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Thursday Round-Up: Mina Kimes Believes Seahawks Need To Draft "The Next Pillars Of The Franchise"

As we inch closer to the 2022 NFL Draft, ESPN's Mina Kimes drops by the Seahawks Insiders podcast to catch up on all things Seahawks with Jen Mueller and John Boyle.


Good afternoon, 12s. Here's a look at what's out there today — Thursday, April 14 — about your Seattle Seahawks.

ESPN's Mina Kimes Talks Seahawks With Jen Mueller and John Boyle

Earlier this week, Kimes spoke with Jen Mueller and John Boyle on the Seahawks Insiders podcast about the Seahawks offense without Russell Wilson, DK Metcalf's importance in Seattle, draft predictions, and more.

You can read some of the highlights below or click here to listen to the full episode.

On the Seahawks offense without Russell Wilson:

"We don't know who's playing quarterback for the Seahawks. Right now, obviously, the starting quarterback is Drew Lock and with him and with offensive coordinator Shane Waldron, I think there will be some differences from the offense with Wilson...I would say maybe if there was like a Malik Willis in the draft you would see some more similarities. With Lock, you saw in Denver, emphasis on play-action, the deep ball, he can make plays with his feet a little bit, so there would be some similarities. I suspect they would probably want to lean in more to what Waldron did with the Rams if Drew Lock was the quarterback."

On the defensive coaching staff changes:

"I love the hires! I would also note, you know, I think Pete Carroll has actually changed the defense a bit over the years, I think, from the outside, there's kind of narratives that it's stuck, and it's been the same, and it's this old school, and they're just trying to do Cover 3, but that's not really true. Especially I would note over the second half or so of last season, you did see some of the evolution that I think is going to continue with these hires."

Draft predictions:

"I wouldn't be surprised if it just comes down to the best player available. You know, if Derek Stingley is there, you take him, and Thibodeaux is off the board and maybe the top tackles are. Although I would take Stingley over honestly a tackle personally, I think he's that good. I think he's the kind of player that you can build a defense around or if Thibodeaux was there, Thibodeaux for me. Let me put it this way, the Seahawks would be thrilled if Carolina takes a quarterback, I think. I don't expect them to go quarterback with nine, but you know I could be shocked, but I think if those picks can be used on positions like wide receiver quarterback whatever that the Seahawks don't need, I think they would be over the moon because there could be some really, really talented blue-chippers available."

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