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Tuesday Round-Up: Seahawks Legend Doug Baldwin Inducted Into Asian Hall of Fame

Seahawks Legend Doug Baldwin joins the Adam Schefter Podcast to discuss the 10-year Anniversary of Super Bowl XLVIII and going into the Asian Hall of Fame.


Good afternoon, 12s. Here's a look at what's out there today — Tuesday, October 17,— about your Seattle Seahawks.

Doug Baldwin joins NFL Insider Adam Schefter to discuss life's latest accomplishments and hurdles.

In 2018, Seahawks Legend Doug Baldwin hung up his cleats, after an eight-year career in Seattle. This week, Baldwin joined NFL insider Adam Schefter on his self-titled podcast, to discuss the 10-year anniversary of Seattle's 2013 championship team, playing for Pete Carroll and his induction into the 2023 Asian Hall of Fame class.

It's been 10 years since Baldwin helped the 2013 Seahawks secure the first championship in franchise history. The Stanford alum took home the Paul G. Allen Humanitarian Award in February, for his consistent work in improving life for people of color. The Gulf Breeze, Florida native opened his Family First Community Center in Renton over the summer, joining forces with the City of Renton to provide resources for the youth and families in the area.

Throughout his career and after, Baldwin has used his platform to fight against injustice, while putting action behind his words. From serving on the Washington State Clemency and Pardons Boardto joining former teammate Michael Bennett on CNN's Town Hall discussion to discuss inequality for Black Americans, Baldwin is consistent in his commitment. Baldwin is now being recognized by the Asian Hall of Fame for his football career and work off-the-field. Baldwin discussed the honor of being named to his first Hall of Fame with Schefter.

"It's a representation of my grandma," said Baldwin. "Her Filipino heritage. Her culture. Her courage and determination as an immigrant coming over to this country. I think about her, and the legacy she's left on my family and on me personally. But, the Asian Hall of Fame in general, is a platform for recognition of all the important work and contributions that the Asian community has provided, not only to this country, but this world. And also, it's a representation of representation, of diversity and inclusion, it's a number of things. But, very honored to be inducted into this hall of fame."

In the five years since Baldwin retired from the game, he's stayed busy with plenty of community work. In addition to Family First, Baldwin is part of the trio of Seahawks Legends (Cliff Avril, Michael Bennett) behind the Champions of Change Foundation - a nonprofit committed to shining light and creating funding for organizations making a difference in the community. Baldwin discussed the difficulty of stepping away from the game and how he gives back to the current Seahawks wideouts.

"Probably the first year and a half," said Baldwin. "I had to disconnect from it. The conditioning, every year in the fall even when I wasn't there, my body would react. My wife would tell you, I was more aggressive, more combative. Just had more energy. I needed to find an outlet to direct that energy. Eventually, I got to the point where I was able to recognize that. So I'm able to address it, and then slowly but surely I'm starting to come back around to it. It's still really hard for me to watch football because I miss it. The competitiveness about it. My mind still thinks I can go out there and do it—my body is very determined to not do it anymore, despite what I try to tell it. Slowly coming around, I've stayed in touch with the guys. I'm really close with a lot of the receivers on the team. When I do go to the facility, I try to be effective and efficient with my time. Those guys are moving and shaking, and I have a family I've got to take care of. I do stay in touch with them, I was actually texting with DK this morning. Going back and forth on his goals this year for him. Obviously, it's important for him to be a great football player, right now that's his career and what he's got to focus on. But also, I want more for him as a human being once he leaves the game. I just told him, 'At one point, you're going to be the old head in the locker room. And the lessons you're learning now are going to be invaluable for a young man that comes into that locker room at some point.' Just trying to impart the wisdom that was shared with me. Sidney Rice, Tarvaris Jackson, those guys gave me some great wisdom when I was a young man. So I'm trying to pass that on to these young guys too."

Baldwin also had praise for former teammate and current Seahawks wideout Tyler Lockett.

"Tyler is an anomaly," said Baldwin. "He's Tyler Lockett. He's his own man. As young as he comes off, in conversations that you have with him and see him in interviews on TV, he's a very wise man at his young age. He'll tell you the same thing. It's because of the family that he's had around him. Very tremendous, thoughtful upbringing. He doesn't need much guidance. Every once in a while, he's still a young man trying to figure it out. For the most part, he's got most of it figured out."

Coach Pete Carroll also received praise from his former wideout, for his commitment to understanding his players.

"He genuinely loves football," said Baldwin. If you told him right now that he could strap up and play, he would do it. Knowing that he would get his body torn up, he would do it. That's just who he is, he's exactly where he's supposed to be. And the fortunate thing for me is that I had a great relationship with him when I was there. Still do, we still text every once in a while, and have great conversations. I think the height of our relationship was really getting to the point where I was telling him, 'A lot of these guys come from situations where there's not a positive role model in their lives, and you're their coach, they're going to look to you for a number of things, and I hope you don't take it for granted.' When I said that to him, obviously he already knew that, but I think for a player to say that to him in the midst of our relationship, it meant a lot to him. And to see that it meant a lot to him, it meant a lot to me. So, I give a lot of love and a lot of credit to Pete Carroll, he's a special human being. That's for sure."

Baldwin joins 19 Asian impact-makers, as well as video-game giant Nintendo as part of the 2023 Hall of Fame class.

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Seahawks Legend Doug Baldwin is inducted into the 2023 Asian Hall of Fame Class

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