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What The Philadelphia Eagles Said Following Their Week 11 Game Against The Seattle Seahawks

Check out how Philadelphia Eagles players and coaches reacted following their Week 11 game against the Seahawks.

The Seahawks secured a 26-15 victory over the Eagles in Week 11 at CenturyLink Field. Here's what Philadelphia had to say to the media after the game:

Head Coach Doug Pederson

(On if this game is a good measuring stick for where you want to go…)"I think so. I think it's a benchmark for us. You look at certain games on your schedule and obviously this is one. They are a team that is playing extremely well. We were coming off of a good win a week ago. These are benchmark games. I've learned in my career as a player and a coach that things are never as bad as they seem and they're never as good as they seem. We will get a chance to evaluate this game on the plane back. We will make the necessary adjustments. We have some time coming up this week. We, myself included, just have to get better." 

(On a poor road record becoming a mental thing at this point…) "This is a tough place to play. It's obviously electric. Everybody knows it coming in here. I thought we did a good job handling that. Even with some of the things trying to get lined up, we were able to communicate and get the snap off. We as a team and myself included have to learn up how to tighten things up I guess. When you're on the road you have to keep that same mentality that you have at home. Whether you feed off the crowd or each other, it's just those guys in the locker room that travel on these trips. It's just a good one to learn from."

QB Carson Wentz

(On how the offense handled the noisy Seattle environment…) "I thought the communication was pretty solid. I think (center Jason) Kelce did a great job communicating with me back there and making the right calls. Again, I've got to go back to the tape and see what we missed. I know we missed some things, but I thought the communication was pretty good."

(On what stands out about this loss…) "I think just the mistakes. First of all, Seattle played a great football game. They're a really good team, and that defense made it tough for us. They sure did. The fans were loud. It was a great environment out there today. But I think just some of these things, these mistakes that for me, they're just eating away just because they're every week. Like I said, even when we win, there are things we've just got to clean up, and it starts with me."

(On what it will take to become an elite team like Seattle…) "I think we'll just have to go back and watch the tape, first of all. But the biggest thing, and we keep saying it every week, is learning from these mistakes, the physical mistakes, the mental mistakes, and we've really got to back to the drawing board on some of those things and just detail our work. That's what I'm going to keep saying. That's probably going to be a big emphasis for us, to be detailed mentally, physically, and we'll get back on the right track."

TE Zach Ertz

(On having the 57-yard touchdown called back due to penalty…)"I was a little frustrated.  Unfortunately I've had multiple touchdowns called back the past two years. Just little mistakes, myself included, killing us right now. That was a big play in the game, obviously, it would have brought us within two points at that point. Especially against that team in this stadium, if you blow little stuff like that it's extremely hard to win."

(On whether the team deflated a bit after that play…)"It's just tough to score against them, period. When you have a score and you get it called back, against that team it's really hard to score. We didn't capitalize again until the two-minute drill and the game was kind of out of reach. So, it's a tough loss, man. I'm not going to say that lost the game, because there were so many other plays, but it was a big part of the game."

(On why the offense wasn't the same after that play…)"We just weren't executing. We had penalties, had some drops. We didn't finish blocks. It's hard to tell. That's a good defense. When you have the opportunities to capitalize, you have to capitalize against them, and we just didn't get it done."

DE Brandon Graham

(On not getting through the day with a win...) "We have to take advantage of opportunities. We had the momentum going, we just kind of lost it in there. We were trying to get in back and just ended up running out of time."

(On containing Russell Wilson...) "It was kind of tough. We knew that going in. We were just going to go out there and just rush hard. He just made the plays that he needed to make. With him you just have to make sure you keep coming, and I think we did that, we just kept coming but he's a good quarterback on the run and we knew that, we just had to get to him."

(On whether talk about the Eagles' defense being as good as the Seahawks' mattered coming in...) "We just have to block out all of that, and just keep doing us. We have Green Bay coming in next week and we have to have a short memory of this because if we are going to have a shot we are going to need these last six games and that's just the truth." 

WR Jordan Matthews

(On today's result...)"You have to give all the credit to the Seahawks. They are a great team, played extremely well, but like I said, it's been frustrating, but at the same time, I don't think anybody here thinks we can't compete. Nobody's throwing us around, we are in every single game." 

S Malcolm Jenkins

(On how they thought they stacked up to the Seattle defense...) "We are not out here to compare ourselves to other teams, we are trying to win. We have a lot of respect for that defense and what they have done over the course of time. We're a fresh group trying to make a name for ourselves. Obviously, didn't have the results that we wanted, but a lot of that was self inflicted and when you do things to hurt yourself, you give up big plays."

(On how far away they are from a team like Seattle...) "As soon as we become disciplined, I see ourselves right up there. The style in which they win is probably similar to what we will have to do to be successful. Play good on defense, they don't turn the ball over on offense, and right now when we are home, we do that. When we are on the road we get penalties, we give up big plays, we shoot ourselves in the foot, and those are things we can't do. If we correct those simple mistakes, we are closer to that team."

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