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Seahawks React To 33-27 Loss To Tennessee Titans

Quotes and locker room sound from the Seahawks' 33-27 loss in Week 3 at the home of the Tennessee Titans.

Quotes and locker room sound from the Seahawks' 33-27 loss in Week 3 at the home of the Tennessee Titans.

Head Coach Pete Carroll

(Opening...)"Disappointed in this game here today, a couple different reasons. We didn't play very well, particularly early in the game. We had trouble getting started offensively. Defense played terrific in the first half, did all kinds of good stuff, were on it. We got a little burst at the end of the half, we got a little burst at the start of the third quarter and weren't able to hold it.

"I thought that the Titans were a good football team today. They're tough and they ran the ball really well, in the second half in particular, and were able to control it. Really surprised, uncharacteristic to see big plays. We hadn't seen those. No explosive passes the last week and we had a few today, so we have to find our consistency. We've got to get there.

"We have to get right. We're not there yet. Hopefully we have enough time to get going and we need to work together, play together so that it shows up where we're connected. Right now it's kind of spotty and not consistent enough. We've got a big challenge and we've got to get together."

(On if the offense's play was encouraging in the second half...) "There's no question. We know we have the opportunity to make plays and move the ball up and down the field. We missed a lot of passes in the first half and didn't throw the ball very well and catch the ball very well. We left huge plays on the field, so that made it difficult. That's why it was sputtering and then you put the third down numbers in there in the first half and that's why you don't get to run the football and it gets to be one of those games. Lost a good opportunity to play the way we wanted to play because of those things."

(On how the offense played in the final quarter missing Doug Baldwin...)"I thought Russell and the receivers and the protection was great and they gave us a chance to be back in the football game. We felt like we were going to win the game. As odd as that may sound the way that game looked we were just one bounce away from getting that ball back and we were going to win. That's how we felt and went about it. Russell was on it throughout the fourth quarter and the receivers made fantastic plays; Jimmy did great, Doug did great, everybody contributed across the board and the pass protection was excellent throughout that. That's not uncommon for us. I say to the guys, 'What do you think, we're not going to come back? We're not going to be close in this game and have a chance to win it?' That's how we've rolled for a long time and that's our expectations. But we don't want to be in that mode at all, of course, that's not where we want to be."

QB Russell Wilson

(On the offense's success in the second half versus the first half...) "I put that on me. I think we could have been better early. We had some 3rd-and-longs, we had five, I think, 3rd-and-longs, 3rd-and-10s, something like that, in the first five series, really. Then we had one 3rd-and-short and we didn't get it unfortunately. But the score was still close. Our defense was playing lights out. They were tough as nails in the first half and throughout the game really. So all we needed was to get something going. … What it showed was the testament of our team and we keep showing that. But I think that ultimately the courage that guys played with tonight was the most remarkable thing in terms of the courage that they played with. It wasn't going to be easy, that is a great football team. Tennessee's a great football team, they're going to be really good all year long. For us we had to circle the reins and keep battling, keep playing. We believe if we get that onside kick, maybe we can find a way. Unfortunately, they made a good play on that. That's the tale of the game. I thought we had a great second half on offense and really made a lot of plays and everything else, but we needed one or two more series there. If we could have gotten that, and like I said I put that on me than anybody else."

(On how the team turns it around moving forward...)"I think it's a few play here and there. I don't think we have to go searching anywhere, like 'we're not a good football team' or thinking any thoughts like that. We're a great football team and we played a great team today, and that's respect to them, the Tennessee Titans, I think they're a great football team, really well coached, they've got a really good quarterback in Marcus, they've got a really good football team across the board. So I think for us, staying the course. There's no panic in this room. There's no panic this room. We've been through it all. We've been through it all. I think for us we just have to continue to believe in what we're doing and how we're doing it and get a little sharper. We all need to get sharper and it starts with me and everybody else going across the line, but that's not something that we have to go out and reach out too far away to get. I think that's within us. We just have to continue to stay the course and we believe that it'll happen for us."

WR Doug Baldwin

(On the team's play at Tennessee...) "We did some great things today against a very good team and we had our mistakes as well, but I think that's football. So we'll go back home, we'll rest up, we'll look at the tape, we'll make our corrections, and get ready for next week."

(On the offense coming alive in the second half...) "Really encouraged by Russell Wilson's play. He had a lot going on and for him to be as resilient as he is and as he was today it just reminds us all of why he is who he is, why he is Russell Wilson, and why we love him so much. Offensive line picked it up, running backs picked it up, the receivers picked it up. It was a whole team effort. I wish we could have done more for our defense — and we will, that will definitely be the case, we'll figure that out — but definitely encouraged."


OL Oday Aboushi

(On the offensive line's played against the Titans...) "I don't think we're far off from where we want to be. We took a step although the results didn't show and we come back to work tomorrow and hit the ground running again and fix our mistakes and continue to build on the positive, fix the negative, and go from there."


RB Chris Carson

(On switching up the offensive tempo before halftime…)"We had a two-minute kind of drive at the end of the half and it gave us life. It was just good to get on the board. It gave us confidence going into the second half."

(On what was said in the huddle toward the end of the game…)"Just stay patient. We always have a chance. As long as there's time on that clock we always feel like we have a chance to come back. We just sticked to our job and executed as best we can."


TE Luke Willson

(On the play of the offense in the first half…) "I just think we weren't getting the job done. We're just not offensively firing on all cylinders and in a League like this you've got to be sharp. We've got to be calling things up front, we've got to be making plays, and we're just not doing that."

(On where the offense took steps today…) "I thought we battled. The second half I thought we moved the ball pretty well. There's a lot of resiliency in this group. We just need to come out and start firing like that in the beginning of the game, not just the second half."

DE Michael Bennett

(On how the game played out...) "I think we played a really good game until a couple busted plays that caught us, when we jumped offsides more than we needed to I think the plays that they scored on us we're pretty much just miscommunication and in the wrong position. Those are things you can bounce back from. … It was miscommunication, a lack of concentration, and those are things that we can go back and fix and I think that's what we're going to do. I think we've played enough football as a defense, we've played enough football as an offense, we've played enough football as a team to be able to understand. We've been in every possible position you could be in — won a Super Bowl, lost the Super Bowl, playoff, division — every single thing you could do, so we know how to come back and bring each other back as a team. I think you see how the offense started to rally and if we just match our defense with what our offense did today, I think we'll be unstoppable."


DE Frank Clark

(On how the team's bounce-back effort starts...)"Practice. We've got another opportunity. We've got to go to practice, get it right, execute the best way. … It's not a mystery. We've got to do a better job on that field, less penalties, and get the job done. We've got to give up less big plays. I think for the second week consecutively we gave up too many big-time running plays; two to both their running backs — they've got two very talented running backs — and both of them each had great games. I give my hat off to them. Hopefully we see them again in the future."

The Seahawks fall short 33-27 against the Titans in Week 3 at Nissan Stadium. 

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