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Wednesday Round-Up: K.J. Wright Believes The Defense Is Improving At The Right Time

K.J. Wright talked with 710 ESPN Seattle’s “Wyman and Bob” about the Seahawks’ defensive improvement, how it has changed and more.


Good morning, 12s. Here's a look at what's happening today – Wednesday, Nov. 25 – for your Seattle Seahawks.

K.J. Wright Joins 710 ESPN Seattle's "Wyman and Bob"

Seahawks linebacker K.J. Wright is enjoying another strong season in Seattle. Wright, a 10-year veteran, has played his entire career with the Seahawks since being drafted 99th overall out of Mississippi State in 2011. He's been a steadying force since his rookie season, missing just 16 of a possible 154 games and totaling at least 75 tackles in seven different seasons.

This season, Wright continues to help anchor Seattle's improving defense. He's second on the team in tackles and passes defended, while leading the unit with two fumble recoveries.

On Tuesday, Wright joined 710 ESPN Seattle's "Wyman and Bob" for its Seahawks Player Spotlight interview. In the interview, Wright discussed the meeting that changed the defense, how much the unit has changed recently and how his new teammates have adjusted to Seattle. He also talked about playing without fans in the stands, the surprise party his family threw him and the goals for the rest of his career.

You can listen to the full 12-minute interview here and read some of the highlights below.

On the defensive meeting prior to the Arizona game:

"Watching us in the past few games, it was all about guys being accountable for just doing your job, being on your assignment. We just had a meeting where we explained what our job was on certain defenses and Pete called on certain guys and said 'What have you got?' and you just had to explain what your job and what your role is. It was a meeting that I've never been a part of and it was just pretty special to hear guys talk that you don't (often hear from and hear) what their job is, what they've been coached to do, what they planned to do and execute on Thursday. It was a beautiful thing, man. When guys just know what they've got and guys just do that at a high level, you see the results and we saw that on Thursday."

On how much the defense has changed in the last few weeks:

"It's the same guys, the same crew as you saw in Buffalo, that was just horrible. It was horrible ball. Then we improved against the Rams, but (there were still things) we could have improved on, we still had a loss, but the Arizona game, we were just like, 'Man, enough is enough.' I don't know this and I want to do the research, but I don't think I've ever lost three games in a row since I've been here. … We knew that this game against the Cardinals was a must-win and it's going to have to fall on the defense. Defense has to do our job because offense has been phenomenal all year."

On how his new teammates are enjoying being in Seattle:

"I've talked to all those guys (Carlos Dunlap, Quandre Diggs, etc.) about their teams and it's like when they get here, you just see that glow on their face. They're relieved and just happy that this is just a beautiful organization, a beautiful city, just really good vibes on the team, no egos. So, I'm extremely thankful that I've spent 10 years here and it's just been amazing."

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