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What The San Francisco 49ers Are Saying About The Seattle Seahawks

A look at what the 49ers are saying about the Seahawks before the two teams meet in Week 3 at CenturyLink Field.


Take a look at what the 49ers are saying about the Seahawks before the two teams meet in Week 3 at CenturyLink Field.

Head Coach Chip Kelly

(On what he sees from the Seahawks on film...) "I see an outstanding defense, that first and foremost jumps out at you. Talented players at every level, Michael Bennett is as good of a defensive lineman as there is in the league. Then you have Cliff Avril, two outstanding inside linebackers in [K.J.] Wright and [Bobby] Wagner, and three of the best secondary players in Richard [Sherman], Earl [Thomas] and Kam [Chancellor]. Just very well coached, a great scheme. They've been around each other for a long time, I think they really understand how each other works on the defensive side of the ball. Then offensively, it revolves around Russell [Wilson], one of the top quarterbacks in the league, who can beat you with his arm and his legs. They've got some real weapons in [Doug] Baldwin and [Jimmy] Graham and [Jermaine] Kearse. I know they have a few running backs, but I think [Christine] Michael is impressive in how fast he runs on tape. Just a good team, then when you put the special teams in it with [Tyler] Lockett, it's a good solid group in all three phases."

QB Blaine Gabbert

(On what makes the Seahawks' defense so unique…)"They're talented. They've been playing together for a long time. They're a veteran defensive front, a veteran front seven, a veteran secondary, and they know what their coaches want them to do. They know how to play and play hard and execute their scheme at a high level."

(On playing at CenturyLink Field...) "It's a fun place to play. It's a hostile environment. Playing on the road in the NFL is always fun just because there's so many factors that are going against your football team. I love playing on the road and Seattle's no different, it's a great place play. Their fans are really enthusiastic. It's just fun to go up there and experience that stadium."

DE Arik Armstead

*(On how the Seahawks offense looks without Marshawn Lynch...) *"It's a lot different. There's not a 6'1", 245-pound back in the backfield or whatever he is. So yeah, it looks different, but they've got some guys that run extremely hard and are talented as well. Everyone is trying to reload and each year it's a new battle and a new test. They've got some good backs that run hard and we're going to have a challenge here trying to stop them."

LB Michael Wilhoite

(On matching up against the Seahawks…) "I think we know this team just as well as we know any team in the League and probably better. But I'm sure they're saying the same thing and they feel the same way about us. I think the game will be very physical and a very hard-fought game just because we both know what each other like to do, don't like to do, and you go out there and see who mans up and makes plays."

DL DeForest Buckner

(On playing at Oregon and knowing that your rival is still in Seattle…) "Yeah, it's pretty crazy. It's going to be a good experience being able to go down there and play the Seahawks. I heard the environment's crazy and it gets pretty loud in there. It's going to be reminding me a little of Autzen [Stadium], they're kind of like the Autzen of the NFL I think, being loud and stuff like that. So it's going to be fun."

Get to know the faces of the San Francisco 49ers offensive and defensive units heading into the team's Week 3 matchup with the Seattle Seahawks at CenturyLink Field.

WR Torrey Smith

(On matching up against cornerback Richard Sherman…) "I know that's who my matchup will be. I'll be ready. We don't shy away from it at all. We're just going to play ball."

DL Glenn Dorsey

(On how you contain Russell Wilson…)"He's a great player, a great quarterback. a leader, and you just have to try to corral him, keep him in the pocket, stuff like that. Russell's going to be Russell, you've just got to try to stop him and put yourself in situations to be successful and follow the game plan, stick with it, stuff like that. … It's always tough because you don't necessarily account for the quarterback to be able to run the ball like they do, so it's like playing with an extra guy and you've got to try to come up with game plans to try to keep him in there, just corral him. We look forward to it. He's a known guy. We've played him before. Look forward to it."

TE Vance McDonald

(On if the 49ers up-tempo offense is better suited to play in a loud environment like Seattle…) "Yeah, I think you actually nailed it. In years past there's been a lot of verbal [communication] and a lot of cues that we're looking to one person for, so with this just being able to get a play and go. I think it will be a lot more efficient, for sure. No play clock, no play clock errors. … It's definitely an edge for us and when you can eliminate that factor and they pride themselves on being able to play in a loud arena. It helps us, for sure."

Offensive Coordinator Curtis Modkins

(On if playing at Carolina prepared for the noise factor in Seattle…) "I think our preparation helps us. We practice with music going, so we're used to practicing in an environment where it's not silent. Our guys handled it well. The noise is not an issue for us wherever we play."

Defensive Coordinator Jim O'Neil

(On defending Russell Wilson scramble tendencies…)"Russell's not just a scrambling quarterback. I think he proved that last year in the second half of the year with his ability to stay in the pocket and throw the football and execute a drop-back pass game. But he still has the unbelievable ability to extend plays and make you pay down field. So every game plan's going to be different. We're not going to attack Russell the same way we attacked Cam [Newton], but there are definitely some similarities."

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