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Thursday Round-Up: Seahawks Share Thanksgiving Memories, Favorite Foods & What They're Thankful For

Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson, receiver Tyler Lockett, and head coach Pete Carroll reflect on Thanksgiving day.

Good morning, 12s, and happy Thanksgiving.

Here's a look at what's 'out there' for today - Thursday, November 22 - about your Seattle Seahawks:

Seahawks Reflect On Thanksgiving Day

In the spirit of the holiday, Seahawks players as well as head coach Pete Carroll were asked a handful of Thanksgiving-related questions by the media this week as the team prepares for its road game against the Carolina Panthers on Sunday.

With the club taking Thursday off to enjoy the holiday at home (the team's practice schedule started early this week to account for the mid-week off day, with the Seahawks holding a Tuesday practice coming off an extended weekend following last Thursday's win over the Packers), we figure it's a good time to take a look at some of the answers those players and coach Carroll gave.

Here's what the Seahawks are thankful for this season:

Pete Carroll: "I'm thankful for the fun we're having in this season. To see these guys work so hard and share this experience that they're having – and it's been ongoing. I've talked about it consistently to you guys since the offseason – when they saw the opportunities and they went for it and the attitude has just been so upbeat and so positive that they're enjoying it. It's not just what you see in a locker room after a win, it's what these guys do on a daily basis. They're really good to be around, fun to be around and I'm thankful that they make it fun for me and I'm enjoying the heck out of it. Lucky to be here."

Russell Wilson: "That's so much, I was thinking about that this morning actually while I was driving in. I'm thankful for my family, I'm just thankful for love. I'm thankful for my wife and who she is and the person that she is and what she means to our family. I'm thankful for our kids. I've always wanted to have kids, I've always loved children. I knew I was going to have kids at some point in my lifetime, but I never knew that it was going to be the greatest miracle that I would ever experience. I think that for me, just having kids and what life means and what breath means. To be able to wake up your kids and put your kids down to bed and put them to sleep or go play with them, play little league ball with them. I remember changing Sienna's (Russell's daughter) first diaper when she first came out, just those things, that they changed your life. Hopefully I can always make an impact in their lives. Hopefully I can always show them what love looks like, what life looks like and always encourage them, always challenge them to love people, to be the best that they can be. Those are the things I'm thankful for. I'm thankful that God's given me this amazing opportunity to play the game. I thank God every day that I get to play football and get to be around some amazing people and amazing culture, that's one of the greatest gifts as well. Then, something that we always kind of take for granted is breath. I think back to when my dad was on his deathbed and he had a breathing mask on his face – those are tough times. So, I think back to breath. There's some people that are in the hospital right now that don't have breath really and have something breathing for them. So, I'm grateful that I get to breathe and get to experience life every day and just have some amazing people around me, so those are the things I'm thankful for."

As for some of the Seahawks' favorite Thanksgiving memories, Wilson and receiver Tyler Lockett had this to say:

Wilson: "I've had a lot of amazing moments and memories of Thanksgiving. I remember when I was a young kid going up to (Washington) D.C. and going up to the Virginia Beach area and seeing my grandparents in Virginia Beach and seeing my other family members in D.C. and just spending so much family time watching the games. I remember spending a lot of time with cousin Rob, my brother and just the rest of our family. We would always watch the games, always watched the Cowboys games, those big games. We watched those big games and then leftovers was the key. You've got to have leftovers, you've got to make a leftover sandwich on white bread, wonder bread and mayo and everything else – got to make a good turkey sandwich. Those were good memories. Our favorite movie, we'd always watch every Thanksgiving at the end of the night we'd always watch the movie Life, every Thanksgiving – Eddie Murphy, Martin Lawrence, Bernie Mac, there's some good actors in that movie. It was a classic for sure."

Lockett: "Back in the day I used to go to my aunt's house and a lot of the family used to come and we used to bring different foods and stuff like that. My mom would usually go around the room and have everybody say what they're thankful for and stuff. That was a memory that I always used to enjoy is that you just had all the family there at once and we all talked about what we're thankful for and then that was the same day that we actually pulled names out of the cup; whoever's name you pulled, that's who you had to go buy a Christmas gift for."

And of course, what would Thanksgiving be without great food? Wilson and Lockett share some of their holiday favorites:

Lockett: "I like the green bean casserole, obviously turkey, I'd pretty much say that's it. I could eat that for days. Dressing, you've got to have dressing, and then sweet potatoes."

Wilson: "Thanksgiving is right up my alley, I'm from the south. Smoked turkey is always a great, the mac and cheese is always on point – those are the two things I go after the most. Stuffing is always good. At the very end, you've got to end it with an apple pie you know. Hopefully I don't eat too much though, I got a game on Sunday, so I've got to run around. See, back in the day I can eat all that when I was younger, so now I've got to be more conscious of how much I eat."

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