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Timeout With Seahawks Defensive End Dre'Mont Jones

Stop the clock. We’re taking a timeout with Dre'Mont Jones to help the 12s learn more about the Seahawks player who likes playing chess and enjoys R&B music. ‘Timeout with the Seahawks’ is presented by Delta.


Growing up in Cleveland made Dre'Mont who he is today.

"I love Cleveland. I didn't realize Cleveland got such a bad wrap until I left Cleveland. I'm definitely thankful for the city. I got it tatted on me and everything."

Dre'Mont realized in high school that basketball was going to be second to football.

"It just kind of happened. Respect to the coach that was there, but the way he coached I just didn't like it. I kind of lost the passion for basketball a little bit because of the coach. Also, I could dunk, but I wasn't dunking on everybody. So, that's kind of why I switched over."

Ohio State is the school everybody wants to go growing up in that area.

"Columbus is like two hours south of Cleveland and that's the school everybody wants to go to growing up. I always loved football when I was growing up, but I never thought I would be able to go to Ohio State and everybody wants to go there when you're in Cleveland."

The Ohio State and Michigan rivalry will live forever.

"Yes that stuff is dead for real. Back in college, I didn't take it lightly. We took it serious like we were suppose to. Now that I'm a little older and in the league now it's not as meaningful, but it still means something to me when I'm back at Ohio State."

Dre'Mont is definitely a LeBron fan.

"Hell yeah I am a LeBron (James) fan!"

Seattle is a city that he is enjoying his time in since moving in the spring.

"I'm liking Seattle a lot. It's a whole different vibe. The food is actually a lot better than I thought. It's definitely one of the better cities when it comes to food. The touristy stuff I've been doing it, but I want to do some more. I want to do more stuff on a boat and on the water."

He is excited about the season fellow Buckeye, Jaxon Smith-Njigba, is going to have.

"I'm super excited just to see how Jaxon does. I got a chance to just hear so many great things about him given the fact that I go back to Ohio State and I talk to my strength coach a lot who said he's a great dude and I'm seeing that he is a dope player."

The throwback uniforms are something he is looking forward to putting on.

"I'm in love with them. It's one of the best jerseys I have ever seen on an NFL team and I'm excited to wear them. We wear them against the Browns and that's on my calendar."

Dre'Mont's life outside of football is pretty relaxed.

"Being a full-time father, I play video games like 2K, Madden, Apex, and Call of Duty. I also like to dabble in chess a lot."

You will find some smoother songs on his pregame playlist.

"I'm not really into super hardcore before the game. I'll play Drake, Chris Brown, Blxst, Larry June, and Gunna. Anybody who is vibing out, I like. My ears appreciate the chill music before the game."

Maximizing his potential is his only goal this season.

"I don't want to put a limit on it. My personal goal is to maximize every play that is in front of my way. I don't want to miss any plays. As for the team, I want to make it to the playoffs. I want us to have a winning, successful season personally and selfishly because I've never been to the playoffs, but I do desire to go."

Take a look at photos of defensive end Dre'Mont Jones from his first four seasons in the NFL. Jones signed with the Seahawks as a free agent on March 16, 2023. Read more.

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