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What The Seahawks Are Saying About The Jaguars

Check out what the Seahawks are saying about the Jaguars leading up to the Week 14 game at EverBank Field.

Check out what the Seahawks are saying about the Jaguars leading up to the Week 14 game at EverBank Field.

Head Coach Pete Carroll

(Opening…) "OK we are already cranking for big preparation for this trip coming up.  We've got a really good looking opponent.  Very similar in the makeup to the team we saw last week in their commitment to the run, their commitment to the defense, the front on defense, these guys are leading the NFL in rushing, they are leading the NFL in total defense and scoring defense and their special teams are tough too.  This is a very similar matchup for us and of course, the names and the faces change but it's a good club and I know they are fired up and it's going to be a big game for us."

(On how good is the Jaguars' defense…) "Yeah, well they are the best in the NFL, OK, by a pretty good margin here in scoring and all that.  It starts up front for them.  They have a big rotation of guys, a big variety of guys that they can throw at you, their linebackers can fly and the secondary are a bunch of ball hawks back there.  They cause you all kinds of problems. 45 sacks tells you the story and all the turnovers and the turnover ratio tells you the story."

(On Calais Campbell's effectiveness in sacks…)"I think Todd [Wash] figured that out that if they put him at end, he might really help him and he'd be more productive.  He's always been a great player.  It's worked out for them beautifully, so they move him around quite a bit, but he has just taken to that and just become even more effective and more dominant."

(On if he sees Bradley's imprints on Jacksonville's defense right now…) "Yeah, I think that their notebook is pretty much the same. They have tweaked some things but it is basically the same schemes, same principles and all of that.  But it really takes on the flavor of the coaches that are doing it and so they have their uniqueness, but there are a lot of similarities."

(On what did Luke Joeckel show at Jacksonville that made the Seahawks want to sign him despite struggling at times…) "Well he is a great competitor.  He battled.  He played hard.  He showed the flexibility to play left tackle and left guard, which we really liked that part of it because we didn't know how our thing was going to work out back when we started up.  We kind of hoped that he would wind up playing guard but we didn't know.  It worked that way and so I think he played his best football there at guard in our opinion.  We liked him best there and so that is kind of why we were hoping it would work out that way but he's done a great job for us and I think just, the overall athleticism, the smarts, size, he's got everything that you are looking for and that's why he was a number one pick. He's done well for us."

(On if their defense configuration similar to the Seahawks defense at various times…) "It's the same approach in that they are trying to get big rotations going and move their guys and keep the pressure hot.  It's really the same way we did it here and it's what you love to do, if you have it and they have great speed that they can bring in off the bench on their third down situations, on their edge rushers and the whole thing is really fit together beautifully."

Linebacker Bobby Wagner

(On if there are any similarities in what the Jaguars are doing in their style of play and what the Seahawks did a few years ago…) "Nah, there is only one Seattle Seahawks."

(On Jaguars running game with Leonard Fournette and the rushing attack…) "They do a lot of good things.  They got a lot of pullers.  He runs really, really hard.  They are going to get him the rock.  I think this is probably one of the teams that runs a little bit more than they pass. It's going to kind of be the same thing.  We going to stop the run and put them in passing situations where you can allow the rush to get to them.  I feel like we are very confident in the possibility of stopping it."

(On how the game moving back help the players…) "We get more sleep.  We can sleep in a little bit more.  I like night games.  I feel like night games are good and they are fun to play but like I said, the biggest thing to me is that you get to sleep a little bit more, especially when you travel.  You are trying to catch up on the time difference and to be able to sleep in a little bit more and use those extra hours to study a little bit more and things of that nature definitely helps you out."

Wide Receiver Doug Baldwin

(On what challenges the Jaguars defense presents…) "A number of challenges.  First and foremost, their front four is phenomenal. Obviously, they lead the league in sacks, so we know that we have our hands full with them upfront. The linebackers are very smart and athletic, so we know that they are going to be moving around and causing us some issues in the passing game. Their back four, their secondary is very talented, extremely talented, extremely confident and so I'm looking forward to that challenge because I know they are going to bring the best out of us.  I'm looking forward to our offensive line going up against their defensive line because I know that's where it all starts and if we can maintain that, I think we have a good shot."

