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Tuesday Round-Up: Geno Smith & Will Dissly Highlight Organizations They're Supporting In My Cause My Cleats Game

As the Seahawks prepare to face the Dallas Cowboys in Week 13, a pair of Seattle offensive leaders break down their customized cleats for the NFL’s My Cause My Cleats initiative.


Good morning, 12s. Here's a look at what's out there today — Tuesday, November 28 — about your Seattle Seahawks.

Quarterback Geno Smith and tight end Will Dissly break down the inspiration behind their My Cause My Cleats Week 13 footwear.

Players league-wide will support different causes of their choice during Week 13 and 14, as part of the NFL’s annual My Cause My Cleats initiative. Seahawks quarterback Geno Smith and tight end Will Dissly provided an early look at their footwear for Thursday's matchup against the Dallas Cowboys, and discussed why supporting the foundations of their choice is so important.

The emphasis put on community work by the Seahawks' organization is part of a year-round effort to provide resources to the Pacific Northwest and beyond. Smith and Dissly are just a pair of Seahawks players' who possess a burning desire to provide for those in need. Last week, Smith continued a recently-developed tradition of passing out turkeys for local families, as part of his second-annual 7Sunday Heroes Foundation Thanksgiving giveaway. The 11-year veteran kicked off the drive last season, picking up where he left off after hosting the drive for a decade in his native Florida.

When he's not throwing touchdowns, Smith is often giving back to the youth, who serve as the inspiration for his Week 13 cleats. On Monday, Smith revealed his limited-edition Adidas cleats dedicated to his 7Sunday Heroes Foundation, dedicated to raising resources for underprivileged youth.

"My Cause My Cleats," said Smith. "This is for the 7Sunday Heroes (Foundation), which is something I've been doing since my rookie year. It's for underprivileged kids, mainly we focus on youth in the community. We host kids to every single home game that we have and just try to develop a relationship with the community, continue to build, and try to help as much as I can. Seattle has been good to me, so I just want to return the favor, and this is part of that cause right here."

In July, Smith hosted a football camp for kids in the Seattle area at Nathan Hale High, with a turnout of more than 500 youth.

"We had a football camp back at Nathan Hale High School," said Smith. "It was a great turn out. I think we had 500 kids. It was great to be in the community, see all the smiling faces, a lot of great fans. The kids had a great time, I had a great time, so it was a great event."

Smith reflected on the family structure and love that he grew up around which instilled the desire to give back within.

"It just started back at home with my family," said Smith. "Mother, grandmothers, my grandmother has been a pastor my entire life. She has dedicated her entire life to the community, so has my mother and pretty much anyone else in my family. My mom, she's always on me about that, about giving back. I feel like it's the least we can do as athletes, as people in this position. All the fans spend their hard-earned money to see us play, and they come out and support us every chance they get. This is a chance for us to be supportive of them as well."

Sixth-year Seahawks tight end Will Dissly will be sporting special cleats this week to, as he put it, "help the puppers."  Designed by Dissly's former teammate and University of Washington alum Sean Vergara, the cleats support Seattle Humane’s Pet Food Drive, as they look to find more families to adopt a furry doggy friend.

"I decided to support the Seattle Humane Society," said Dissly. "Fun fact about that, I was like, 'I just got to help the puppers out and the cats.' But apparently, they do some dog food bank-type services. That was fun, I didn't know that was going on. Super sweet. Sean Vergara did them, former teammate, former Dawg. It's a good week to be a Dawg I guess. I got a dog this year, and I was just trying to figure out a way to help the other puppers around. Seattle Humane Society, big organization, and they do a lot of good work for the animals that can't help themselves. As humans we're supposed to help them out and it's fun. I appreciate animals, they bring me a lot of joy and bring others a lot of joy. It makes me sad if they're not properly kept up. Adopt a pet or donate to the (animal dog food bank)."

Smith and Dissly will be just two of the many Seahawks to speak out for what's right via their footwear in Week 13's matchup against the Dallas Cowboys. While My Cause My Cleats will see a major push from athletes league-wide over the next two weeks, the effects on those impacted by these charitable acts are long-lasting.

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