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Seahawks Kicker Steven Hauschka "Barely by an Inch" Makes 60-Yard Game-Winning Field Goal at San Diego Chargers

Despite having his doubts, Steven Hauschka made a 60-yard field goal to give the Seahawks a one-point victory.

When Steven Hauschka took the field to attempt a game-winning, 60-yard field goal, he wasn't exactly full of confidence that he could make the kick. Nor did he feel great about it even after striking the ball purely.

"I didn't think it was going to get here when it left my foot, honestly," Hauschka said. "I felt a little breeze into my face. It's always hard to tell what the wind is doing up where the ball is going, but on the field level it was in my face. I thought it wasn't really a makeable kick."

But breeze or not, Hauschka had just enough leg for the kick to sneak over the goalpost, as he put it, "barely by an inch or so."

The kick, which was set up by a 22-yard pass from R.J. Archer to Kasen Williams on fourth-and-1, gave the Seahawks a 16-15 victory over the San Diego Chargers.

"Good dramatic finish for Hausch to make the kick, just like we always count on him to," Carroll said "Unfortunately he didn't hit the one earlier like he wanted to, but when the most pressure was on, the longest kick, that was awesome. It was a great finish there."

Part of the reason Hauschka had doubts about that kick is that earlier in the quarter, he had come up just short on a 58-yard attempt going in the same direction.  

"I hit the 58 OK, it didn't quite get there, it was a little into the wind," said Hauschka, whose career-long in the regular season is a 58-yarder made last season. "So I knew on the 60 I was going to have to hit it a little better."

Hauschka initially thought he was going to be trying a game-winner from a more manageable distance, but B.J. Daniels was called for offensive pass interference, backing the Seahawks up to the edge of Hauschka's range.

"The penalty didn't help at all," he said. "I ran out knowing it was going to be a long one. I thought it was going to be 59, but Jon (Ryan) pointed at 60. I was like, 'Oh shoot, I really gotta hit it.'"

Hit it, Hauschka did, and the result was the Seahawks' first win of the preseason.

Photos from the Seahawks' 16-15 win over the San Diego Chargers.  

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