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Tuesday Round-Up: Seahawks Encourage You To Make Your Voice Heard On National Voter Registration Day

Tuesday marks National Voter Registration Day in the United States and the Seahawks are united in their push to encourage everyone to use their voice this November.


Good morning, 12s. Here's a look at what's happening today – Tuesday, Sept. 22 – for your Seattle Seahawks.

Seahawks Encourage You to Make Your Voice Heard

There are just 42 days until the presidential election on Nov. 3 and, in preparation, the Seahawks launched a page with information for voters. Tuesday is the first of three checklist dates listed on that page, as Sept. 22 is National Voter Registration Day. The day is recognized on the fourth Tuesday of every September as registration deadlines near.

You can find all the key information about voting in the election on the Seahawks' voting information page. Information includes excerpts about what candidates will appear on your ballot, what each candidate stands for and more. Election dates, ballot drop off locations and how to contact elected officials can also be found on the page.

In addition to all the valuable information on the page, key Seahawks players and coaches have spoken out about the importance of registering to vote and making your voice heard.

Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll:

"Why not take this time and make a commitment to vote, and march together to get everybody in this country to vote so that everybody has the voice? And everybody that needs to speak out gets heard, and we don't let anybody squelch any aspect of the voting potential, not one freakin' vote. And we need to start now. We need to start voting. Start the process and register. All of our players are officially registered. That's a start, a commitment to vote. Can we get that done? We can. We can do that."

Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson:

"The number one thing we can all do is vote. To encourage people to vote—Ciara and I hopped on with this awesome campaign, I Am a Voter. It's been really cool to see people get registered and start to vote. This year, this election – and it's not just the presidential one, there's so much more to it – voting really does make a difference to make change in the system."

Seahawks safety Quandre Diggs:

"For me to help invoke change, I think it's my duty to go out there and vote. I'm not telling people who to vote for – you vote for who you have to vote for – but for me, I think it's important in these times with everything going on to know that your vote is important. People back in the day fought for our rights to be able to vote, and it's important for me to take advantage of those rights."

Here are the key dates leading up to this November's election:

  • Sept. 22: National Voter Registration Day
  • Oct. 14: Washington ballots mailed
  • Nov. 3: Election Day

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