of them do a good job, but he's really good with the screens and he just finds those holes and hits them and he has that extra gear to where we've had some plays this year where he's a mismatch to some linebackers and I'm glad to have J.D. on our team and I know he used to play on Seattle so I'm glad not only that we go the win but he kind of got some love in this game."

The Seattle Seahawks take on the Green Bay Packers at Lambeau Field on November 14, 2021. This album will be updated throughout the game. Game Action photos are presented by Washington's Lottery.

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