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Timeout With Seahawks Safety Jerrick Reed II

Stop the clock. We’re taking a timeout with Jerrick Reed II to help the 12s learn more about the Seahawks player who enjoys snowboarding and traveling. ‘Timeout with the Seahawks’ is presented by Delta.


What was it like growing up in Mississippi?

"Growing up in Mississippi was fun, you had to create your own fun. I spent a lot of time growing up riding bikes outside in the neighborhood with my friends. Doing ding-dong ditching, you know doing things that kids do because we don't have the big Top Golf's or big lakes that you can go swim in. So, we had to make our own fun. That made me and my

What was his motivation and encouragement during his football career?

"The reason I'm playing football is because of my brother Torrey Gill. He's a coach right now for the Las Vegas Raiders and previously coached receivers at Oregon State University. Football was his sport, I grew up wanting to play soccer, baseball, basketball, and football was the last sport that I got into. Because of him, he told me that if I wanted to make it far, which I did, it would be playing football. He's been the one who has been coaching me throughout the way, motivating me throughout the way, and is giving me that insider game to make me a better player."

Most memorable play in his college career?

"My first career start. I got there in 2019 in the spring. I played a little bit in my first two games but did not start. But, in that third game against New Mexico State University, our rival, I started my first game. On the second play on defense, I got a pick-six, the first touchdown. That pick-six helped us win later in that game, we won by five. That touchdown I scored, you could say that's the reason we won."

What was it like getting drafted and receiving the call?

"It was like what you waited your whole life for. You work so hard from Pop Warner, middle school, to high school, through college. Through all the hardships of injuries, to waking up at 5 a.m. for mat drills to just training year 'round and not going on vacations, not seeing your family. Just grinding. To just sit there through the whole draft and hoping to get drafted but you really don't know if your name is going to get called or not. When that phone finally rang and the area code 425 for Renton popped up, my heart dropped. I went to my mom, I started crying, she started crying, and the whole house was crying. Right after that, it turned into a big party after that. It was a dream come true; all my hard work didn't go to waste."

What is his gameday routine and is he superstitious?

"I won't say I'm a very superstitious person, but I do have things that I do before every game day. Like, the music I listen to. I always got to play Young Boy before I go out. The stretching I do, the routine of I got to eat a certain thing, got to drink some water. I got to go out there at this time and stretch for this long and do drills. I will say I am but not to the extreme like most people are."

What athletes did he look up to when growing up?

"As I said at first, I was a soccer player so it was always Lionel Messi, Christiano Ronaldo. When I played basketball, it was always Rajon Rondo and Kyrie Irving. I wanted to be a point guard. When it came to football, I always watched Budda Baker and Tyrann Mathieu. The smaller DBs that everybody respects, and they make a lot of plays. They play fast, they play physical, and they play smart. So, I just added all those players into my game, and it made me who I am today.

Does he have any hidden skills and what are his hobbies?

"I know a little bit of Spanish. My Duolingo streak is continuously rising. Me and Bobby Wagner will always be talking about that. When I got here, I didn't have enough time, so I lost my streak. It's back to 16. We are at 16, and it's going strong. But I'm learning Spanish. I used to be a pro gamer back when I was in middle school, and I still play Call of Duty. I like to travel. Travel and eat. I'm a big food person. So, I like to travel the world and see new things and eat great food."

What lessons has he learned in life and football?

"Control what you can control. Playing a sport, you get so used to people telling you what you can and can't do. What you can and can't post. What you can do in your everyday life is just don't take that to heart. Just control what you can control. Be you. Take it day by day; it's a marathon, not a sprint. When all else fails, just pray to God for everything that you're struggling with and give it to him. Let him handle it and then live your everyday life, with no worries. Live life for as long as you can."

Which teammate could he be stranded with, in the middle of nowhere?

"I got to bring my boy Spoon (Devon Witherspoon), we are going to always make a bad moment turn to a good moment. Because of our energy and jokes. Probably Boykins (Lance Boykins), just because he's like the middleman that keeps everything level in our little group. You got Spoon who's the loud one, you got me who's the smart one, and you got Boykins who's the middleman who can control both of us. Us three, we going to make it out the wilderness for sure."

How was his time in New Mexico?

"My favorite thing was probably snowboarding, doing the snowboard season. We would go to Durango and Purgatory Resort and really just get out of the city and go snowboarding in a cabin. I liked taking those cabin trips. I think if everyone snowboarded, it would be a better place. I don't think you need two boards and sticks to go down a slope. I think one board makes you cooler."

What is something most people don't know about him?

"That I am honestly a laid-back person. Once I come here, I am very energetic. I talk a lot and lift people up with energy, making everybody happy. Once I go home, man I am chilling. I watch a lot of Netflix, I read lots of books and I am just on the games 24/7. I am just a chill laid back guy."

Who is he bringing on a road trip?

"I got to bring Diggs because he's got all the money. So we are going to spend all his bread making sure that we are getting a nice rental car and going to the most lavish place. Taking my boy T.C., Langston Murray, and my boy Antonio Hunt. All these dudes are my college best friends. Other than Quandre, we need his money. But these are all my college friends, we are going to have a great trip, going to have a lot of memories. We always do very well together in a small capacity."

What he looks forward to most about playing at Lumen Field?

"Just experiencing the 12s. I've heard so many great things since I got drafted. The energy they bring at practice and so being in that stadium and hearing 'SEA-HAWKS!' When I'm actually in that jersey and playing on that field and making big plays. I'm just ready to experience that, and that's why I go so hard at practice so I can get to that environment. Be there with those fans and win games for them."

Take a look at photos of safety Jerrick Reed II during his three years at the University of New Mexico. Reed was selected by the Seahawks with the 198th overall pick in the 2023 NFL Draft.

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