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Tuesday Round-Up: DK & Terrence Metcalf On Sirius XM

Seahawks receiver DK Metcalf and his dad, Terrence, did a joint interview Sirius XM over the weekend. 


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Here's a look at what's out there for today – Tuesday, June 23 – about your Seattle Seahawks.

Two Generations Of NFL Metcalfs On Sirius XM

What better way to celebrate Father's Day weekend than a conversation between a father and son who both played in the NFL.

Seahawks receiver DK Metcalf went on Sirius XM over the weekend with his father, Terrence, a former NFL offensive lineman who enjoyed a seven-year career with the Chicago Bears. The interview was conducted by another former NFL lineman, Brad Hopkins, whose son Brycen was drafted by the Rams earlier this year.

DK Metcalf talked about following his dad at Mississippi, where Terrence was an All-American, and said he never felt pressure following in his dad's footsteps: "I wouldn't say I had a lot of pressure to live up to his standard, but my daddy made it easy for me to just be me and be myself, because he didn't pressure me at all to play football or to go to Ole Miss or to be an All-American. He instilled in me early that I'm going to be the best version of me, and there's only one of me, so nobody can try to put me into a category with other people. That's something carry with me to this day day, that there's only one of me and I'm going to be the only one to do what I do."

DK, who says "my daddy taught me everything I know," was asked what kind of advice his dad gave him as a kid that still resonates: "Work hard and be different. That's what it boils down to, just work hard and be different. Hard work doesn't go unnoticed. It' s going to show up eventually. It may not be when you want it to, but when a big moment comes, it's going to show."

Being a former lineman, Hopkins asked DK if he can block even though he's a receiver and not a lineman like his father.

"I'm trying to manhandle somebody too," DK said. "I like keeping track of my pancakes."

And of course the topic of Greg Olsen came up since the veteran tight end played with Terrence in Chicago, and is now teammates with DK.

"That means Greg's old," DK said with a laugh. "Greg is old, that's all that means."

Terrence, meanwhile, is glad DK will have a veteran like Olsen to learn from.

"I'm excited that Greg is where he is and he can talk to DeKaylin," Terrence said. When you've got a really good vet who cares about the game and the team and the people in the locker room with him, he doesn't mind sharing that, and he doesn't feel as if somebody can overshadow me… I really like that a guy who saw me as a vet when he was a young kid and the way I carried myself in the locker room and the way we were connected in the locker room at the time, for him to be with DeKaylin, he can share those moments… It's a great opportunity for DeKaylin."

Social Post Of The Day

Today's social post comes from Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson, who shares of a video of him throwing to receiver DK Metcalf.

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