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Wednesday in Hawkville: Seahawks get back to basics, and football

After talking about football – among so many other things – for a day and a half, the Seahawks got back to football when they held their “Competition Wednesday” practice.

PHOENIX – A recap of the Seahawks' Super Bowl week activities for Jan. 28, when the players held another media session and then had their "Competition Wednesday" practice as they continued to prepare for Sunday's game against the New England Patriots:


After Media Day, and all that entails, on Tuesday and another session with the media on Wednesday morning at the resort the Seahawks are calling home this week, the players and coaches finally returned to their comfort zone on Wednesday afternoon.

And that would be football.

Back to the business of football as the Seahawks take the practice field at Arizona State for their first practice of Super Bowl week.

"This is finally the day that we get into the week routine, practice-wise," coach Pete Carroll said. "So there's still a lot that goes on just getting to the practice field, but once we're there we're in pretty good shape and it should feel very comfortable for the team."

The Seahawks' practices on Wednesday and Thursday are later than those they held at Virginia Mason Athletic Center last week and all season, but it works out because the kickoff for Sunday's game is later – 4:30 p.m. local and 3:30 in Seattle.

"The schedule based on the media commitment and all that kind of puts us into this time slot," Carroll said, referring to another interview session at the team resort on Thursday and then his joint press conference with Patriots coach Bill Belichick on Friday morning at the Convention Center.

"We'll be on the practice field and really starting practice at game time. So we have a little bit of benefit to these two days that we're going try to feel comfortable with that time slot and getting up in the morning and all that. So we'll make the most of that."

And just like last year at the Super Bowl, the old is new again when it comes to the questions being asked. So Carroll was asked to explain the genesis of "Competition Wednesday."

"This day is the first day of the week for us on the field, and the central theme in the program is competition," he said. "So we, in essence, focus on competing on this day. Not necessarily about the opponent. It has nothing to do with that. There are game-plan issues, of course, that we cover.

"This is really the get-it-going, to leave what happened before – the game that happened before, the events that happened before – to put us on course with the normal week. So we compete and there will be a lot of work ones-on-ones today as we work offense against defense right off the bat in practice to get the tempo and speed and feel that we want. It's really about making this a great practice day and that means we will compete. We keep score, and somebody's going to win and somebody's going to lose today."   



Tom Brady and Russell Wilson are the quarterbacks in Sunday's Super Bowl XLIX not only because they won in the AFC and NFC Championship games. They just win, period. Brady and Wilson have the best winning percentage in the league among current quarterbacks in regular-season games:

Player, team Record Pct.
Tom Brady, Patriots  160-47 .773
Russell Wilson, Seahawks 36-12 .740
Peyton Manning, Broncos 179-77 .699
Andrew Luck, Colts   33-15 .688
Aaron Rodgers, Packers  70-33 .680

The first official report of the week, as issued by the team:

Full participation
OT Justin Britt (knee)
RB Marshawn Lynch (back)
CB Richard Sherman (elbow)
OG J.R. Sweezy (ankle)
FS Earl Thomas (shoulder)

For the Patriots:

Limited in practice
LB Dont'a Hightower (shoulder)
DT Chris Jones (elbow)
DL Sealver Siliga (foot)
C Bryan Stork (knee)

Full participation
QB Tom Brady (ankle)   


The most notable element of the Seahawks' 90-minute practice on the campus of Arizona State University was that the three players who entered the week with injury concerns – Thomas, Sherman and Sweezy – all worked.

"We're really fortunate to be this healthy," Carroll told pool reporter Peter King of after the session. "If we can make it through practice tomorrow we'll be in great shape."

Carroll also was pleased with the way the players practiced.

"Terrific work," he said. "Terrific day. The energy was there, and guys got good work in. This was an unusual days for guys, with the media stuff in the middle of the day. We had meetings in the morning, then the media, then more meeting to prepare for practice, and then came out here. But the guys worked hard."


Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson also has told and retold the story about how he finds a spot in the stadium to look at when things get hectic in a game. He told it again on Wednesday.

"I told (wide receiver) Jermaine Kearse about finding my spot in the stadium that kind of brings me back down to zero," Wilson said. "I told him that last year and we've also talked about it a lot this year. I always have the same spot at CenturyLink (Field). I'm not going to tell anybody where it is. But it's a good one, and it just works for me.

"It lets me relax, let's me focus on the moment more than anything else."

And what about his spot at University of Phoenix Stadium? Wilson made his first regular-season start as a rookie against the Cardinals in the stadium that is hosting Super Bowl XLIX. He lost that game, 20-16. But he also has rebounded nicely in winning here the past two seasons – 34-22 in a Thursday night game in 2013, when he was 18 of 33 for 235 yards and three touchdowns; and 35-6 in a Sunday night game last month, when he was 20 of 31 for 339 yards and two TDs and also ran for 88 yards and a third score.

"I'm very familiar with this stadium, so I'll make sure I find a good one," Wilson said. "Maybe I'll pick the same one I picked last time we were here."



"That dude has laser focus. I used to ask people, 'Is he OK?' Because he used to just be just zoned out. He's a very serious person, and if you don't know him, you won't know how to take him."

Linebacker O'Brien Schofield on All-Pro free safety Earl Thomas

Yes, the Patriots' owner. And Kraft responded to the comments by Seahawks' All-Pro cornerback Richard Sherman that the close relationship between Kraft and NFL commissioner Roger Goodell probably would preclude the Patriots for being disciplined over Deflategate.

"Well, I think Richard Sherman is a very smart marketing whiz," Kraft said. "We've been privileged to own the team for 21 years, and this was our 10th championship game. And when the league stopped doing the (title-game) parties, we started doing them. I've had a party at home for our lead sponsors to thank them. It's a way to try to grow revenues for the NFL and for our team.

"So I think Mr. Sherman understood that he's the biggest beneficiary, because (the players) get over 50 percent of the revenues."


And it comes from Paola Boivin, a columnist for the Arizona Republic. This is how she opened her recap of the events at US Airways Center on Tuesday:

"A reporter is spewing venom about Marshawn Lynch disrespecting journalism just as a half-naked reporter wearing a barrel walks by."


The players might be 1,400 miles from home and preparing for the biggest game of the year – the ultimate championship opportunity, if you will – but some things never change. It will be Thursday, so the team will hold its "Turnover Thursday" practice.

But that won't happen until the players and coaches have their final media session of the week.

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