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What The Seahawks Said Following Their 16-10 Win Over The Rams

Quotes and locker room sound from the Seahawks following their 16-10 win against the Rams in Week 5.

Quotes and locker room sound from the Seahawks following their 16-10 win against the Rams in Week 5.

Head Coach Pete Carroll

(On FS Earl Thomas…)"It's just another phenomenal statement about the guy's will to win. His grit, his competitiveness – you know that he just will never let up and he just keeps on battling. That's who Earl is, and so I love that he has those moments where he's illustrated – you know, in such unique fashion that he can do those kinds of things. He's just an extraordinary player."

(On what he takes into account when playing the Rams…) "Well, you really have to take full account of (RB Todd) Gurley – you know, he does everything. So we try to keep him from getting all the passes that they've been getting to him. And try to slow the running game down too. I thought that they played very well. I really thought they were doing their stuff particularly in the first half and really pretty much in the same style they've been playing everybody and fortunately our guys just dug in and zeroed in and started getting the wins and made a difference. The turnovers were obviously a huge factor."

(On his impression of Rams QB Jared Goff…) "He's been on fire. I don't know what his numbers turned out for the day, but I thought we made him throw the ball - scatter the ball around a little bit in the second half. You could see some throws were getting away. I don't know if that's because of rush or coverage or not, I just know the ball was not on target. So we had some effect on him. I thought our guys were continuing to get him off the spot and make him have to move around. He did a nice job of running today. He had a couple good scrambles that were really crucial. He's right down there knocking on the door to win the game so he did pretty good today."

(On his emotions during the second to last play where WR Cooper Kupp dropped the ball…) "Honestly, it felt so much like I've been there before. It was almost a deja vu moment and that's just kind of how it goes, they've got to make the plays too. They had a great shot right there of course. We had some terrific opportunities too that we made plays that get away from us, one reason or another. Yeah that's how it is you know, they don't make them all."

(On what he thinks this game says about their defense…) "These guys have been playing great football for a long time and I think it's just another statement that they will not relent. They were just fantastically composed and poised to take on each one of them, because there was some really tough situations – you know, we get the turnover, then we give it back to them – you know there's just a lot of mental things that were going on, but they're just really strong and really together and I thought it was fantastic that they showed that again."

(On QB Russell Wilson chasing down S John Johnson after throwing an interception…) "Oh yeah I forgot about that one, that was a phenomenal play. There was a point there, that there was no one in the stadium that thought that guy's not scoring and out of nowhere (QB) Russell (Wilson) just kicks it in high gear and turns him and also a great effort by (RB J.D.) McKissic too, to stay with it so we can get him on the ground. But I'm disappointed I didn't get to talk to the team about that, I forgot about that play already. But that was a fantastic effort by Rus to show you never give up."

(On the touchdown TE Jimmy Graham made on the goal line…) "It was great to see that. We've been hoping to get that done and we'll continue to work that. Obviously, Russell threw the ball perfectly this time. Earlier in the year we missed it but we won't miss very many of those."

(On DT Sheldon Richardson's hands on his interception…) "Awesome hands. He can catch. Everybody in the program has got to have good hands. I don't know if I've taught you that over the years. Everybody's got to have good hands, he certainly does."

(On how much he thought the drive right before half changed the nature of the game…) "I think both of the sequences did, we got the field goal too, for (K) Blair (Walsh) to come through and kick that one there at the end of the half – it was really important. We tied it back up, all the stuff they had was done and we'll go to the locker room let's get ready to go. It was refreshing because we haven't had that finish that we like at the end of some of these halves, so it gave us a little boost."

Linebacker Bobby Wagner

(On if this win reasserts their team in the division…) "I thought it was a chance to get a great division win and hopefully be at the top of it at the end of the game. I think that's how we approached it. We didn't look at it as a statement game for us. Every game is a championship game for us, so that was our mindset."

(On QB Russell Wilson's tackle after he threw an interception…) "It was amazing. It was a big-time play. If they get points on the board, the game could've been totally different. Russell getting down there, getting the guy turned back, and getting him down was a big-time for us."

(On how the defense handled RB Todd Gurley…) "We just hit him. We put a body on him. We didn't want him to get going, whether it's in the run game or the pass game. We know he's a great running back and we just made sure we had our eyes on him."

Cornerback Richard Sherman

(On the defense making big plays…) "It's been a while. In the last year or so, it's been a while since we had five turnovers. I think Arizona (Cardinals,) a few years ago, maybe 2014 or 2013, something like that. It's the amount of playmakers we have and we're not even at 100 (percent). Obviously, we lost Cliff (DE Avril) and that's a huge loss to us, but (DE) Frank (Clark) came up and played a heck of a game. (DE) Mike (Bennett) played a heck of a game. (DT) Sheldon (Richardson) played lights out. You've got to give those guys credit for stepping up in his absence. (FS) Earl (Thomas) played a great game. We played disciplined and you've got to give unheralded guys like (CB Justin) Coleman and my young 'rook' (CB) 'Shaq' (Griffin.) They played lights out. When you don't hear your name called very often it's because you're having a great game."

(On QB Russell Wilson's tackle after throwing an interception…) "We appreciate it. He has a lot of pride and he cares just as much as we do. He cares about winning this ball game. So, if he could do anything to give us another chance at it, to give the defense a shot to get on the field and get a stop, then he did that."

