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Tuesday Round-Up: Geno Smith Discusses Expectations With NBC Sports' Peter King

NFL on NBC analyst Peter King visits Seahawks training camp for a one-on-one with quarterback Geno Smith to discuss the year ahead. 


Good afternoon, 12s. Here's a look at what's out there today — Tuesday, August 22 — about your Seattle Seahawks

Geno Smith Sits Down With NBC Sports' Peter King

In 2022, Seahawks quarterback Geno Smith secured the AP Comeback Player of the Year trophy after leading the Seahawks to a playoff appearance. Ahead of Smith's second year in command for Seattle, NFL on NBC writer Peter King stopped by the Virginia Mason Athletic Center for a chat with the Seahawks quarterback heading into Year 2 as a starter.

King training camp tour travels across the country, as the longtime sportswriter and radio personality gets in-depth with the league's biggest stars on their outlook moving forward. King and the NBC Sports camera team stopped by the Virginia Mason Athletic Center to get some words from Smith on his journey and on getting a second chance as a starter. King gets Smith to open up on his struggles with being a journeyman before Seattle and when he realized everything was clicking.

"I would say back in 2016 when I was with the Giants," said Smith. "Then I would say, the year prior (2021), when I got to start those three games here in Seattle. We went 1-2, but I had thrown five touchdowns, one interception on a tipped pass. I just felt like the game had really slowed down for me. I felt like I had ownership of the offense, I knew exactly what Shane (Waldron) wanted to do, and how Pete (Carroll) wanted to do things. I kind of felt like I was able to control the game more, back when I was on the Giants I started to feel that. When I played that three-game stretch, I felt like I could control the game. So, coming into last season, I just felt like from game one - if I play the way I intend to play and be myself, then I intend to do some good things."

In his first year as a starter since 2015, Smith led the league in completion percentage (69.8) and throwing for a career-high 4,282 yards, Smith finished No. 4 league-wide in passing touchdowns (30). The offseason has been all about maintaining the success that's come after six seasons as a backup. That includes changing his food diet, becoming a "full-pescatarian," cutting chicken and beef completely since the spring. Smith elaborated on feeling quicker and more energetic with his new-found diet and overall focus on self-improvement.

"For me," said Smith. "Getting my body back right, as I've grown, my body has gotten better. I got a six-pack again, feeling stronger in the weight room. I'm waking up with a lot more energy, a lot more juice and attacking every single day. I think self-improvement is where I'm at with my life. Constant self-improvement, every single day is an opportunity to get better. I'm in the right place for that, because Coach Carroll preaches that. That's his mantra - to compete everyday. So, the competition now is with myself. How much better can I get on a daily basis? How much stronger can I be? How consistent can I be in my footwork, reads and accuracy? Just leadership. Every single part of my game has got to improve. And that's something I'm really taking ownership of."

Smith's four-team journey as a backup before becoming one of the league's best feel-good stories of 2022 is an anomaly. King asks Smith what advice he'd give to young people observing his league story play out. 

"I think the important thing to do," said Smith. "Is to take ownership. Not make any excuses, not look for a copout. Instead, find ways to get better. Find reasons to get better. Find your Why - Why do you do this? That'll keep you in it, when maybe no one else believes. And then, owning every little mistake. If it's something that you did that caused it to happen, you've got to own up to it and get better from it. That's the only way to learn. I've been able to talk to a lot of young guys, a lot of guys on this team who were probably in the situation I was in. They feel like they are capable starters, but haven't got the opportunity. If you let that consume your mind, you'll miss out on the opportunity to work for it. So just train as if you already are, believe in yourself. The ultimate confidence comes from within." 

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