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Tuesday Round-Up: Kam Chancellor On Life After Football

Now four years removed from playing in the NFL, the Seahawks Legend spoke with Kate Neidigh of Seattle Refined about his life away from the football field.


Good morning, 12s. Here's a look at what's out there today — Tuesday, February 1 — about your Seattle Seahawks.

Kam Chancellor On Life After Football

There have been countless people who contributed to the Seahawks' run of success over the past decade, but few of them had as noticeable an on-field impact as Kam Chancellor did.

The strong safety's impassioned, hard-hitting play helped him win over the 12s and earn four Pro Bowl nods and two Second-Team All-Pro selections over eight seasons, as the Seahawks became one of the most feared teams in the league behind the Legion of Boom.

But since retiring, Chancellor's interests have gone beyond the football field — he's become an avid golfer, he's dabbled in fashion, and, most importantly, he's had time to be a dad 24/7. Recently, Chancellor spoke with Kate Neidigh of Seattle Refined about some of his off the field ventures and how he's keeping busy away from football. You can read some of the highlights below, or read the full piece and watch the interview here.

Seattle Refined: We just want to check in, it's been a crazy couple of years. How are you?

"I'm doing really well. I have a great family with my wife and son. And a lot of friends around me that keep me busy and keep my mind going. Work has been good, and I've picked up golfing. Everywhere I travel, I play on different courses and play with different people. During these past two years, I've met a lot of authentic people and just really learned a lot."

Is the golfing fulfilling your athletic need while you're not playing football?

"I don't even have the itch for the athletic need. I feel like what was, was. Now I'm focused on what's to come. What I do have a need for is my mind to be processing something. I'm always trying to critique myself and golf helps with that and the business I'm doing off the course keeps my mind going as well."

You just worked on a project with designer Marc Nolan, can you tell us about the "Yesler" sneaker?

"We wanted to come out with a more relaxed and casual shoe that you can travel in and wear sweats in, more than just wearing jeans. We wanted to tie the shoe to Seattle and Yesler is a popular street out here and I wanted to tie it back to my second home. I've been here for 12 years, and I look at this as home." (Shop the Yesler here.)

Pete Carroll is known for wearing 'dad shoes' – do you think he could up his game?

"I think he can up his game a little bit and throw some Yeslers on. But some people wear certain shoes because of their feet sometimes and maybe the Pete Carroll's are perfect for his foot. So, if the shoe fits, hey!"

What's it like being a dad during COVID?

"I feel like it hasn't changed a lot for myself. Being a dad is 24/7. I'm always playing with my son and teaching him something. I love to go into his room and pick him up in the morning, change his diaper. Make his breakfast. It's been a joy, actually. I love spending as much time as I can with him. I didn't have my father in my life, and I want to give him what I didn't have."

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