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Seahawks Receiver Doug Baldwin Remains A Pro-Bowl Practice Nuisance

Highlights from Doug Baldwin's mic'd-up practice at the 2018 Pro Bowl.

When Doug Baldwin made his Pro-Bowl debut a year ago, he was on the receiving end of some good-natured teasing during practice for, as teammate Richard Sherman put it, “running too fast.” Sherman also took issue with the fact that Baldwin was one of the only players wearing cleats in the very laid-back, slow-tempo practices.

A year later, with Baldwin back at the Pro Bowl, not much has changed for the Seahawks receiver. That was evident when mic'd up Baldwin for the second year in a row at a Pro Bowl practice.

Sherman, whose season was cut short by a ruptured Achilles, wasn't there to give his teammate and friend a hard time this year, but plenty of other NFC Pro-Bowlers were happy to do so.

Even Seahawks safety Earl Thomas, one of the most intense humans one could ever meet, told Baldwin, "Relax, bro. Go back to the huddle," after Baldwin blocked Thomas, then implored him to smile.

Vikings cornerback Xavier Rhodes, who also gave Baldwin a hard time last year, playfully put Baldwin in a choke hold after one play because, "You keep going deep… Give me a break." This was after Baldwin told Rhodes he would take it easy this year. Baldwin also explained to Rhodes the beauty of the Pacific Northwest.

Falcons safety Keanu Neal also told Baldwin, "You can't go so fast, man."

Baldwin, who was one of the only players in cleats again this year, explained it's all just part of his plan to win the car awarded to the Pro Bowl MVP, saying, "I'm trying to win that car."

Photos of Seahawks fans at the 2018 Pro Bowl in Orlando, Florida.

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