Quarterback Russell Wilson

(On what started working for them on the last two drives of the first half…) "Well, we really clicked. I thought the O-line did a great job. We were able to get the ball out. We were able to kind of scamper out and move around a little bit. Hit some guys – Jimmy (Graham), like I said, kind of got us a started there, and then other guys made some great catches. (WR) Paul Richardson had a couple nice catches there, was being physical and fast. Then we had that touchdown to Jimmy where he was explosive going up for the football. Then we got the ball with 1:28 (remaining), two timeouts – something we practice all the time, that we always prepare for. We're always prepared. We were able to go down the field and we had some big, big plays. They made a couple plays, too, on defense, and we just kept hanging in there. Sure enough (WR) Doug Baldwin makes that nice little catch and gets, I don't know, eight, nine, 10 yards, or whatever, able to get us in field goal range and kick the field goal, and Blair made a beautiful kick going into the halftime, 10-10, which is great for us. Then we were able to outscore them there in the second half. But like I said, I think our defense played great. I think it was a complete team effort – offense, defense and special teams. It was fun to see against a really good team."

(On if the touchdown pass was designed to go to TE Jimmy Graham…)"Yeah, we were looking to find Jimmy there and the matchup and, obviously, give him a chance to go make a great play. He's arguably the best tight end in the National Football League and one of the best to ever play the game, so we want to give him opportunities to make those plays."

(On if the Rams showed him a different look than he expected…) "No, we knew that they had everything in the book, that they could do everything and anything. We knew that they were going to change up the looks and we were prepared for that. I was seeing everything really well in what they were trying to do. We just really stayed on top of it and, like I said, we knew it was going to be a long game, it always is a tough one against the Rams. But, we knew that if we kept battling and kept battling and kept battling, that we were going to make our plays and hopefully come out with a 'W' and that's what we were able to do. So when they were changing up looks, it wasn't anything unexpected. We studied like crazy. We were ready, we were prepared, and we were able to make some plays."

(On how much pride he takes in being able to extend plays…)"I take a lot of pride in being able to keep the play alive – trying to be smart while doing it, but also being aggressive and kind of trying to just give my guys a chance. They have a really good defensive line, they made some plays, but I thought our offensive line continued to battle and make some really crucial blocks for us. We were able to scamper out – I think we were 75 percent on third down for a long period of time – the second, third and fourth quarter almost. We really were able to battle and I think it's the testament to the guys really working to get open, finding ways to get open – if it's not there right away, keep playing. I thought the backs came to play today. They had a couple nice catches on a couple flip plays and all that kind of stuff and then the receivers kept getting open for us."

(On what was going through his mind of the Rams' final drive of the game…)"We have complete confidence in our team and our defense and what they were able to do. We've been in some many situations before and there's no fear on this football team. I think that that's the thing that's the most evident thing about who we are and what we are and our identity. We want to rely on that. Like I said, we've been through everything. We've been through a lot of wins. We've won a lot of football games. We've had some tough ones, but we've always overcome and I think that's the true heart of our team and that's why we're finding ways to win."


Wide Receiver Doug Baldwin

(On if getting a win against the Rams is validating…)"Yeah, it's huge, especially coming down to L.A. I can't remember when was the last time we won down here. It's always been a battle when we play the Rams. For us to have success the first game of the season against them – they've been doing really well. It's definitely a boost to our confidence, especially going into our bye week."'

(On why short yardage plays worked on their touchdown drive in the second quarter…) "I wouldn't say that was the game plan, but it's kind of what the Rams were giving us. They schemed really well for some of our base plays. the plays that we like to get off. They schemed really well for it. We were forced to take what they would give us and hopefully make plays off of that. Fortunately enough, we were able to get a running game going a little bit, which got us some momentum in order to score the touchdown."

(On why the touchdown pass to Seahawks TE Jimmy Graham was a good throw…)"Well, first and foremost I want to say, finally. Why was it a good throw? Because (Seahawks TE) Jimmy Graham is six-foot-seven (inches), 280 pounds. I know that it's football – there's a lot of X's and O's, there's a lot of strategy behind it, but sometimes it just doesn't get any more simple than that. He's six-foot-seven (inches). Throw the ball up to him. You don't even have to throw it. Just underhand toss it over there. He's going to go up and get it."

Wide Receiver Tyler Lockett

(On how he feels about the win…) "I think it was a big win. You've got to give them credit. They did an amazing job on defense and offense. Their offense was moving the ball against our defense, but the defense was making plays. The biggest thing is we just found a way to win, and that's the biggest thing that you've just got to figure out in this game is you've got to figure out a way to win, because there's going to be tough games like this."

(On how much value Seahawks QB Russell Wilson adds with his ability to extend plays…) "Big value. Especially when you can always keep the plays alive. That's what you look for with a quarterback – making the right decisions: knowing when to go down, knowing when to keep a play alive. Obviously, it's not always about stats. It's about finding a way, like I said. Even though it might have not been as many yards as he did last week, the biggest thing about it was we converted a some third downs that we needed to keep the drive going where we might have scored a touchdown or where we might have kicked the field goal that we needed to get closer."

(On if the Rams defense was the best the team has faced this season…) "Yeah, so far. They're one of the best defenses that we play every single year. Their defensive line, everyone in the backfield, they all do an amazing job. They're really good in their scheme and what they do. I think that we did a good job on offense. I think we made a step forward."

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