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Tuesday Round-Up: Seahawks WR DK Metcalf Breaks Down His 10 Essential Items For GQ Sports

Seahawks receiver DK Metcalf goes over his essential items with GQ, covering everything from video games to candy to his “infamous murse” to his inhaler to his beloved dog, Layla.

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Good afternoon, 12s. Here's a look at what's out there today – Tuesday, August 2 – about your Seattle Seahawks.

DK Metcalf Breaks Down His 10 Essential Items For GQ

The Seattle Seahawks extended wideout DK Metcalf on a multi-year deal this week. After scoring 29 touchdowns in his first three seasons, it's clear that Metcalf is a football star. This week Metcalf sat down with GQ Sports to discuss the #10GQEssentials he can't live without.

"There's no way I could imagine playing without him," Carroll said of Metcalf. The Seahawks All-Pro wideout is respected by the team, his peers and the league alike, and continues to grow as an entity and as an individual.

The 24-year-old Metcalf is set to make his movie debut in August as he prepares for the 2022 season. Off the field, Metcalf is a budding star, just as he is on the field. Metcalf has been a frequent collaborator with GQ, detailing his extensive diet that contributes to his chiseled frame back in 2019.

Even with a healthy diet and a strict regimen in the gym, one essential for Metcalf - candy.

"Candy in general," he said. "Gummies, preferably. I'm not a real big chocolate fan, but gummies are preferably my go-to snack. I eat a lot of candy. Yeah, Skittles gummies, they got a couple different flavors but the original where it's at. Jolly Ranchers, same with them. They got a sour kind, not a big sour person. I just stick with the original flavors. Nah, but I need to change my diet though. I've slowed down, because I have started to feel a push back from trainers and nutritionists, but instead of four bags, probably down to three."

Look good, feel good, smell good. Another DK essential is hygiene, and that means shopping for soaps.

"My body wash," he said. "It does the job. It's all you need. It has a real nice smell. I'll be at Target just opening soaps, smelling them sometimes. This one caught my eye, well caught my nose."

Check out the full list of DK essentials here

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