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Wednesday Roundup: Seahawks Legends Share What They've Been Up To Since Football

Seahawks Legends Doug Baldwin, K.J. Wright, Jermaine Kearse and Sidney Rice share with fans what they’ve been up to and what life after football looks like. 


Good afternoon, 12s. Here's a look at what's out there today —Wednesday, January 3 — about your Seattle Seahawks. 

Seahawks Legends share an insight into the projects that keep them busy nowadays.  

K.J. Wright hosts a podcast called KJ All Day where he breaks down football for fans to understand.  

"I love explaining to the fans, what happened here, why did this happen, what should they do next," Wright said. "For me to take my brain and give it to you guys, you know I thoroughly enjoy it." 

Wright can also occasionally be heard on the radio; he just called his first NFL game on Sports USA during the Seahawks game against the Steelers.

Sidney Rice, a wine connoisseur, has a restaurant called the Lakehouse in Bellevue. Rice says he enjoys the hospitality that comes with having a restaurant.  

"I love to meet people, engage with people and obviously share amazing wine." Rice said.  

Although football was once an integral part of their lives, they have found passions outside of football too.  

And Jermaine Kearse found another passion in sport – golf. Kearse has a golf facility called Evergreen Golf Club, an indoor golf area. 

"Once I retired, I kind of wanted to figure out what I wanted to do after football, and I was like 'Why not try to do something that I'm very passionate about?'." 

Doug Baldwin has enjoyed giving back to the community in many ways and one of those ways is through his Family First Community Center. 

The center hosts a health clinic, gym, dance studio as well as many other rooms.  

"The most important part of this whole place, is the culture we're building. Championship winning culture, I know all about that." Baldwin said.

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