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Wednesday Round-Up: Green Beret and Seahawks Legend Nate Boyer Directs and Stars in 'MVP'

Seahawks Legend and Green Beret Nate Boyer directs and stars in “MVP” - a film dedicated to helping athletes and veterans dealing with the transitions of life.

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Nate Boyer, who spent time with the Seahawks as a long snapper in 2015, has built quite the resume off the field, from serving combat deployments as a Green Beret in Iraq and Afghanistan to starring in 2017's blockbuster film 'Den of Thieves.' Now, Boyer is directing and starring in his own film, “MVP” (Merging Vets & Players) to help veterans and athletes struggling with the rigors of mental health through transitions in life.

In 2015, Boyer and NFL Insider Jay Glazer founded MVP as a non-profit organization to help vets and former athletes reacclimate to the rigors of life. Now Boyer is working towards release day for the feature film, which he co-stars in alongside actor Mo McRae of FX's Sons of Anarchy fame. The duo bond over a common misunderstanding of post-life after sports and the service. The film will feature in theaters across 35 states starting today, with a full release on September 16. Boyer discussed the film and what he wants viewers to get from it with the New York Daily News.

"I just want people to relate a little bit with someone they may feel they have nothing in common with," Boyer said. "That can be a viewer thinking about what they're seeing on screen, a combat vet, a former professional athlete. Do I understand these people? Do I have some misconceptions about who they are?

"Outside of the movie, in the world, can you sit across from somebody, have a conversation, be respectful, and then maybe grow together and help one another, even if you have very little in common or believe very different things? I think it's possible."

From fighting for his country, to acting to sports - Boyer isn't afraid to embark on a new journey. Catch "MVP" at a theater near you and learn more about Boyer's journey.

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