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Timeout With Center Olu Oluwatimi

Stop the clock. We’re taking a timeout with Olu Oluwatimi to help the 12s learn more about the Seahawks player who loves Nigerian food and gospel music.


Olu Oluwatimi was drafted by the Seattle Seahawks in the fifth round of the 2023 NFL Draft. Oluwatimi played at both the University of Michigan and the University of Virginia. Let's get to know more about the rookie center with a "Timeout with the Seahawks" presented by Delta.

Who is his inspiration?

"Definitely my parents. Just how hard they work and finding something that I love and I'm kind of good at. That gives me the kind of strength to work hard whenever I feel like I don't want to."

What was it like playing college football?

"It was awesome. I ended up playing well at two universities and was drafted and won a bunch of games and awards. My college career was very good."

Would he go back to college?

"Not at this age, my body couldn't take that. But it was definitely fun and your college years are some of the best times of your life."

What is his mentality now being in the NFL?

"My mentality has been good coming into camp. Just knowing the difference between an NFL camp and a college camp. It's more mental than physical. You have to use the right technique to win because everybody is really good. Doing things the right way to be a pro is something that I have learned."

What are the differences between college and NFL?

"Practices are shorter, but each rep matters more because you don't have as many reps. Each play is kind of like a test at practice. A lot is going on and a lot of moving parts and you got to be able to silence the moving parts and lock in. I got to snap the ball at the right time and make that block."

Favorite thing to do during the offseason?

"I like hanging out with my family. Playing video games and playing cards is something that is fun. Spades is my favorite game."

What are his expectations for this season?

"To be the best teammate I can be and the best player I can be for this organization. Whatever role I am in, just kind of own it and continue to get better week by week."

What are his comfort meals?

"Growing up I ate a lot of Nigerian food, me being Nigerian. Anytime I go home my mom is just jumping to cook for me and I love her cooking. That is the comfort food."

Who are the top five people he'd want to meet, dead or alive?

"I want to meet Kendrick Lamar, Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, Peyton Manning, and Trent Williams."

What is his favorite music to listen to?

"I listen to a lot of Afro beats and gospel music. Those are the two things that are circulating throughout my playlist. I don't have a specific hype song. I don't use music to hype me up, I use it to just vibe and just chill."

What is his opinion of Washington?

"I haven't been able to really sight-see being here at camp. I love the weather in the summer. The sun is out, it's perfect weather… 70-80 degree weather, right on the lake. My time in Seattle has been awesome."

What would he tell his younger self?

"Even though some days may be hard and tough being in a sport. Whether you have a bad practice or you just don't feel like getting up for practice. Just keep your head down, and keep continuing the goal of getting better. Be a great person and teammate along the way."

What does he like to do on a day off back home?

"Back home a day off, a lot of Facetime with my girlfriend. Chilling with my older brother and my family. Just sitting and talking to my parents because I am barely home. Just spending as much time with them. And playing video games, Call of Duty for sure."

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