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Seattle Seahawks Bring Back The Educational Program Game Changers 

Game Changers is back for a second season to build the youths' cultural competency and provide participants with a safe environment to learn about diversity and inclusion. 


The Game Changers program is a series of educational sessions facilitated by RISE to WIN with 40-50 youth from Boys & Girls Clubs of King County. RISE is a "national nonprofit that educates and empowers the sports community to eliminate racial discrimination, champion social justice and improve race relations."

The program is a five-week curriculum that concludes with the youth participants having a gameday celebration during the Seahawks home game vs. the Arizona Cardinals on October 22nd.

RISE Chief Executive Officer, Diahann Billings-Burford expressed her happiness about continuing with this program for a second year.

"We at RISE are honored to again be part of the Seattle Seahawks Game Changers program, inspiring and empowering young leaders from the Boys & Girls Clubs of King County. The Seahawks and Boys & Girls Clubs are powerful advocates for positive social change in the Seattle area and beyond and we are thrilled to continue this important work with them," Billings-Burford said. "Youth participating in this program will engage in activities and discussion related to race and racism, focusing on critical topics including identity, diversity, equality, privilege, community building and more. The Game Changers program is a fantastic way to engage these young leaders and develop their skills as we continue our work advancing social change through sports."

The youth will also have a panel with a Seahawks Legend, a full stadium tour, and conclude with their Seahawks Gameday Celebratory Experience.

Hannah Tait, Senior Teen Director of Boys & Girls Clubs of King County says that the program is a great opportunity to expand their knowledge on topics of diversity.

"The program evolves into something better every year. We are excited to see where the 2023 season takes us, and how our youth grow in areas of race and ethnicity, diversity and inclusion." Tait said.

The program's 5 sessions will include:

  • Week 1: Understanding our Identities
  • Week 2: Bias (Trading Places)
  • Week 3: Privilege
  • Week 4: Sports as a Vehicle for Change
  • Week 5: Native American Legacy In Sports

Mario Bailey VP of Community Engagement & Legends talked about his hopes for this program. 

"Our hope with this program is that through participation in meaningful discussions around topics such as diversity, equity and inclusion, we will inspire them to take charge of their futures and be the game changers of the next generation." Bailey said.

Game Changers is a five-week educational program that promotes cultural competency, aims to inspire the next generation of community leaders and how they can be champions of change to improve race relations and eliminate racial discrimination and social injustices.

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