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Thursday Round-Up: Seahawks Pets Video Series Collection

A collection of videos from our Seahawks Pets series in honor of National Pet Day.


Good morning, 12s.

Here's a look at what's 'out there' for today – Thursday, April 11 – about your Seattle Seahawks:

Happy National Pet Day

From French Bulldogs to Great Danes, the players on our roster have a wide variety of furry friends as roommates. In the 2018 season, we started a video series called, 'Seahawks Pets,' with the premise of the content being fairly self-explanatory. As much as the 12s love their stat-driven and more football-related videos, who doesn't love a good dog video? I mean, come on, people love pets.

In honor of National Pet Day, we felt it was only appropriate to compile the series in an article to act as a one-stop-shop for these perfect pooches. I know you were planning on tossing that egg salad sandwich you brought for lunch and eating in the cafeteria, but you may want to spend your break eating at your desk while viewing these cute canines.

VMAC Wildlife Manager Turf

There's no better way to start off your work day then to be greeted at your car by VMAC wildlife manager Turf. A friendly face around the office, this chocolate lab will never fail to put a smile on your face – and chase away the birds, of course.

Bradley McDougald's French Bulldogs

Like two peas in a pod, Roscoe and Baby Dog are inseparable. Safety Bradley McDougald loves his two French Bulldogs like they're his children.

Russell Wilson's Great Danes

Guess how many Great Danes quarterback Russell Wilson owns? You guessed it, three Great Danes. Need we say anymore?

Jacob Martin's Golden Retriever

Defensive end Jacob Martin was looking for some company in his home until he picked up a new pup, Bubba, the Golden Retriever. We've seen Bubba go through quite the growth spurt recently but here he is when he was only a few months old.

MNF Corgi Races Halftime Show

Although this video doesn't showcase any particular players' pet, we felt we'd be doing the 12s a disservice by not including this incredible feature from the halftime show of our 2018 Week 14 Monday night matchup against the Vikings at CenturyLink Field.

Social Post Of The Day

Today's 'Social Post of the Day' comes from our official Twitter account, as we reposted a photo from guard D.J. Fluker posing in his 'new whip.'

More From Around The Web

Brady Henderson at and Bob Condotta at The Seattle Times both report on former Seahawks safety Earl Thomas' comments on how he envisions the rest of his career in the NFL.

The Seattle Seahawks are excited to bring piglet races to CenturyLink Field. Making their halftime show debut today were eight piglets from the All Alaska Events group, based out of Eugene, Oregon. These piglets have spent the last 6 weeks training for this race, a 40 yard straight track that includes two hurdles. 

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