(On expecting Jalen Ramsey to bait him and get inside his head after what he did to AJ Green…)"I don't know.  Honestly, when I go in the games, it doesn't really matter who I am playing against, I am really focused on me.  I have too, that is the only way I know how to do it, so focused on my details and my assignment and then we will see what happens. I know that he is a very talented player.  He's been in some situations but I think that is just the competitive nature.  When you have an extremely competitive guy, he is going to try to find whatever edge he can.  I tip my hat to him in that regard.  From that standpoint, I got to focus on me and my preparation for this week."

Defensive Tackle Sheldon Richardson

(On what stands out about the Jaguars rushing attack…) "They stay consistent. They stay after it even if you stop the run, they still keep it in their game.  It's who they are and they don't shy away from it."

(On what qualities he sees in Leonard Fournette…)"A solid back all the way around back.  Bigger back but runs like a little guy.  Runs heavy.  Runs behind his pads.  He is an all-around back that you'd want out of a first round draft pick."

(On in what ways does Fournette run like a little back…)"Sorry, for as fast as he is.  He runs like a big back, not disrespectful at all, just what I meant by it."

(On Blake Bortles…) "Game manager.  He is keeping the game to a manageable standpoint for them.  They depend on his run game so much that it's working for them right now and their defense is kicking butt, so it's going to be a good game."

Quarterback Russell Wilson

(On when he looks at Jacksonville's defense what stands out to him…) "Yeah, when turning on the film and watching them these guys in Jacksonville, these guys are really, really good. It's fun to watch them, actually. I think that obviously, one, their leader is Calais Campbell, who I've gotten to know over the years and he's a tremendous person and tremendous athlete and player. He's had a great year, so it's cool seeing him even going somewhere else and play so, so well. They have so many guys up front; they're defensive line is really tremendous, they can really fly, make moves, and do some things to get to the quarterback as you guys know. I think they're leading the league in sacks, so they're doing some really good things up front, their linebackers fly around, Myles Jack is from the Seattle area, so just to see him playing at the high level he's playing at such a young age, is pretty cool to see. Their cornerback's [Jalen] Ramsey is a star-studded player who can do anything and everything you want him to, and that definitely jumps out. Their safeties are leaders; you can see that on film that they know what they're doing, so this is not going to be an easy task. We're looking forward to the challenge, it's two great teams going after it, and we're looking forward to it."

(On Jalen Ramsey…) "Well Jalen, he has been fun to watch. I watch a lot of the ACC games when I get to watch them.  I got to see him in college and make all the plays he made and it's always fun to watch him.  I was always kind of rooting for him.  So now, it's kind of when I see him on film, actually study the film, I notice he is really special.  He is going to be a great one for a long, long time.  He has great skills, got great hands, he can really put his foot in the ground and make a play.  He's got unbelievable speed.  It looks like he's not even running how fast he runs.  He is a true superstar and it's going to be cool to play great guys like that and he is a great player.  You got to know where he is, that is for sure."

(On if he got to know Myles Jack at all when Jack was playing in Bellevue…) "I did get to know Myles a little bit.  I got to spend some time with him a couple of times and be around him.  Great kid.  Great demeanor.  Great athlete to watch him at UCLA play running back and play linebacker and do all of the things he was doing.  It was fun to watch and now I get to play him in the National Football League, pretty cool."

Defensive Coordinator Kris Richard

(On if he looks at Jacksonville's defense front to see what they are doing that makes them so good this year…)  "No, no. We don't. Our focus is solely on the men in this building, and the people in this building that can help our football team."

(On what kind of challenge Jaguars RB Leonard Fournette presents and how he is as a runner…) "Obviously, he's a really big back, he has really good speed, really good size, and he has the vision. He has the agility, and we just know that we're going to have to bring all 11 hats to the party each and every single time that we are going to tackle.  That's it. It is going to come down to tackling.  We know we are going to have to make sure we wrap him up and get him down consistently."

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