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The Story Behind Seahawks Legend Walter Jones' 'Big Walt's Kitchen' 

Seahawks fans can enjoy chicken tenders and sandwiches created by Seahawks Legend Walter Jones at Lumen Field. 


Seahawks Legend Walter Jones was an integral part of the Seahawks team from 1997-2008 and now he's part of the gameday experience again with Big Walt's Kitchen – a new concession concept at Lumen Field this season. Big Walt's Kitchen is the destination for comfort food including tossed chicken tenders, a Nashville hot chicken Sandwich, and a sweet home coke.

Jones said that having chicken at a stadium is a must and he was excited by the chance to bring his own flavor to Lumen Field.

"Through the leadership team at the Seahawks, an opportunity presented itself that allowed me to add my own flavor to a staple in the food industry." Jones said.

The chicken filled menu includes various sauces and styles.

  • "The Rookie": Chicken Tenders & Fries 
  • "All Pro": Bang Bang Chicken Tenders & Fries -- A garlic and chili glaze that is sweet, creamy and spicy 
  • "284": Rotating Sauce Chicken Tenders & Fries 
  • Throughout the season this flavor will change, fans have seen Spicy BBQ, Buffalo, and have a Cranberry Orange flavor to look forward to on Thanksgiving. 
  • "Hall of Fame": Nashville Hot Chicken Sandwich -- Tossed in an extra spicy sauce, topped with fresh lettuce and pickles on a buttery brioche bun.

Jones on the idea of the different names and flavors said, "We have the rookie and that's for the ones starting out. Think of it as coming into the season and saying, 'ok, I'm not going to talk too much. And just get in and learn.' The All-Pro Bang Bang gives you more of a chance to let people know that you know your way around flavor." 

The chicken sandwich is Jones' favorite item on the menu. 

"Of course, the chicken sandwich is what I really enjoyed creating with the team. It's flavorful and it reminds me of a nice summer day before training camp," Jones said. "It's truly an honor. To know that the organization and the team holds my name to such high regard that they'd let me put my name all over the stadium."

In addition to chicken, the concept also features a southern inspired snack, "Sweet Home Coke," which is a pack of peanuts and a bottle of Coke, then adding the peanuts in the bottle.

"This one is in honor of my mom. Whenever I'd get homesick, I'd grab a coke and some peanuts and instantly be taken back to my childhood home and hanging and chatting with my mom," Jones said. "I remember the first time I had it here in front of someone who didn't know about it. He looked at me like I was crazy. But he just didn't know better."

"When the chance to rename two stands as "Big Walt's Kitchen" came up, it really reinforced their love for me. Which in turn, makes me love Seattle even more. It's an honor and privilege. I am grateful for the support the team has given me, and the fans keep tagging me on their post and it makes me feel so appreciated, even after my playing days are over."

Seahawks Legend Walter Jones shows off his chicken tenders, chicken sandwich and "Sweet Home Coke," which are all available on Seahawks gamedays at Lumen Field in sections 126 and 321.