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Seahawks Snapchat Features Baking Adventures with Linebacker Kevin Pierre-Louis

Seahawks linebacker Kevin Pierre-Louis showcased his baking skills via the Seahawks Snapchat account on Monday night.

He's dubbed his white chocolate chip red velvet cookies his best creation to date, but Kevin Pierre-Louis' first venture into the baking world was with a homemade apple pie.

"I feel as though baking, you always have to have an apple pie, so I was like you know what, the first thing I'm going to do is make an apple pie," the Seahawks linebacker said of his off-the-field hobby in a recent interview with KING 5's New Day NW. "It involves crust, it involves apples, it involves a lot of other ingredients, so I'm like, if I'm going to go for it, I'm going to go for it all."

Pierre-Louis, who in a recent Hawkmail feature said he likes to use baking as an escape during the season, took over the Seahawks' Snapchat account on Monday evening to offer 12s a look at his culinary process. The full Snapchat story, in which fans can see Pierre-Louis bake another apple pie as well as some apple pie cookies, is available for you in the video embedded above.

"I have to bake a little more to see how good I actually am," Pierre-Louis said. "I've only had one thing go bad. I tried to make an angel food cake and that went terribly bad, but other than that everything else has been very good. No one has told me they didn't like it so I'm just going to keep experimenting and learning new recipes."

To keep up with Pierre-Loius' baking adventures, give him a follow on Instagram (mrhyde24) and on Twitter (@MrHyde24).

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