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What The 49ers Are Saying About The Seahawks

Check out what San Fransisco 49ers players and coaches are saying about the Seattle Seahawks heading into their Week 2 matchup at CenturyLink Field courtesy of


Check out what San Fransisco 49ers players and coaches are saying about the Seattle Seahawks heading into their Week 2 matchup at CenturyLink Field courtesy of

Head Coach Kyle Shanahan

(On playing the Seahawks Defense…) "It's a very sound scheme. It's a sound scheme that starts with stopping the run. Any time your base defense is an eight-man front that's very gap-oriented it's tough to run the ball against. You're always outnumbered on offense unless you use the quarterback, so your numbers are never there. Usually that gives you the best chance to stop the run, so it forces you to throw. So when you have a sound scheme versus the run that is very good in coverage, that eliminates big plays with their zone drops. They make you work all the way down the field so that's extremely tough to get explosives on. It's tough to go against. They make you work for everything, and it's something that you don't have to reinvent the wheel every week so it's something that if you do it over and over and over again it's hard not to get better at it."

Wide Receiver Marquise Goodwin

(On playing the Seahawks…)"The experience they have together. Playing the past eight years together for the most part. The knowledge of the game that they have and the great feel for the defense that they run. You have to be pretty on point to beat them."

(On the Seahawks' crowd noise…) "You can't hear the call. It's really just looking at the quarterback's mouth as he's talking in the huddle, really focusing in especially throughout the week. We won't really be able to hear him as well in a game as you do at practice. So you kind of practice on those little techniques and those little details and really honing in on that throughout the week so when it comes to gametime it's not foreign to you."

Defensive Lineman DeForest Buckner

(On the Seahawks' crowd noise…) "The opposing offenses that come there to play, they can barely hear each other on the field. It forces them to use timeouts when they don't want to use them. It makes everybody have to key the ball and for the defense, when the offense can't get a carry they all have to key the ball it's definitely an advantage to the defense."

(On facing the Seahawks offense…)"As a D-line you have to be on point as a unit. If one side of the D-line is winning a game they have to communicate with the other side so they know that if we're doing a certain stand the other 3-technique needs to balance out the rush. Everything needs to be communicated with the line and that's what we need to do. Really kind of a good job last game, so we have to win our one-on-ones."

Quarterback Brian Hoyer

(On the mentality preparing for Week 2…)"[Coach] talks about that 24 hours. Get in, get it corrected whether you win or lose. You can't have a hangover from a win or a loss. I've had a lot of experience, you know you come in whether you won or lost, you see what you did well, see what you did poorly, correct it and then get back on to the next one. Literally even Sunday night I'm starting to watch Seattle stuff. That's how quick the turnaround is and I think that's kind of the philosophy you have to have."

(On playing at CenturyLink Field…)"It's loud. Obviously that's what it's known for plus obviously the bigger task is their defense. Obviously the crowd has a lot to do with it but when you just line up and look at their defense and their scheme it's a tough thing to go against so it's just a little thing that we have to be able to handle the environment."

Safety Eric Reid

(On the Seahawks…) "We don't like them. I'm sure they don't like us. That's just the nature of the sport. We both want to win, we both need to win, we're both 0-1. Somebody is going to be 0-2 and I don't want it to be us."

(On preparing…) "This year during training camp I was there to watch them actually. I picked up on the way Kam [Chancellor] plays and the way Earl [Thomas] plays in the post. I like the defense. I told you guys that I like the defense, but they know the defense. Russell [Wilson] probably knows the defense better than anybody in the league. He's been practicing against it for five or however many years, so he knows the problems that we have on the defense alone. I'm sure he'll be looking to keep his eye on that."

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Linebacker Malcolm Smith

(On the Seahawks…) "It's similar obviously, but we obviously have a lot to build to get to that point where they're at. They've had years of playing really well and it's obviously a goal of everybody. The defense is really good."

(On playing at CenturyLink Field…) "I've never been on the other side so I wouldn't really be able to tell you as far as the effect of it having on the player of the opposing team, so we'll see. It'll be interesting for me to see from the other side."

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