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Thursday Round-Up: Seahawks' Offense In Week 17 Win Was 'What They Want To Be,' Says Matt Hasselbeck 

The former Seahawks quarterback broke down the Seahawks’ offensive game plan from Sunday’s big win over the Lions on Wednesday’s episode of ‘The Matt Hasselbeck Show’ on 710 ESPN Seattle


Good morning, 12s. Here's a look at what's out there today — Thursday, January 6 — about your Seattle Seahawks. 

Matt Hasselbeck Breaks Down Seahawks' Offensive Game Plan From Week 17 Win Over Lions

The Seahawks enjoyed their biggest offensive outburst of the season in Week 17, totaling 497 yards in the 51-29 rout of the Detroit Lions.  

It was a balanced effort as well: Russell Wilson was efficient through the air, completing 20 of 29 passes for 236 yards and four touchdowns, while Rashaad Penny once again dominated the ground game, rushing for a career-high 170 yards and two touchdowns on 25 carries. The Seahawks, who went into Week 17 ranked last in the NFL in third down efficiency, converted 7 of 12 third down opportunities and won the time of possession battle for just the second time all season. 

The team also ran 71 plays and rushed for 265 yards, which were both season highs. On Wednesday, Seahawks Ring of Honor member Matt Hasselbeck spoke about what he thought the Seahawks did differently on offense to yield such positive results that hadn't been seen for much of the season on The Matt Hasselbeck Show on 710 ESPN Seattle. 

"To me, the game plan was different, a little bit," Hasselbeck said. "I was charting the naked bootlegs early when I was watching the game and there were just so many I lost count. Absolutely lost count … And what it does is it keeps everybody honest. It keeps those pass rushers honest. Up front for offensive linemen, it is literally almost impossible to get a negative on your grade sheet on a naked bootleg. It's elephants on a parade — we all go left, or we all go right." 

Hasselbeck noted how the Seahawks used the naked bootleg action to fool defenders in the run game and open up lanes for running back Rashaad Penny.  

"You saw Rashaad Penny just go off with explosive run after explosive run," Hasselbeck said. "That first touchdown, the backside corner, the backside end and the free safety, they're hanging out thinking, 'Oh, it's another naked bootleg." And all of a sudden Penny's right up the gut for a huge touchdown. And it was all set up because of those nakeds — 20-yard run, 15-yard run. So I thought it was awesome, I think it's what they want to be." 

Hasselbeck says that the Seahawks' method of using play action to set up the run was the opposite of the league norm of using the run to set up big play action passes. It's a method the Seahawks have employed in the past, but on Sunday, the run game was humming and the system worked in harmony in a manner that hadn't been seen for much of the year. 

"That offensive line got in a rhythm," Hasselbeck said. "And you've seen them do it for stretches, like in a drive or in a quarter this year, but it was just all clicking. And it was good to see." 

Click here to listen to the full episode of The Matt Hasselbeck Show.


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