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Seahawks Roundup: New Linebackers, New Safeties and More 

All the Seahawks news you might have missed this week.


Good afternoon, 12s. Here's a look at what's going on out there and any news you might have missed, about your Seattle Seahawks this week.

John Schneider Talks New Linebackers, New Rules and New Safeties

General manager and president of football operations, John Schneider, joined his weekly radio show on Thursday to talk all things about the new linebackers, safeties, the QB trade and proposed new NFL rules.

So far, through free agency, the Seahawks have started to fill out the linebacker position, bringing in Jerome Baker and Tyrel Dodson. Seahawks president of football operations and general manager, John Schneider said bringing in both of these players was something he was excited for.

Dodson spent the last five seasons with the Buffalo Bills and was Pro Football Focus' highest graded linebacker last season.

"He's slightly undersized," Schneider said on Dodson. "But has great eyes, great feel for flow, being able to find the ball inside. And then the coverage stuff is really, really, really impressive."

On Dodson signing with the Seahawks, "He's 26 years old," Schneider said. "The whole defensive staff did a great job recruiting him, because he had significant interest from another club. We were trying to not let him leave the building and go get on another flight."

Signing Baker was something that Schneider and company had been interested in during the combine.

"He can fly, we really liked him in college. He's just a run-and-hit guy. He's had a lot of production, a lot of sack production too. The one thing that stands out about him is his range."

During the radio show, Schneider gave some insight to how the staff sees these two new Seahawks fitting in position wise.

"Both guys have worn the dot, called the defense. Jerome [Baker], right now would be the Will (weakside) and [Tyrel] Dodson would be the Mike (middle), that's the way the coaches are seeing this." Schneider said.

Along with two new linebackers, the team also signed two safeties and Schneider wasn't sure at first that they were going to be able to acquire both Rayshawn Jenkins and K'Von Wallace.

Schneider on the kind of player Jenkins is, "really live wire, cool personality. Can play in the hole, can play in the box. He's a physical football player with good ball skills, lots of range, can get his hands on the ball. He's always been a fiery, explosive player, that carries himself with a lot of juice. He was great in the locker room down there in Jacksonville, the guys really liked him."

And in Wallace, Schneider says he's been interested in him since he was playing with the Philadelphia Eagles.

"K'Von [Wallace] was a guy we had talked to Philly about at one point and just always kept track of him. We brought him in and just stuck with him. He had a great visit and wanted to be here," Schneider said. "So the fact that we were able to add both those guys creates a ton of depth, ton of competition and options for the coaches."

Next week, NFL owners, coaches and general managers will meet in Orlando for the annual league meeting, where proposed rule changes among many other things will be discussed.

A few of the more notable proposed rules are the kickoff rule and the hip drop tackle rule.

"My personal fear was, 'How will referees call this during a game?'," Schneider said on the new tackle rule. "I can totally understand how the player, the defense would feel about it."

The hip drop rule is an effort to keep prevent injuries and stray away from tackles where a players knees or ankles are being landed on.

"I know, it's football, it's a very violent sport but it's tough to see and you don't want to see guys losing their careers if it's something that we can take out of the game."

The proposed rules do have the chance to be approved during the meetings.

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