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Social Simplified: #SEAvsSTL Highlights & Where to Follow the Seahawks Online

Recapping the Seahawks' Week 1 game against the St. Louis Rams on social media.


This season may be the one that finally gives me a heart attack.

In the season opener, the Seahawks took the NFC West St. Louis Rams into overtime, but came up short on a 4th-and-1 play, and lost 34-31.

The #SEAvsSTL hashtag was used 52,915 times on Twitter during the game, a number that was nearly matched by mentions of Russell Wilson, which totaled 43,704. The Rams' QB Nick Foles led a scrappy game against the Seahawks, and showed signs of a renewed spirit in St. Louis.

Where to Follow the Seahawks this Season

If you're looking to stay informed on gameday and throughout the week, there are several ways to do that:


On Twitter, the Seahawks share real-time updates throughout the game, player news, and highlights throughout the week.


On Instagram, the Seahawks focus on bringing fans onto the field. Their 13 posts generated 347,095 likes and comments on Sunday.


On Facebook, the Seahawks share behind-the-scenes interviews, videos, and pictures that bring fans even closer to the action, and get them ready for Sunday's drama.


On Snapchat, the Seahawks share exclusive behind-the-scenes content, contests, and promotions. Search for the user name 'Seahawks' to give the team a follow.

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