Seahawks Strong Safety Kam Chancellor Launches Designer Shoe Line

Seahawks strong safety Kam Chancellor has collaborated with a New York-based designer to launch a shoe line for men.

Football, fitness, and fashion.

Take a peek at Kam Chancellor's Instagram account and you'll see that the Seahawks strong safety is passionate about those three things, and on Monday night at the Sole Repair Shop in Seattle's Capitol Hill neighborhood, Chancellor took steps to prepare for life after his first love, collaborating with a New York-based designer to launch a set of men's shoes dubbed the 'Chancellor Collection.'

"You know, football isn't going to last forever,'' Chancellor said via The Seattle Times. "I just want to expand my name a little bit with the shoes and the fitness, but also help people. With the fitness, a more healthy lifestyle, a more fit lifestyle. With the shoes, I want people to look good. If you look good, you feel good, it's all good.''

Chancellor personally designed three different types of shoes with the company - a slipper, an Oxford, and a Derby - that will be available online next week. A portion of the proceeds will go to Chancellor's Kam Cares Foundation.

"You have to be prepared because you never know,'' Chancellor said. "It could take just one play (and your career is over) so you never know. You have to be prepared.''

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