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Timeout With Seahawks Defensive Tackle Myles Adams

Stop the clock. We’re taking a timeout with Myles Adams to help the 12s learn more about the Seahawks player who loves anime and wants to be a voice actor. ‘Timeout with the Seahawks’ is presented by Delta.


Being faster than his cousins catapulted him into the game.

"I was at a peewee football practice with younger cousins who were on the team. My dad wanted me to race them, and I beat them. The coach saw it and wanted me to play football. I started playing flag football a week after that at the age of nine."

A great two-way player from Mansfield Summit High School led him to stay in Texas and attend Rice.

"I won the District MVP as a d-lineman and center; I played both sides of the ball in high school. I had different offers to go and play center, but I didn't want to play o-line at the next level, so I went to Rice. My mom has a very good job in finance, and her job recruits from Rice. They were the only school that would honor my scholarship and commitment if I got hurt."

One of his favorite memories from Rice was an incredible play he made.

"When I got an interception, they called it back. I got a lot of love from the guys, and it was a very athletic play for me. That's one thing I toot my horn about. Everything about football is a team sport but I one-handed that interception."

He never let going undrafted stop him from playing professional football.

"I had one late-round grade from the (Baltimore) Ravens, but other than that, I didn't think I had the sack numbers my senior year to get drafted, so I knew it was going to be a grind and battle. Whenever I got my opportunity from the (Carolina) Panthers, I made the most of it."

Adams has made every moment in Seattle count.

"I signed with Seattle at the end of the 2020 season, on Thanksgiving Day, and I've seen it all. I've been a practice squad guy, a practice squad elevation guy, and last year I got to be a rotational d-line piece. Now I'm looking forward to getting more snap counts and possibly starting a few games this season."

His go-to snacks are essential.

"My go-to snacks are the Lays Sour Cream & Onion chips and some kind of Bodyarmor, preferably the blue raspberry kind. I'm also a Kit-Kat type of man; king-sized dark chocolate. Or some ranch sunflower seeds."

The pandemic led him to a newfound love of Japan and anime.

"I started watching anime during the pandemic, and a lot of them are based in Japan. I want to drive Mario Karts if I'm not too big. I really want to do the actual Mario Kart racing. Pokémon, Yug-Gi-Oh, Naruto, and Death Note all originated in Japan, and a lot of them are based in Japan. My three personal favorite anime shows are Naruto, One Piece, and Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood."

Adams has a couple of Texas-based food chains he would bring up to Seattle.

"Whataburger. Easy and simple as that. If they had a Buc-ee's up here, I would be there. I love the chopped brisket burger sandwich."

Voice acting is on the horizon for Adams.

"I kind of want to get into voice acting. I want to be my own Keith David. That's my inspiration for voice acting. He's amazing."

Spontaneous is a good adjective to describe him.

"I'm spontaneous in a sense on what comes to me, I'll usually do. I usually don't have my own thoughts, I'm a homebody, but if someone brings me plans, I usually jump up and do it. My go-to is hanging out with my people."

In his words, Lebron is the GOAT over Jordan.

"LeBron James was my biggest inspiration sports-wise growing up. I'd say Lebron over (Michael) Jordan. I can debate guys with that, but that's my personal preference. However, give love to Jordan. He's one of the best ever."

Adams uses motivation to get ready for gamedays.

"I listen to the Al Pacino speech from Any Given Sunday at least once throughout the day. If I have my pregame note, I'll post it on Instagram so everyone can see the bible verse attached to it. One of my favorite bible verses is something I have tatted on me, Galatians 2:20."

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