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What The Colts Said Following Their Preseason Opener Against The Seahawks

Postgame quotes from the Colts following their first preseason game against the Seahawks.

Indianapolis Colts tight end Jack Doyle (84) and quarterback Andrew Luck (12) celebrate during an NFL preseason football game against the Seattle Seahawks on Thursday, Aug. 9, 2018 in Seattle. Indianapolis won 19-17. (Aaron M. Sprecher via AP)
Indianapolis Colts tight end Jack Doyle (84) and quarterback Andrew Luck (12) celebrate during an NFL preseason football game against the Seattle Seahawks on Thursday, Aug. 9, 2018 in Seattle. Indianapolis won 19-17. (Aaron M. Sprecher via AP)


(Overall thoughts…) "Obviously it was good. Here's why it was good. We talk about toughness or relentless pursuit to get better, an obsession to finish. I think we got better in a lot ways. I'm really happy with the way we finished. We talked about whether it's a individual period or practice, in preseason, you want to finish. We play to win, so it's good to win the game.

I thought defensively, the first unit came up with big plays. There were times where (Seattle) moved the ball. Russell is a top notch quarterback, that is going to happen. Teams are going to make first downs but I thought our defense responded well. I thought they got after the passer really well. John Simon flashed. Ridgeway flashed, so there was some good play there.

Offensively obviously, Andrew (Luck) looked good. That's exactly what we were hoping to get in terms of him finding a rhythm and moving the ball. Obviously we want to finish in the end zone, have to finish in the end zone but that was a good start there.

Special teams overall I thought it was okay. We have some things to improve on. Obviously we have to handle the punts but we did a good job on substitutions. We were where we had to be, we just have to fight to get better."

(What was Andrew's demeanor…) "His demeanor was a lot of fun. The emotions were flowing. He was pretty jacked up. So it was fun to see that."

(What did you like about the first drive…) "We were just trying to spread it out, get it out fairly quickly, get a rhythm, mix it up, move the ball around and try and be good on third down."

(What were Andrew's emotions like before the game…) "I could tell the whole warmup. We had a word during warmup every so often. He just kept saying how excited he was. And right before he went out he said, (paraphrasing) I've got a lot of emotion going right now, let's see if I can control this because I'm pretty jacked up. Obviously he came out in the first drive and handled it like we expected."

(Does John Simon rise to the occasion on gameday…) "There is no doubt. He has been doing that for a long time. He did a really nice job tonight. Defensively, I just like the speed we played with. Even when they moved the ball, you could see guys just pursuing. We came up with the big plays. Nate (Hairston) came up with that huge play, so there were some really good signs on defense."

(After a preseason game is it nice to be able to look at film…) "It is, we have a good break so we are looking forward to getting back to work. We have three hard practices coming up, then another day off, then we get the Ravens in there. We get to practice against them and then go play them. So there is a lot of work to be done. You always like coming off a win no matter what but we're so excited to get back to work next week."


(On preparing for this game today...) "For a moment there I was like 'how do I approach it?' especially as it was leading up to the game. Just trying to control my emotions and then I just sort of said 'screw it', whatever I want to think and whatever I want to feel, I'm going to feel it and let that happen. It was a little bit of pressure was off, in a sense, and I really had fun. I really enjoyed it. I didn't quite know if I would have this much fun practicing football. I didn't know if I would have this much fun again playing football."

(On how the speed of the game felt...) "The first play is always a little nerve-wracking in any game, in a sense, but especially this one. After that it sort of slowed down and the rhythm, the flow of a huddle, calling a play, knowing where the play clocks are, getting to the line of scrimmage, showing what your queues are, that operation takes over. For lack of better word, it felt natural."

(On taking his first hit...) "I think there was a sense of 'okay, get hit, get up, make sure you're not broken in half on the field.' It was probably the most excited I have been and will ever be for getting hit."

(On if he felt nervous or excited...) "I was very nervous. I was very nervous. Certainly part of nervousness is excitement, I think they go hand-in-hand often. I care very much about this game and this team, and what I'm trying to do on a personal level."

(On what a night like tonight does for his confidence…) "I think it is nice to maybe to put a couple questions that linger, as much as you don't want to, to the back of your mind – 'Will you be able to take a hit? Will you be able to do x, y, z, blah blah blah…' So it eases a little bit of that anxiety that I kept alive that only maybe game-type action could cure or alleviate, per se."

(On how he would navigate the emotions of returning to the game…) "I decided that whatever I was going to feel, I was going to feel and to not have to be in charge all the time. I think I took a little pressure off of myself, in that sense. There will be other times where there will be some rushes of emotion."


(On his three-for-three performance…) "Three-for-three is pretty good. When you haven't played a game in eight months, it's nice to kind of get back into the swing of it. I think everybody's got a little bit of jitters because you're excited to get back out there. To go out there, kick some field goals and make them all go through and help the team put some points on the board was a good feeling."

(On the impact Andrew Luck's return had on the outcome…) "It was great. He moved the ball really well. It's nice when our ones are going against another team's ones, when we can move the ball—obviously we didn't get in the end zone like we wanted to, but we showed a lot of really promising things on offense moving the ball. We had some young guys that are learning and doing a good job. It was awesome to see him out there doing his thing, showing the confidence, smiling and having a good time. He's ready to go, and he looks great."

(On how ready he looked to be playing again…) "I thought he looked awesome. I thought he looked like the Andrew Luck that we all know and love. That's what the preseason is for. You knock the cobwebs off, but I thought he looked fantastic. I thought he did exactly what he needed to do. He moved around in the pocket well and threw some really nice balls. Shoot, I'm excited for the year."

(On if he appeared anxious before this game…) "I think he looked excited. He was fired up to get out there. We were in pregame warmups and he was like, 'Man, I'm excited.' You could see it in his face that he was ready to get out there. When you haven't gotten hit in a year, that gets you right back into the swing of things."


(On what contributed to his two sacks in the game…) "Just trusting my coaches, doing what we're supposed to do. Just making sure I used my hands, getting off on the ball when it's snapped."

(On if he's pleased with his play at this stage of the preseason…) "I missed one sack, so I'm a little disappointed with myself for that one. I should have got that last one. I just slipped off. I couldn't hold on. I've got to make sure I hold on next time."

(On what satisfaction he feels with two sacks in the first game of preseason…) "It's good, but we've got three more to go, so you can't get too high. You've got to make sure you keep on going. Keep your head down and keep on grinding."

(On what's the key to the team's overall defensive play…) "We were out there hustling. We were getting to the ball. Everybody was out there doing their job, as you can see with just one touchdown given up. Hustle. Making sure we get to the ball, everybody running. That's the main thing. That's everybody's deal on this team."


(On if the O line felt any additional pressure to protect Andrew Luck in his first game back…) "Whoever is in there, you protect them. That's your job, and any hit on them reflects on us. It was great having him back out there. It's pretty much been over a year since we played together, so that was exciting. Feeling his excitement was awesome. He brings a great presence to the huddle, commanding the guys. He's very knowledgeable in the game. He puts some really good drives together. The more he plays, the more confident he'll become."

Game-action photos from the Seahawks preseason opener against the Indianapolis Colts at CenturyLink Field.