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Steven Hauschka Clutch With a Golf Club Too

Steven Hauschka bests visiting pro John Inman and two teammates in a closest-to-the-pin contest.

Golf Pro John Inman, Steven Hauschka, Jermaine Kearse and R.J. Archer took to the links for target practice at Day 14 of Seahawks Training Camp. 

Seahawks coach Pete Carroll likes to call Steven Hauschka "Hausch Money" because the kicker has come through in the clutch so many times during his career in Seattle, but on Tuesday Hauschka was clutch with a golf club in his hand, not kicking a football.

With the Boeing Classic taking place at TPC Snoqualmie Ridge this week, pro golfer John Inman visited practice, and afterward he, Hauschka, receiver Jermaine Kearse and quarterback R.J. Archer had a contest hitting balls at a floating green in Lake Washington.

There was a three-way tie after all four hit five shots at the green—Kearse was the odd man out, though he objected to the scoring, saying, "I got Lasik, bro. I saw mine hit the green." The remaining three golfers hit one shot each, and Hauschka was the only player to hit the green.

"It was a full 56-degree (wedge), into the wind with some floating balls," Hauschka said. "Not sure how those things fly, but that seemed to do the job."

As you can tell from that answer, Hauschka takes golf pretty seriously, both because he enjoys the sport, and because he sees a connection in the mental fortitude required in both golf and kicking.  

"It's a fun sport," he said. "Great for me in the offseason to work on my mental skills and challenge myself to see how good I can get. There's a lot of parallels between golf and kicking."

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