What The Atlanta Falcons Said Following Their Week 6 Game Against The Seahawks

See what Falcons players and coaches said to the media following their 26-24 loss to the Seahawks in Week 6 at CenturyLink Field.

The NFC South-leading Falcons left Seattle with a 26-24 loss to the Seahawks in Week 6 at CenturyLink Field. Here's what Atlanta had to say to the media after the game.

Head Coach Dan Quinn

(On Sunday's game against the Seahawks…) "We knew this was going to come down to the finish. These were two tough teams that were going to battle for it. We clearly expected that. We liked that our team battled back after a difficult first half. We showed a lot of resiliency. We didn't create any turnovers on defense. We ended up finishing minus two and we know how tough that can be.

"Great fight, both teams were totally battling. It went all the way down to the end as we thought. We will learn a lot from it. We know having penalties and turnovers makes it very difficult. We will go right back to that process and get ready for another tough opponent. We knew it would be tough and it would come down to the end, like it did."

(On the pass attempt to Julio Jones on fourth down, pass interference…)"As you go through the last play, usually one play doesn't define it. We will look at it and see where it goes. We certainly had other opportunities in the game to go capitalize and finish but we won't let it come down to one time for us."

(On if he likes where the team is after six games…) "I like what our team identity is becoming. So badly did I want the identity to happen right away. It's growing stronger, that toughness that resolve to where we can attack in all three phases. That identity is one that I'm pleased that were starting to become, we way we want to finish, the different people that get involved. We have had some games where different groups came through. Two weeks ago certainly the defensive line had a big day. Two weeks before that the quarterback and receivers had one. We have had games where the special teams have been involved.

"Having that team identity knowing that all phases are going to attack, I feel it's coming together. We so desperately wanted that to happen last year, I believe that's where we were going with some of this but it didn't in terms of all the way. I wanted that to happen overnight but it didn't. But I feel like this group is growing, quite a bit different from last year's group. We will be ready to get back rockin' here in a few days."

QB Matt Ryan

(On the emotional impact of the loss…) "It's disappointing. Obviously we didn't start the way we wanted to in the first half, and I thought we responded really well in the second half and continued to battle.  We just didn't the way that we needed to.  It's a disappointing loss, but we played a really good football team on the road, so we'll learn from it, get back to work and try and be better next week."

(On what changed in the second half…) "I thought we settled down a little bit at halftime.  Obviously this is a tough place to play.  There's no question about it.  It was loud, and we probably didn't handle the environment as well as we needed to in the first half.  But we settled down and came back out in the second half and executed pretty well and got ourselves right back into the game.  But it's all about the start.  For us to take that ball down and score right off the half was big."

(On if he thinks interference occurred on his final pass to Julio Jones…) "I haven't seen the replay, but our job is to play.  That's all you can focus on.  I thought Julio did a hell of a job of going up and being aggressive to try and make a play on the ball."

WR Julio Jones

(On if this game played out the way he expected it to...) "It was good, we didn't play as well as we needed to in the first half, but we came out in the second half and played the kind of ball we are capable of playing. We just have to clean up the first half. They are a great football team, and they were the better team today."

(On the final play targeting him...) "It was fourth down. Matt [Ryan] just threw the ball up and gave me an opportunity to make a play on the ball. We desperately needed it. First of all to get the first down and potentially to get a field goal."

T Ryan Schraeder

(On seeing their lead slip away late...) "It's tough. It's football, man. I mean, a couple plays didn't go our way. We have been on the positive side of a lot of plays this year, so we just have to stick to the grindstone. We know what we can do, and we will just come back out next week and we will be ready to go on Sunday."

S Ricardo Allen

(On Seahawks' effort...)"They played hard. You have to give it to them. They came up with it today. We played hard just like them, but when it counted at the end, they played just a little bit harder."

CB Desmond Trufant

(On what he could learn from a close loss like this...) "That we are a very resilient group. We aren't going to quit, we are going to finish the game. I respect how we fought back because we weren't playing that great in the first have  and we came back in the second half. We definitely can take a lot of good things from this, but overall we just have to close the game out."

(On playing in his hometown again...) "It was definitely great. Great environment, my people got to see me play for the first time in like four years. It was cool, definitely grateful for this opportunity."

See some sideline action from the Seahawks 26-24 victory over the Falcons at CenturyLink Field on Sunday, October 16.

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