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Seahawks Linebacker Bobby Wagner Takes Over NFL Canada's Twitter For Fan Q&A

Seahawks linebacker Bobby Wagner took part in a Twitter Q&A session with fans, revealing little known facts about himself in the process.

Bobby Wagner was in Vancouver, B.C. recently to help encourage kids to get more physically active as part of the NFL's Play 60 initiative. While there, he took over NFL Canada's Twitter account for an entertaining Q&A with fans of the Seattle Seahawks Pro Bowl linebacker. 

"I love coming out here," Wagner said of his time north of the border. "I feel like it's a 12 city and I feel like everybody shows the Seahawks a lot of love. We try to just come down and show that same love back and that same appreciation. Whenever they drive down to Seattle, know that they've got a place to stop and we have mutual respect."

You can check out the Q&A's complete timeline by heading over to NFL Canada's Twitter homepage, but a few highlights of the online back and forth are laid out for you below:

@ChaseM_ asked: If you didn't play linebacker what position would you want to play?

Wagner: "QB!"

@IsaacPeterson55 asked: Do you have any unusual pre-game rituals/superstitions?

Wagner: "Eat spaghetti before a game, no matter what time the game is. Even if it's 10 in the morning!"

@Scottinthe503 asked: You seem to keep a low profile off the field. What occupies your time at home?

Wagner: "I'm the best on the team at pool! #PoolShark"

Fellow Seahawks linebacker Brock Coyle (@BrockCoyle56) asked: What makes ur locker neighbor Brock Coyle such a cool guy? Why does he always beat u in pong pong? Will he ever make u a sandwich?

Wagner: "He never beats me in ping pong. He's only as good as his last win, and he doesn't have one!"

@DavidShipp253 asked: Who is ur football inspiration?

Wagner: "Sean Taylor!" ... "I've gotta give a shout out to my other football inspiration [Ray Lewis]!"

@BigDaddyDusty asked: which quarterback is the most fun to play against?

Wagner: "Tom Brady and [Aaron Rodgers]."

@dc_vancity asked: Favourite current athlete outside of football & what artist/album u rocking in the car?

Wagner: "[Jamal Crawford] and [Stephen Curry]! Kendrick, Drake and J. Cole."

@Cgully27 asked: what's your favorite memory as a Seahawk?

Wagner: "Winning the Super Bowl and the parade that followed!"

@1stephencollins asked: Who is the toughest guy to bring down in the #NFL?

Wagner: "[Marshawn Lynch]!"

@JoeySchmidt94 asked: Who is your favorite team to play against?

Wagner: "Any team in California, I like playing in front of my family."

@johnnycanuck53 asked: Who is the hardest QB to pursue/sack in the league?

Wagner: "[Russell Wilson]!"

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