Sunshine Kids Visit The Seahawks

The Sunshine Kids Foundation, which provides positive group activities to children with cancer, visited Seahawks headquarters on Thursday afternoon.

Seahawks players and coaches visit and pose for photos with young 12s for The Sunshine Kids Foundation, a group dedicated to providing positive experiences to children with cancer.

As the Seahawks walked off Virgina Mason Athletic Center's outdoor fields following the ninth and final set of Organized Team Activities, several players, coaches, and staff stopped to visit with a group of nine children who spent the day watching practice from the sideline.

The young kids, each of whom were dressed from head to toe in Seahawks gear, were on site Thursday afternoon with The Sunshine Kids Foundation, which aims to provide positive group activities to children with cancer by working closely with more than 70 hospitals across the country.

"We have kids that are very much big Seahawks fans up there, so they were very excited for this opportunity to go today," Sunshine Kids Associate Director of Regional Offices Natalie Lewis said via telephone from Los Angeles. "I know they were really, really excited about it. They were all ready with their Seahawks gear today."

That excitement was evident as the Sunshine Kids and their families posed for photographs with players like quarterback Russell Wilson, tight end Jimmy Graham, linebacker Bobby Wagner, running backs Thomas Rawls and Alex Collins, wideouts Doug Baldwin and Tyler Lockett, and more. Pete Carroll rallied the crowd together for a group photo, leading a "Go Hawks!" call as family members snapped photos of the young 12s posing with the Seahawks head coach.

"In everything we do we try to do VIP experiences, something that they wouldn't have the opportunity to do or something that will put a smile on their face," Lewis said. "Basically getting them out of treatment or to not think about the things that they're going through with the cancer diagnosis itself.

"That's our goal, we try to put smiles on their face, give them a good time, so they can forget about it even if just for one day."

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