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Social Simplified: "I'm In" Campaign Takes Hold for Seahawks Fans

Seattle may have had gotten a pass for the first round of playoffs, but that didn’t silence Seahawks fans.


Even though the Seahawks had a first-round bye, fans didn't forget about the boys in blue. The @Seahawks Twitter handle was mentioned over 11,000 times on Sunday the 4th.

On Tuesday, the Seahawks re-launched the "I'm In" campaign that hyped fans up throughout the 2013 playoffs. Since the launch, #ImIn has racked up 7,275 mentions on Twitter.

The campaign launch got Twitter riled up, and @Seahawks was mentioned 22,778 times in under 24 hours. This total actually beat game day mentions of @Seahawks during the Raiders, Chiefs, and Cardinals games during the regular season.

Local businesses, sports franchises, and colleges got in on the Seahawk fever.


I love this city.


The Seahawks closed out the regular season with a 20-6 win over the St. Louis Rams.


@StLouisRams mentions were lower than any Seahawks opponent this season as the Seahawks secured the #1 NFC West spot and the first round bye.

The Seahawks face off against the Carolina Panthers Saturday at Century Link Field. Kickoff is scheduled for 5:15 p.m. Are you in? I'm in.

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