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Wednesday Round-Up: 'I'm Proud Of Myself' - D.J. Reed Reflects On His 2021 Season 

The Seahawks cornerback joined 710 ESPN’s ‘Wyman & Bob’ to discuss his two-interception game on Sunday and reflect on how the season has gone for him individually.


Good morning, 12s. Here's a look at what's out there today — Wednesday, January 5 — about your Seattle Seahawks. 

D.J. Reed Joins 710 ESPN's 'Wyman & Bob'

Since being activated to the Seahawks' active roster in Week 8 of the 2020 season, D.J. Reed has consistently been one of the bright spots of the defense and an anchor in the secondary. After recording two interceptions and 62 tackles in 10 games with the Seahawks last year, he's picked up where he left off in 2021, leading the team's cornerbacks in tackles (73), leading the team in passes defensed (10), and holding down the right cornerback position after briefly playing the left side earlier in the year. 

Reed had arguably his best game of the season this past Sunday against the Lions, grabbing the first two interceptions by a Seahawks cornerback this season and coming just one tackle shy of tying a season high with eight. The impressive performance earned Reed a grade of 92.2 from Pro Football Focus, making him one of 19 players to earn a grade of 90 or higher in Week 17. 

On Tuesday, Reed got the Player Spotlight with 710 ESPN's "Wyman & Bob" and talked about how it felt to grab two interceptions on Sunday, assessed how his own season has gone so far, and touched on how interceptions can be a misleading stat when evaluating a cornerback's impact. Click here to listen to the full podcast episode, and read a few highlights below: 

On if interceptions are the "ultimate prize" for cornerbacks:

"For sure. You work so hard during the week, so you want to reap the benefits of your work. For me, that's definitely one of the best feelings. Obviously getting the pick is dope — scoring is better, but I'm happy with the pick. I'll take that … Honestly, I think this might be my first time ever having two picks in a game. I know in college I had two picks against Patrick Mahomes actually, but one got called back. So I only ended up having one pick-six that game." 

On how his season has gone individually:

"For me, I'm proud of what I put on tape this year. I feel like through the whole year, most of the year, I've been really consistent. Just with my technique, not being targeted because teams don't want to throw my way. And when I am targeted I feel like I've made plays on the ball. I feel like I've been consistent in my zone coverages and also my man coverages. So I'm proud of myself for showing myself, most importantly, that I can put together a whole year of good tape." 

On the misleading nature of a cornerback's number of interceptions:

"The thing about interceptions is tricky, because a guy can have a lot of interceptions, and a guy can get scored on a lot. It's kind of like, okay, you have a gambling corner that has eight or nine picks, but he got scored on nine times. So it's kind of [up to] what you favor. Obviously fans see interceptions and they think, 'Oh, he's a good corner.' Vice versa, you can have a guy that has no picks and he's shutting down a whole side of the field. So it's pretty much [dependent on] what you want. Even coaches want turnovers, but if a guy is being consistent in not giving up a lot of yards, that's efficiency, too. So it's really what people prefer, but I feel like the special corners don't get targeted that much."

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