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Tuesday Round-Up: Seahawks Coach Pete Carroll In Favor of NFL's Roster Rules 

The NFL and NFLPA finalized roster rules for 2022, and based off previous comments, Seahawks coach Pete Carroll should like the changes. 


Good Afternoon, 12s. Here's a look at what's out there today —Tuesday, May 31 — about your Seattle Seahawks.

The NFL and NFLPA finalized new roster rules last week, including increasing practice squad rosters & allowing players on injured reserve to now return after four weeks. The practice squad limit increases from 12 to 16, giving teams an opportunity to evaluate and elevate more players.

Seahawks Head Coach Pete Carroll emphasized his excitement in 2020 when asked about the possible increase.

"I think this is great," Carroll said. "It's great for a lot of reasons. When you're practicing—if you can imagine being on a football team and you're on a practice squad you know you can't play, as opposed to now you're practicing and you've got a chance that you could be playing in this game, and all 16 guys have a shot. It's just better. It's just a better way. I don't know what will happen in the future, but the flexibility, the opportunity to use those variables to coach, it's a cool part of it. It does call for John (Schneider) and I and the personnel people and the football staff to really work together on this, but I think it's a great idea. It's a great new way, I hope we can find a way to keep something similar to this. Plus you get 16 guys instead of 10 guys, you've got more guys playing football that love the game… That's a lot of players who get to play the game that wouldn't get to play otherwise."

Read the full list of rules and more details here.

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