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Tuesday Round-Up: Pete Carroll Praises "Extraordinary Spirit" Of Paul Allen

Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll joined 710 ESPN Seattle Tuesday to share thoughts on the passing of owner Paul Allen.

Good morning, 12s.

Here's a look at what's 'out there' for today - Tuesday, October 16 - about your Seattle Seahawks:

Pete Carroll: Paul Allen Possessed An "Extraordinary Spirit To Do Great Things"

Vulcan Inc. released a pair of statements on behalf of the Allen Family, Vulcan Inc. and the Paul G. Allen network announcing the death of Seahawks owner Paul G. Allen, who passed on Monday from complications of non-Hodgkin's lymphoma in Seattle. On Tuesday morning, Pete Carroll joined 710 ESPN Seattle to share thoughts on the tragic news. The full interview with Brock Huard and Mike Salk is embedded for you above and a few highlights from the Seattle head coach are laid out below.

(On Carroll's relationship with Paul Allen…) "We had a really good relationship. John (Schneider) and I and Paul had a way that we communicated and functioned that was extremely facilitative of what we were after. He's a competitor and he wanted to do great things and he always was challenging us to try to figure out where could we go or what could we do to do things better. With always the support, you always felt him. That's why I got here. I would never have left USC in a million years but it was because of his spirit and what he wanted to create and how he wanted to go about it that made it so obvious. Then he only impressed me more as we went through the years doing this. He had such great resolve for what he wanted and how he wanted to do great things and he wanted to give so much back to everybody around here. We needed to come through for everyone. All of these amazing choices that I'm sure you guys are chronicling that he stood for and all of the accomplishments, the challenges, the discoveries, the science, everything that he went after just showed his spirit. His extraordinary spirit to do great things. He realized his situation, he realized where he was in this place and time and he went for it. He always demonstrated that to us and always gave us that feeling and we were always trying to do everything we could to be better than anybody's ever done it."

(On what Carroll learned from Paul Allen…) "I think the benevolence that he was willing to chase to do great things anywhere, anywhere he needed to go whether he was going to Africa, the bottom of the oceans, or space — I mean, where else can you go? On the planet, off the planet, under the planet — and not just that but also the science spirit that he had about working with the brain and the institute that he developed and all of the thoughts. He just wanted to do extraordinary things. I couldn't love being around somebody more than that. It was easy to champion whatever he was after."

(On Paul Allen's approach to NFL ownership…) "He was a hands-off in a sense in the classic way you would think of owners that are involved, but he was tuned in. He loved to know what was going on. He loved the information. He was a problem solver. He said it one time to John (Schneider) and I, 'I'm a solutions guy, I need problems to solve.' So he would look for ways, he would look to try to find the things that maybe we hadn't seen yet and so he would challenge us with it. But it was always supportive. John did an extraordinary job running this whole thing really with the guidance and support of Paul, but really not the day-to-day guidance at all. He was not here in the building, he was very shy, and wasn't really comfortable being around the team so much. He just liked to win. He wanted to win, and win big. And if you weren't (winning), then how could you get there? But he was a wonderful owner to work with because of the way he allowed us to do our job. That's why I came here and he never backed off that. He never, ever influenced another thought other than he was in full support of what we were doing."

Social Post of the Day

Today's 'Social Post of the Day' comes from us - @Seahawks, as we honor Allen with the 12 Flag at half-staff and arch lights lit at CenturyLink Field on Monday night. Elsewhere, the outpouring of support on social media for Allen and his family has been enormous, and we are tracking it all right here.

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