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Thursday Round-Up: Rashaad Penny Joins 710 ESPN's 'Wyman & Bob' Show

The third-year running back discussed the rehab process following the torn ACL he suffered last season and the bond he has with fellow RBs Chris Carson and Carlos Hyde.


Good morning 12s, and happy holidays. Here's a look at what's out there on this Christmas Eve — Thursday, December 24 — about your Seattle Seahawks.

Rashaad Penny Discusses His Return From Injury On 710 ESPN's 'Wyman & Bob' Show

One year and 12 days after tearing his ACL in a Week 14 loss to the Rams in last season, Seahawks RB Rashaad Penny was finally able to return to the field for game action in Sunday's win over Washington.

He carried the ball just twice for six yards, but the game still served as a landmark moment in the career of the 2018 first-round draft pick. And with rookie RB DeeJay Dallas suffering a sprained ankle on Sunday, Penny's return becomes that much more important as the Seahawks look to fine-tune their offense and running game heading into the playoffs.

On Wednesday, Penny joined 710 ESPN's 'Wyman & Bob' show (with guest hosts Michael Bumpus and Dave 'The Groz' Grosby) to discuss the rehab process, what it was like to get back on the field last week, and how the bond between the Seahawks running backs "completes the team." You can listen to the full Player Spotlight episode segment here — a few highlights are below.

On staying mentally focused through injury:

"It was probably the longest year for me. But my family, my friends, my girlfriend, the coaches here — they just never gave up on me. I was never hurt in college, so it was like a shock to me when I first went down and heard what was happening with my knee. It was just something that I had to adapt and overcome. During the whole process, I always kept a smile on my face and thanked God that I'm able to still do what I love and just work hard and always try to find ways to get better, especially after treatment and all that … It was a grind and I'm glad I got through it, but I'm still not done yet. I'm always in there just trying to get stronger still."

On how it felt to get back on the field Sunday:

"It was a blessing. It was definitely a huge milestone for me. At times when you're in that rehab process, you'll think like, 'Man, will I ever get to do it again?' or how would it feel. It's just fun back playing football again and being out there with the guys — [and] also winning. I [took] advantage of the opportunities I was able to get and just had fun."

On how COVID affected the rehab process:

"When I was down in LA rehabbing, when they first broke news about COVID and everything started closing down, my facility actually closed down for a full month. So I had to start doing rehab from home. Everything is virtual so I had to FaceTime my trainer down in LA while I was at home. I had to order new equipment to have at the house just to complete rehab for the day. But I don't really think it made that big of a difference because I came right on time. The whole process was a whole year and I'm glad I actually got that knocked out. So it actually went pretty good."

On if the RB trio of Carson, Hyde and himself talk about how dangerous they can be together:

"Not really, because I think everybody knows their abilities. We all complement each other, and that's the best thing. We all have a great relationship with each other, we all want to see each other strive to be better than we were in previous games or previous practices. It's good to have that in a backfield, definitely where everybody's healthy again. It completes the team, and it's good to have a strong running game going into the playoffs. I'm just happy to be around that group of guys. To them, I'm like the baby. Just learning from Carlos and also learning from Chris… Just them teaching me the game and little aspects of how to do things or how to prepare is great."

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