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Wednesday Round-Up: Cory Booker Joins Pete Carroll and Steve Kerr On The Final Episode Of The Flying Coach Podcast

Carroll and Kerr welcomed Senator Booker and talked the upcoming NFL and NBA seasons in the final episode of the "Flying Coach" Podcast.


Good afternoon, 12s.

Here's a look at what's 'out there' for today – Wednesday, July 15 – about your Seattle Seahawks:

Flying Coach Finale

In an offseason like no other, Pete Carroll has teamed up with Steve Kerr to deliver a podcast from the uplifting perspective of two championship head coaches. On Monday, the duo welcomed New Jersey Senator Cory Booker for their tenth and final episode in what Kerr described as "the perfect way" to cap off the "Flying Coach" series.

The conversation kicked off by recapping each other's background in sports. Booker, who played football at Stanford, enjoyed sharing his experience in sports and the impact its had on his life and career.

"There's always been something about sports to me for the men and women who play it that seems to deepen levels of empathy and understanding and connection," Booker said. "It has the potential of creating a common cause of fair treatment and justice."

Continuing to be an educational series, the rest of the "Flying Coach" conversation centered around topics like criminal justice reform, expanding economic opportunity, environmental reform, and more. Covering his experience as a Black man in politics, Booker emphasized the need to know our history as a country and how we as individuals can create a better nation today.

"Right now, we've become too comfortable with injustice, we've become too adjusted to injustice in our country," Booker said. "The most urgent thing we have right now is this poverty of empathy where we don't even know the conditions of our brothers and our sisters. Because I know we have deep reservoirs of love in this country that if we just knew, if we paid attention, if we listened, if we heard, then we might be willing to act in accordance with that highest ideal of love."

Reflecting on the series, Carroll and Kerr expressed their gratitude in the journey of bringing "Flying Coach" together.

"When we first started this back in early April, the main thing we wanted to do was raise money for COVID relief. So we put this podcast together and Spotify made $100,000 donations to the Seahawks foundation and the Warriors foundation," Kerr said. "We'd also talk about our sports and give people a little different perspective on coaching and coaching from two different sports and getting different perspectives on things."

Carroll and Kerr started bringing on guests from sports and beyond. Los Angeles Dodgers head coach Dave Roberts joined to discuss analytics and the advantage of multi-sport athletes while actor Bill Murray joined and compared sports to moviemaking.

After the murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis, the focus of the podcast shifted as Carroll and Kerr welcomed several guests to discuss the need for change. The illuminating conversations that followed included Spurs head coach Gregg Popovich on America in 2020, Clippers head coach Doc Rivers who shared his experienced growing up the son of a police officer in a Chicago suburb, and then Senator Booker on the finale.

"I hope people were opened up to some of what we need to learn about what's going on in the cultures around us," Carroll said. "So we can be more caring and loving and fight for the right things for all people."

From discussions with fellow coaches, to actors, to authors, Carroll and Kerr left a mark by initiating a whole collection of enlightening conversations this offseason. If you haven't yet, make sure to check out "Flying Coach" available on Apple Podcasts and Spotify.

"This has been such a blast and I'm really grateful for the opportunity that we were given to do the work that we wanted to do here," Carroll said.

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