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What Mike Macdonald And John Schneider Said About All Eight Draft Picks

The Seahawks drafted eight players over the course of three days in the 2024 NFL Draft. Here is what the head coach and president of football operations/general manager duo said about each player. 


Round 1, No. 16 Overall: DT Byron Murphy II, Texas

Mike Macdonald: "There's a lot. He just plays our style of football really. I mean, he's so talented. Versatility along the front. Such an aggressive player, plays violently. Heavy hands for a guy of shorter stature. Pass-rush flexibility. You name it. Yeah, just really excited to have him."

John Schneider: "We obviously got Byron Murphy. Everybody is very excited. We had him graded as the best defensive player in the draft. Everybody saw all the offensive players going. Rare to see that. High motor, high effort, great individual. 21 years old. Got his degree in three years. Just up and down the line of scrimmage, pass-rusher, TFLs. You name it. A lot of utility, a lot of variety. Yeah, I mean, to sit here and think when we started we'd be able to acquire him, we'd be lying to you."

Round 3, No. 81 Overall: G Christian Haynes, UConn

John Schneider on Christian Haynes coming in and making an impact: "He's played a ton of ball. He's played a lot of football. People were ripping off stuff in there, like I said, 50, 51 starts. He's had 48 pressures in 1,687 snaps. The guy is really, really experienced. Again, this is a full buy-in -- coaches, scouting, analytics. His speed, velocity, ratio. Everybody was really excited to rip it off. Spring profile is amazing. He generates a ton of force. It was a lot of fun."

Mike Macdonald on Christian Haynes spending six years in college and earning a master's degree: "It is rare. You hit it on the head. He's just a mature guy, smart. Everyone coming out of the school loves him. Even people that have worked with me in Baltimore that crossed with him at UConn had a lot of great things to say about him as well. It's been a long time. Six-year senior is pretty impressive. We won't be seeing those guys after a couple years once the whole COVID things fall off here."

Round 4, Pick 118 overall: LB Tyrice Knight, UTEP

Mike Macdonald on what he likes about Tyrice Knight: "Yeah, again, the first thing that pops out on the tape is he sees the game quickly, so it's instincts I guess is a good way to put it, but moving where the ball is going kind of before everybody else is a maybe a good way to describe it. He stays square. I think he brings some thump at the point of attack and then when we brought him in, we got to meet him and we just really liked the person and the competitor. His demeanor is soft-spoken right now, but I think he's a very clear communicator and then just a guy throughout the process we started to really like and. Linebackers are paid to make tackles. He makes a lot of takes, so that's a good thing."

Round 4, Pick 121 overall: TE AJ Barner, Michigan

Mike Macdonald on what he heard about AJ Barner before the draft: "It's great that we had the guy that helped recruit him right down the hall with Jay, but just talking to Grant Newsome worked with him previously, but our type of guy, top-level worker, big-time competitor. I think he can block and run pretty significant route tree as well and then he played for Jay on special teams in all four phases so we're going to expect him to come contribute in the kicking game as well as soon as he steps in the door."

Mike Macdonald on the kind of player Barner is: "Yeah, I do. His run after the catch is good. Again, I think he's an underrated athlete. I think he's got a little bit more weight to put on, but the blocking tight end is a really important position. It starts in the C-gap in the run game and who's going to defend it and who's going to block it so you have to be able to answer those questions and those skill sets don't just grow on trees, you know? It's tough to do. So we expect him to be able to do that. So it's a coveted skill set."

Round 5, Pick 136 overall: CB Nehemiah Pritchett, Auburn and Round 6, Pick 192 overall: CB D.J. James, Auburn

John Schneider on drafting both Nehemiah Pritchett and D.J. James: "Yeah, we only scouted DBs at Auburn. (Laughter) Yeah, no, it just literally fell that way. We had those guys right together so it was amazing that we ended up selecting both of them, both really cool young men and competitors and to add to that room, those two guys, it's a big deal. Excited to get them here and get them going."

Mike Macdonald on where he sees both Pritchett and James fitting in: "Come in and compete, that's the theme for the whole draft class. Nehemiah is probably more of an outside guy. Definitely early both guys on special teams we anticipate to come in, make a huge impact for us. D.J. probably both inside and outside, but, come in, compete, we'll figure it out. Kind of like the offensive line. Let's go defensive line. We got a lot of reps to be had out there, so it'll hash itself out."

John Schneider on each of their abilities: "It wasn't necessarily scheme, quite honestly. It was just the skill set with Pritchett, the speed. D.J., he can play nickel, he can play outside, too, so it wasn't necessarily a scheme evaluation. They're both talented cover guys. There's things both of them need to clean up and once they get here, they'll understand that and they'll have a clear vision for where they're headed."

Round 6, Pick 179 overall: T Sataoa Laumea, Utah

John Schneider on what they liked about Sataoa Laumea: "What do we like about him? He's huge, he's tough, really aggressive. Again, you guys hear this all the time, boy, I can't believe he was still available. That was one of those guys. Okay, you're waiting, waiting, keeps coming, keeps coming and he's been primarily a right side player, he's played right guard, right tackle, but size, length, a really Senior Bowl week and competed at a high level and Dave said he did a really fun press conference with you guys, so that's great."

Round 6, Pick 207 overall: T Michael Jerrell, Findlay

John Schneider on Michael Jerrell getting on his radar: "Oh, shoot, the scouts, those guys knew about him. For me personally it was when he was at the Ohio State workout. I wish I could have said I went to Findlay and scouted this fall, but didn't quite have time for that. But, yeah, he went to the Ohio State workout, had a great workout. He's a monster of a dude and we brought him in. He had a great visit, great visit with the staff, treated everybody in the building with a lot of respect and he just has a really nice upside and he did what he's supposed to do. He dominated at a level he's supposed to dominate in at Findlay and, yeah, length, size, he's a former basketball player that's re-worked his body and he's still on the come so it's a really fun shot at an amazing upside."

Go behind the scenes of the Seahawks draft room on Day 3 of the 2024 NFL Draft.

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