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Thursday Round-Up: David Moore Gets The Player Spotlight On 710 ESPN's 'Wyman & Bob'

The wide receiver joined the show this week to discuss his season so far, the Week 12 win over the Jets, and how the close relationship among the Hawks’ receiving corps has benefitted them on and off the field.


Good morning 12s. Here's a look at what's out there today — Thursday, December 17 — about your Seattle Seahawks.

David Moore Joins 710 ESPN's 'Wyman & Bob' To Discuss 40-3 Win Over Jets, Close Relationship Among Seahawks' Wide Receivers

Following Week 13's disappointing 17-12 loss to the New York Giants, the Seahawks got back on track in Week 14 with a 40-3 victory over the New York Jets squad. Russell Wilson threw four touchdown passes in just three quarters of work, setting new career and franchise records for TD passes in a season with 36.

One of those passes went to fourth-year receiver David Moore in the third quarter. Behind the likes of DK Metcalf and Tyler Lockett, Moore has quietly put together a solid season as the Hawks' third wide receiver. Through 13 games, Moore has posted 31 receptions — a career high — for 357 yards and six touchdowns, just one shy of the total he's put up over the previous two seasons combined. He's been used in a variety of ways on the offense and is even averaging 8.0 yards per carry on seven totes out of the backfield.

This week, Moore joined Dave Wyman and Bob Stelton of 710 ESPN's 'Wyman & Bob' show to discuss his 2020 season, his touchdown from Sunday, the newfound rhythm by the offense, and the chemistry and unselfishness of the Seahawks' wide receiving corps. You can listen to the full episode segment here — some highlights are below.

If he feels like offense has found its rhythm again:

"I would say yeah. We had to come together as a group at the beginning of this week and just regroup and try to talk ourselves back to finding our way again. Just had some things we probably needed to do, things that we could do to help us out and get back on the right track … It was one heck of a game. We never overlook another opponent, because you never know what can happen. It's still the NFL. So take it one game at a time, and that's what we did."

On his third quarter touchdown catch on a slow-developing play with Russell Wilson under pressure:

"The play itself, I'm probably the third progression in that play. So you probably saw the full progression that [Russell Wilson] had to take to get to me. It probably would've went like Tyler, DK, then me, because they have a shorter route. But the fact that [Wilson] held the ball and waited until I just popped wide open, and having somebody at his foot, that was pretty impressive … Really just get behind the defense and just run that back line was my whole job, and got it done."

On the unselfishness of the Seahawks' wide receiving corps:

"Since I've been here that's kind of how it's been. Tyler kind of helped out a lot with that. The fact that everybody is getting what they want, which is playing time, and then going out there and being productive and helping out the team, that's really what the main thing is all about. It's really a team sport and we all know that. And the fact that we just want each and every one of us in the room to shine — it's just a lot of love in that room, we're really closely-knitted, really all good friends, it's probably one of the closest rooms I've been a part of … Everybody's real selfless, and nobody really cares about who gets this and who gets that. It's just about what we all can do as a whole group."

How he feels about his season so far:

"I think my goal mainly is to stay consistent, and just gradually get better as time goes, and with time just get better and better, day by day. So I would say I'm pretty proud of how the season is going. Just giving all the honor to God and staying focused, having the boys with me, that's really what helps out. Having them around and knowing that I'm not out there alone, just playing with my best friends and just having fun — the numbers and all that stuff will come, but you really don't even pay attention to it."

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