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Tuesday Round-Up: 'Extremely Talented' Geno Smith Ready To Help Seahawks Win Games, Jake Heaps Says

Heaps, a 710 ESPN Seattle analyst and Smith’s former teammate with the Jets, is confident that Smith can lead the Seahawks during Russell Wilson’s absence.


Good morning, 12s. Here's a look at what's happening today – Tuesday, Oct. 12 – for your Seattle Seahawks.

Jake Heaps: Geno Smith Is Ready For This Moment

The Seahawks and 12s are facing an unfamiliar situation after Russell Wilson's finger injury. He started 149 consecutive regular-season games to begin his career dating back to 2012, the sixth-longest streak in NFL history.

With Wilson on the mend, backup Geno Smith will get his moment in the spotlight. A 2013 second-round pick by the New York Jets, Smith is no stranger to starting under center in the NFL. He's made 31 starts in his nine-year career, including 29 in his first two seasons. Since leaving the Jets, Smith has spent time with the New York Giants, Los Angeles Chargers and then the Seahawks since 2019.

While the city of Seattle might not know a ton about Smith's play style, talent-level and personality, there is one media member in the area with first-hand knowledge: Jake Heaps. Heaps, now a 710 ESPN Seattle analyst, signed with the Jets as an undrafted free agent in 2015. He spent the entire offseason working alongside Smith before he was released. Heaps also knows the Seahawks after spending parts of separate seasons on the offseason roster and practice squad.

On Monday, Heaps spent time on his radio show "Jake and Stacy" explaining what he knows about Smith. You can listen to the full segment here and read some highlights below:

"I was with him my rookie year in New York and got to be up close and personal in how he was in meetings, how he threw the ball on the field. This guy is extremely talented.

"He has matured a great deal since that time in the process of going through what he did and the bumpy road with his time as the starter with the New York Jets to then becoming the backup and being behind Eli Manning, Phillip Rivers, Russell Wilson -- three ultimate pros and future Hall of Famers. I believe he does learn from that experience. The last time I got to hang out with Geno and talk about all that, he said he really took that opportunity to really soak up the information and all the learning he was able to do, hoping that one day he was going to be given that chance.

"All Geno Smith has to do is take care of the football and make good, smart decisions with the football. That is his job. The Seahawks are not asking Geno to go win them football games. He doesn't have that same pressure on his shoulders as Russell Wilson would have. So just go be you and be yourself and distribute the football and not force things in the middle of the field.

"Can he grow and truly learn from some of those mistakes early on? I believe he will, and that's why I think Geno Smith is going to do just fine over the next three weeks."

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